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I've fought this for years. When I looked up old remedies I saw they used to remove the nails. Hummm... so I decided to use Compound W. Works great to melt off the nail. I did switch to Dr. Sholls callus remover.(easier to use) I have small nails so it took about 2-3 wks. to have the nails completely off just like a callus. I then used the callus remover for another month to completely kill any nail that tried to grow. Keep any loose area trimmed completely off and continue to treat new exposed nail and bed. 4 out of 7 nails are perfect. I did have to do the big toe 2 times because I could see thickness the first time they grew out. I was in a hurry to see results!! I'm finishing up the last 3 with a third process and they look good so far. I am following thru everyday with tea tree oil on the new nails and will do so for at least 6 mo. to make sure!!! It will take at least 6 mo. for the big toe to totally grow out. Make sure you keep it trimmed close and a v cut to help the ingrown nail as it comes out to the top. I used 2 bottles as I replaced it when the remover got thick. I am very happy and hope this idea works for you too. Good time to do this as maybe you will have pretty nails by summer and bare feet!!


I accidently stumbled upon a simple and healthy way to clear toe fungus and not to mention other health benefits,
Drinking Aloe Vera naturally. I buy plant leafs and make this juice three times a week by remove the gel and mixing it with a little juice. (taste better that way)

I started taking It for other health benefits but amazed how my toe nails began to look after several weeks.


Hi guys - I am busy getting rid of my fungus sooo easily - you need:

1) a herbal nail application (one that absorbs into the nail - they use this at salons - I use 'The Nail House - tea tree and lavender antifungal and antiseptic thymol)

2) Any LIQUID anti fungalmedication (I have Mycospor made by Bayer)

3) Thin injection needle

Mix a small amount of antifungal medication into the herbal nail application (you may want to find another container to keep what you pour out). Pull up some of the liquid (about 1ml) and inject straight under the toe nail while holding the toe upright - I put the injection in as far as it will go without hurting me (go slowly), as some of the toe nail has lifted off the nail bed - you get less play with the needle the more the toe heals.

Keep your toes clean and do this as often as you like - at least every two days after a bath/shower is a good idea.

Happy healing!!! (I am in South Africa, so the products I am mentioning are available there)

Chad Young

Ok I have the ultimate Home Remedy for Nail Fungus. Its plain and simple and takes only about 20min evrey two days or at your own discretion depending how fast you want it gone. Are you ready IT'S LISTERINE MOUTH WASH any kind. Please email me with your sucess. It really works Guaranteed


None of these treatments will work unless you trim the nail as short as possible and file the nails once a week. Clean infected toes with rubbing alcohol and let dry, then apply tea tree oil and let dry, then apply vapor rub and wear sandals. You need to let your feet breathe.

Please disinfect all nail cutters so that you don't infect the healthy nails and only use the emery boards files once.

I have been doing this for 2 months and I can see my big toe is finally growing pink and healthy.


I have been battling toe fungus for 20 years and tried everything (except oral remedies which affect the liver)

As if that wasn't bad enough, I got athletes foot recently and went on a new reseach binge to finally cure my toes and athletes foot in one go...I found it!

I don't see this natural cure mentioned on very many sites because they have an agenda to push affiliate products that pay them rather than help those in need.

What I did was purchase a couple jugs of apple cider vinegar and a couple boxes of epsom salt.

I would use Epsom salt (1/2 cup), apple cider vinegar (1 cup) and 3 cups hot water (as hot as you can stand), then soak my feet for an hour a day in this formula.

In 10 days my athletes foot problem disapeared, and 30 days later, My toes were showing massive improvement.

Now 90 days later my toes are 90% clear and I expect them to be totally cured in another 30.

It sounds like a major hassle, but if you make it part of your routine like when you are working on your home pc or watching tv - the soak becomes a solution and a pleasure.

good luck!


