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Dublin John

I used anti dandruff shampoo, the type with selenium sulphide 2.5% (called Selsun here in UK & Ireland.)
Cover your toenails, pushing it down the sides and under the nail. Put on your socks and leave all day or overnight if you are a bedsock kind of person.
As the fungus lives inside your nail, you have to continue to treat it until the nail grows out.


Soaked in white vinegar and water as hot as I could take it. Also did drops for a week or so. Soaked maybe 10 times for about 20 minutes. First time in 15 years I'm growing new clear nail.


Any product that will kill fungus that can be absorbed into the nail or nail bed. No soaking. Just drops. Whatever works for you, BLEACH or VINEGAR.

Ms Sunshine

I found a dark colored line down the middle of my large toe about a month after one of those spa pedicures (when I had to redo the polish). I was horrified because I have never experienced this before now. So I rubbed some tea tree oil on it a few times, reapplied nail polish and ignored it for a month. After 4 weeks of rubbing in tea tree oil (over the polish) of course it was still there. So I set out to find a fast and free remedy that would not kill my kidneys or liver in the process.

This is what worked and with little to no effort, I am free of fungus and my nail is almost grown out.

I began taking a probiotic, cut down on sugar (not by much because I am a chocolate freak) and managed to squeeze in 4 treatments that included the following:

1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, mixed with 1/3 cup of hydrogen peroxide and soak my infected toe for 20 minutes


Rinse foot and soak in a mixture of 1/3 cup of bleach (yes bleach) and 1/3 cup of water, anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, however long you can stand it and then rinse.

The Key I believe to this working was exposing the infected area. So I took a grinder tip from my husbands drill set and ground the nail bed until it looked like a valley on the surface of my big toe, and caused the bed at the infection to be very thin and then pushed on it until it cracked.

After I had done the treatment 4 days in a row - during which time I applied tea tree oil and kept a band aid over it - since it was sandal season - then I was able to apply polish, a shimmery color so as to not draw attention to the crack in my nail bed, but as to not get polish in the crack.

Just to be safe - throw away any polish you may have used on the infected nail.

I am happy to report that my toe looks great, minus the much smaller crack in my nail bed that is almost completely grown out. YAY!!!!


my grandauter was painting my toenails and made the coment that i had 9 pretty nails and one ugly nail since i use withch hazel for everything i started cleanin my ugly nail with it and now have 10 pretty nails. i clean all my nails once a week and so far i have they're still pretty

Bill Clinton

Easy cure: Get some cotton balls, apple cider vinegar, athletic tape. Tear off enough cottom ball to cover the nail you want cured. Dip the cotton ball into the apple cider vinegar until it's saturated. Place the saturated cotton ball over the area you need fixed and tape it in place with the athletic tape. Your nail will get soft after the aplication so use a nail file to scrape off soft nail. Do this in the morning and before bed for as long as you need. Be vigilant and the infection will go away soon. Just make sure you file off the dead nail as you go and you'll be clear in no time depending on the infection.


I have had toenail fungus for about 4 years. I have tried vicks vapour rub and bleach, neither of these had worked for me. I am happy to report that after only one week of daily foot soaks in vinegar for 30 minutes, my toenails have fallen off. There has not been enough time for me to see the new nail growth, but nothing else I have used has made the toenails fall off!! so I consider this exciting :) I will report back in a few weeks time to see what the new nail growth looks like . I am hopeful, because we all know what a nightmare having this is !!!


