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I have finally eliminated the fungus under my toenail. It's been there almost 2 years. First I tried an prescription medication my doctor gave me for 3 months. It did nothing. Then I used an over the counter treatment, a second liquid that you paint on the nail bed at night, and it was as useless as the Rx I got from my doctor. Finally, after reading through this site I deduced that people had success often after they filed the nail down. So I clipped the excess, the thick part of the nail, with a nal clipper and then used an ordinary brown emery board to file the nail until it was as thin as a healthy nail should be. Then every night before bed I used a Q-tip to paint 100% pure chlorine bleach across the nail. I was worried that the bleach would irritate nearby skin but it was never a problem. When I remembered to do so, I painted the nail in the morning as well. I didn't soak it--just swabbed the nail so that it was damp, let it dry, then went about my business as usual. In 2 weeks I noticed that the new nail growing in was pink. Now it's been a month and there is only a tiny strip of yellow nail (the oldest part) left. That will be gone shortly when I clip it away as the nail grows. This has been the cheapest, easiest, fastest method I have ever seen to get rid of nail fungus. I pray I never get another fungus under my toenail, but if I do I know exactly how to get rid of it fast.

Sue O.

I was doing pretty good with filing and tea tree oil- a very easy regime - and was seeing progress. Then a friend gave me some Piggy Paste- an over the counter topical available at Walgreens and that really sped the process up. It is a little messier with the gel and bandaid, but I applied at bed time and it was fine. The directions say a pea-sized drop of Piggy Paste, but I would go lightly....and leaving in place overnight may be too long...I did loose a little skin early in the process, but maybe that is what had to my great toe nail has grown in perfectly healthy.


I've had a problem with my toe nail for several years. I tried Vicks because someone said it worked for them. Didn't work for me. My nail got worse. Finally I started dabbing peroxide on it. First cut the loose part of the nail down as far as you can. Dab on peroxide, trying to get it under the nail as far as possible. Then clean out the crud that's under the nail, re-apply peroxide, re-clean the underside. Repeat. Keep re-applying and cleaning underneath after each shower. Mine started to clear up right away.


I have had the fungus for 20 years and after trying many different methods (including prescription drugs) I have finally beaten it!
* Discipline is key. Do your treatment every night. If you do miss a day or two, be sure to get back into the routine as soon as possible. My big toe nails were completely infected top to bottom and this process has taken a whole year to complete.
* Get an emery board and use it to reduce the thickness of the nail. File it down as thin as possible. Work on it every night before you soak until you get it nice and thin. I never saw real results until I added this to my routine.
* Soak your toes in one part vinegar, one part hot water every night. Once you've soaked a little, use the file on your nail clipper to dig that gross yellow junk out from under your nail in the areas where the nail has separated from the nail bed. Soak for 20 or 30 minutes every night and dry thoroughly.
* Apply 100% tea tree oil to the nail every morning after you have showered and dried your feet. Apply both to the outer and the inner part of the nail if you can reach it. My nails separated from the nail bed because of the fungus so applying to the back side of the nail was easy. I used a nail polish brush for this.

Don't waste your money on anything else or damage your liver with sporonox or lamasil...this works! Be patient and be diligent and you too will beat nail fungus.

Ernie Burt

I read all other remedy on website and then use my own proprietary formulary after reading ingredients in FUNGAVIR, which is over 90+% effective.

My formulary is F + TTO + V + L + UA (undecyclenic acid) + HP + I (decolorized) + B + prescription for
clotrimazole and ciclopirox.

Lamasil spray shoes or if you have lots of cash buy steri shoe in your size but remember it has no fan.

Wow it works. Thanks so much folks.


I'm currently experiencing promising results from a combination of white iodine and tea tree oil.

I live in the UK so couldn't get the strong white iodine that is recommended a few posts down, and the weaker stuff (that I purchased on ebay) wasn't working on its own. About a month ago I bought 100% tea tree oil from Boots and started applying it before bed. I didn't cover my nails or anything afterwards.

In the morning, my infected nails look far yellower than the previous night. Then, I apply the iodine in generous doses and it helps reduce the yellowness. I also believe this helps carry any tea tree residue deeper into the nail.

It's only been a month so I can't say for sure but there is a clearly defined line on one of my nails where it looks as though the fungus has just died. The other nails are a bit thicker so I expect results over a longer timeframe.

I have also been using a nail file on the tops of the thick nails and walking around in flip flops as much as possible.


My sister in law had toenail fungus really bad and she read in a magazine to soak her toes in antiseptic mouthwash about 10-15 minutes a day. you can poor it in a container and continue to use it. when your toenails grow out, the new growth will be completely healthy. How cheap and easy is that? Only dont get the colored mouthwash because your toenails will turn that color so get a clear one, It really works. What have you got to loose except money??


I have had toenail fungus for over a year, was prescribed Lamisil and it cleared up only to come back a year later. I tried Vitamin E oil, applying it several times a day to the nail and behind the nail with a Q-tip. I noticed results within days and within two weeks there was no sign of the fungus and no sign of the white debris between the nail and toe. I would highly recommend Vitamin E oil! It is much nicer than taking a drug for it.


Hi, I have been suffering from ugly nails since i was 16.I am 27 now and I was devastated about it. Finally i started being consistent with the vinegar spraying it on my nails at least twice a day for a month. Ive been noticing a a big difference but i guess im just anxious to know its working... did anyone have there nails turn more yellow (on the infected part) as the clear nail grew out.? what about the nails that have turned totally brown(and have been brown for a long long time) will they come back to life and look normal? thanks


A toenail fungus cure used in combat that works on any type fungus:
Saturate a cotton ball in WD-40, place it on top of the affected nail; roll a cut off balloon over the toe to keep the saturated cotton ball in place, and thus the WD-40 constantly in contact with the affected toenail, which will also serve to limit its evaporation. Keep this process up for a day or two. The WD-40 will thus slowly be absorbed and penetrate the nail, and once it finally reaches the fungus, it will destroy it instantly. A Marine Corp medic figured this out over forty five years ago in the jungles of Vietnam! The marines have been using this method it ever since, they just don't admit it. The directions on the WD-40 container certainly warn against such behavior (skin contact), so proceed at your own risk!

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