A few months ago I started soaking my foot in full strength apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Immediate results. The dead nail flakes off leaving only live nail behind. Just in case the fungus was still alive. Who knows? The fungus can be yellow/orange and the ACV temporarily colors the nail. So I started soaking my foot (hard to soak only one toe) in diluted bleach water. But that made the skin burn. So to the horror of my family I started spraying my toenail with Clorox clean-up. I still soak my foot in apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Whenever I watch tv or go online I soak my foot. And I spray my toenail every morning after I shower with Clorox Clean-up.
It's been a couple of months and the nail is growing in uninfected with just a trace of the dead nail in the top corners of the nail.
I can't say which solution worked better. The ACV definitely exfoliates the nail leaving only fresh nail behind. The Clorox cleanup was just an insurance policy. I did not want to wait 2 months to see if the ACV was going to kill the fungus.
Either way my fungus is absolutely dead. I had it for 8 years. For my sisters wedding all the ladies went to a spa and had our nails done. It was my first and last time at a nail spa. Thank you nail tech for not cleaning your tools between clients.


hydrogin poroxide and epsin salt in hot water works fairly well trying the bleach mix 50/50 with water and vicks vapor rub not noticing a big change gonna try an herb pill from my local herbal supply store to get fungus out of my body completely, with all the remedies working with the herbs as well somthin has gotta give i hope

Geneva S

Many of these remedies seem to me too labor-intensive, leading to slacking off.

When you get tired of all the heavy-duty regimes listed here, don't give up. Switch to this one - it worked for me.

I used Tea Tree Oil alone, twice a day.
It takes less than 10 minutes, no equipment. I put it on by dipping a small stick (a crochet hook, actually) in the oil bottle, and touching the toenail, so the drop goes where you touch. I put it on all toes, including ones not infected, 2 drops on big toes. I then wiped the oil off the stick with the toe of the socks I was going to wear. 5 minutes-finished.

After a week or so, I could see that the new nail growing in from the cuticle was thin and pink. There was a distinct bump where the yellow part ended. It took over a month for all the thick yellow nail to grow out and be replaced. You could see the progress as the thick part moved out and the thin nail followed behind.

It's important to keep doing the oil (although once a day is probably enough after 2-3 weeks), because it will re-infect until all the old, thick stuff had grown out and gone. Just be sure to do it after a bath/shower/swim or pedicure.

You can get Tea Tree Oil at any drug store, and some grocery stores - it's not expensive, $9-12. Health food or vitamin stores, like GNC, have more choices. Get the smallest possible bottle of 100% pure TTO; you are only using 12 drops per day. It has a really strong smell. Bear with it, the smell is part of the cure (that's why I wipe the applicator on the socks). Breathing the fumes is a folk-cure for coughs & sore throat.
It's from Australia, which is why you never hear about it in N.America. Check it out on

Since the yellow part has all gone, I just put oil on about once a week, when I remember. Haven't had any recurrence in 3 years.

If your nails grow slowly, taking GELATIN (pills or capsules) will help. My bottle says 'take 6/day'. I take 2/day, and my finger & toenails grow quickly, and strong. But for the fungus treatment, it should be full dosage, at least. You want that new nail to grow in YESTERDAY. Health food store, vitamin store, or drug store.


I had fungus in one toe nail for going on two years. The nail was fully infected. I then decided upon a full assault. I filed the nail a bit every day, just enough to take a think layer off. Then I applied straight bleach - brushed it on with a fine paint brush. I got immediate results which inspired me to continue. A month later my nail looks normal... Now it should be said that the nail is not normal, but it looks it. As the bleach kills the fungus, the remaining nail is essentially dead and gradually falls away a small strip at a time. I imagine that the nail will completely fall off in the next weeks and then a new healthy nail will grow it its place. Also, the bleach did not bother my skin around the nail. I thought it might when I began, but for me, it did not. After two years of a most unsightly nail, I can hardly believe I've made this month progress in just four weeks. Think about it: straight know it is gonna do something. Do proceed with caution, obviously, it is strong stuff.

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