Stop soaking your feet or foot in a vinegar solution. Clean your feet in an anti-bacterial soap every day and dry with a dry, clean towel each time you dry off. Make sure it's not the same towel every time you dry your feet. Make sure all of the foot is dry, even between the toes and between the nail beds. Use an eye dropper or a syringe without the needle you can get from a pharmacy (just ask the pharmacist and they will give you one for free, tell them you want one you give meds to children for oral meds) filled with pure vinegar, either white or apple cider, I prefer the white because it does not leave a smell. Drop the vinegar over the entire nail and under the nail as many times a day as you can and allow it to dry (as soon as you dry your feet when you get out of the shower or tub and before you get in the bed or put socks or shoes on. The fungus will begin to die faster than you can imagine. Use an orange stick to clean out the dead skin and dead fungus from under the nail bed and begin to cut back the dead nail bed to expose the new nail bed. This will allow easy access for more vinegar to penetrate the fungus that is remaining. The fungus cannot live in an acidic environment. The more acidic the environment is, the fungus will die quicker. So do NOT dilute the vinegar. You will see white dead skin and scummy matter removed each time (approximately every 4 days) when you clean under your nail with the orange stick. Throw away the orange stick every time you use one. Every time you use your nail clippers, make sure you disinfect them with soap and water, alcohol, vinegar, or a solution you can buy from a health and beauty supply store for disinfecting pedicure equipment. After about three months throw away the clippers and buy another pair. These things are cheap and it's worth it in order to get rid of the fungus. Wash your hands thoroughly each time you touch your feet. Make sure you get as much air to the affected area as possible. Each time you remove the dead skin and dead fungus, cut back the dead toenail and expose the new area and keep applying the pure vinegar from the dropper or syringe. Keep this process going and each time file the end of the toenail that is left and the top of the toenail on the nail bed so it is rough and enough layer is taken enough for the vinegar to keep penetrating the nail bed. The nail will whiten with every application with the vinegar but will pinken back up after the vinegar dries. It may take about 8 months to get the fungus killed and for a new nail to grow back, but it is better than taking the oral medication which I took only to have the fungus return at exactly one year later. My physician would not give me another prescription for the oral med because I have GERD and advised me of this method because I had told her I was soaking my foot in a vinegar solution. She has checked my feet since I began this method and has told me to make sure that since the fungus returned after the oral med round, after this fungus is cured to make sure I keep the vinegar drops on my toes at least once a day because I live in the South in humid conditions and it may be the climate that allows the fungus to thrive. I hope this helps you get rid of your condition without removing your nail.


I have had severe tonail fungus that i have had for many years on all of my toes, nothing ever worked! So i just gave up! This year i decided to get a deep suntan exept i didnt tan my feet, Which looked stupid! So i started suntanning my feet nd noticed my toenails clearing up within a couple of weaks! Returning back to normal heathy looking nails,l was amazed! For i had the worse case of toenail fungus i hav ever seen thick,split,brown,yellow nails. Just thought that i would share that info, sunlite killed my fungus.


Several years ago, I had 4 toenails infected with nail fungus- the large toenail (infected 12+ years), the second smallest (infected 15+ year), the middle toe (infected 3 years), and the baby toe (infected less than one year).

The big toenail and the second smallest were VERY thick- like almost 1/4' thick and yellow/crusty. Really nasty.

After doing a lot of research, I came upon the remedy that made the most logical sense to me:

1-2 drops of white vinegar at the base of each nail twice per day

Here is the reasoning for this remedy:

1. Excess moisture is what fungus grows in, so doing extended soaking of the nails is NOT going to help, its going to make it worse. Applying 2 drops twice a day does not create excess moisture around the nail bed.

2. Fresh, healthy nail cells grow out from the base. So the substance needs to just soak in at the very base as these new cells are formed. Clip off the infected nail as it grows out.

3. Vinegar- safe substance, does not harm the body in any way. Cheap. Clear, does not stain, is not greasy.

4. Toenail fungus can only go away as fast as your new nails grow in. So be patient!!!

Two of my small nails have completely cleared due to this process described above.

My two very thick nails, which were infected for more than a decade each, have gradually thinned down. The large toenail started growing in thinner and thinner until one day, the 1/4' thick piece just peeled off completely. The base of that nail is clear and pink. Since my toenails grow in very slowly, I would say that by next summer, I will have a totally clear, healthy big toe nail.

The second smallest is still thick, but the base is clear and pink. That nail was infected for over 15 years, so I think that its just taking longer for it grow out completely clear.

Anyway, just thought I would share. I am very happy with the results and the ease of this treatment. I apply my two drops AM and PM when I brush my teeth.

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