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Fungi are living organisms which thrive in a damp, warm, dark environment with low oxygen levels. By eliminating their environment they die.

I have found the following regime to work very effectively :

1. For one week generously splash pure alcohol on each infected nail every morning especially after a shower and wait 2-3 minutes before placing your socks and shoes on. Repeat the process in the evening as soon as you take your shoes and socks off. Avoid wearing shoes and sock as much as possible during your free time at home.

After a week you will notice the infected areas of your nails have turned white and brittle. The fungus is beginning to die.

2. After a week,use a course or medium washable file you can buy at any drug store and meticulously file down the thickened nail to about what the thickness would be for a healthy nail (compare it to another healthy toe nail or if all your toes nails are infected compare the thickness to your thumb nails). Don't worry if you manage to get some bleeding.If the nail was badly infected it might break up during the filing. Remove the broken nail portion.

3. Once you have filed down all the infected nails, wipe away all the white powder off the nails using a tissue with alcohol. Do not use water.

4. Soak your toes in white vinegar for 20 minutes. The vinegar will penetrate your nails easier as they have been filed down. Use a clean dry cloth to dry your nails.

5. Apply Vicks VapoRub carefully covering each nail totally. Use a THICK application. This will stop the oxygen getting through helping to suffocate the fungus living inside the nail. Use slippers and as far as is possible try to expose your toes to some sunlight - the UV will help kill the fungus as well.

Except for the filing I repeated the process above every third day ( in between continue using the alcohol) because it's easy, it's quick especially in the mornings when we're in a rush.

Continue this regime for one month and unless you had nail roots totally destroyed, you will eliminate the fungus and grow perfectly healthy new nails. Like me :)

It's a bit of work but it's well worth it!


I tried some science and put hydrogen peroxide on one affected toenail, Vicks on the other. Vicks seemed ineffective. Then again. that toenail seems thicker, like slightly thicker and tougher than a credit card..

I've now used a battery powered pedicure kit with a spinning metal grinding cone attachment. ACCIDENTALLY grinded down to a softer, but SLIGHTLY-tougher-than-skin layer I believe to be the nail bed.

What I suggest:
Use a cotton ball and gauze tape. With the cotton ball saturated in your fungus killer of choice. Use the gauze tape to keep it on as long as possible with as little evaporation as possible.

Socks help keep the area undisturbed. And you can possibly soak the toes of the socks with hydrogen peroxide in case the other toes are affected.


Just wondering if anyone know if it's okay to use hydrogen peroxide on nail bed after nail falls off? Will it damage the nail bed? Is it even necessary to continue treatment after the nail has fallen off?

Old Runner

One other factor that often matters a lot – the time required to perform daily or more frequent treatments. Especially for the antiseptic liquids such as peroxide, bleach, Listerine or vinegar that are slower to penetrate, long soaking or contact time is critical. Here’s a time-saving suggestion that has worked for me: soak just the front of the foot while wearing a thick white athletic sock (if not white, it soon will be). I use drug-store 3% hydrogen peroxide since it is cheap and unlike vinegar or bleach, has no odor. Soak just two minutes while pressing occasionally on the affected toe nails. Then leave the sock on until they dry. Wear swim sandals or shower shoes during this time, which is typically 30–120 minutes depending on humidity and activity. This frees you to do other things while effectively “soaking” the toes. Vics on toes at bedtime under the socks (which are now well-disinfected). During the day, when possible, wear sandals to keep the feet dry and exposed to sunlight. Anti-fungal foot powder in all shoes.


toe nail fungus.clean nail with vinegar and peroxide.. dry. apply a thick coat of clear nail polish across nail over tip and under nail.[after cleaning under nail]. this has similar effect to the vicks and wd40 comments ive read. except its permanent. this seals and suffocates
the fungus, expose the toe and nail to sunlight. I will additionally use a magnifier lense to do a sun therapy to the fungus through the clear nail polish. my nail fell off in two days, and no treatment ever accomplished this, my belief is i killed the fungus and its roots let go. my new nail has yet to grow in, but i cleaned toe and nail bed and will continue to clean with anti bacterial and peroxide... double wammy... excited as ive had this for years.


I cured my nail fungus of many years in one day! Vicks vaporous rub made my nail fall off the next day and I cleaned it out as best I could when if fell off and when it grew back I never had it again


I'm a 16 year old girl. I develop toenail dungus because one day I was in the river and my boots got wet and I had them one for the whole day wet. I enter this site to see what could help me and it said vinegar. I'm a gymnast and the fact that I had to be bare foot and everyone had to se my nail, I was scared beacuse of what people may think.So I went to the store bougth vinegar, a light color nail polish,a nail clipper, a dropper and orange sticks. Every day I would clean my hadns and toes with hand sanitizer, with the orange sticks clean the nail, and with the dropper take a little of vinegar and put it in th nail. And then I srayed or clean every thing I used with alcohol. Then I got some vinegar and put it on the nail polish, shake it and the apply them in all the nails. It will help you with the fungus and nobody will know ypu have nail fungus. It's important to remove the nail polish, cut upper part and do the process to clean the nailand paint again. Mine was gone in 3 months. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO DISPOSE OF EVERY NAIL CLIPPER AND ANY TOOL THAT HAD CONTACT WITH THE INFECTEC NAIL. Hope it works for you. :)


I have a had a nail fungus for 4 years its so embarrasssing and nasty, iv used over the counter products (fung off) and (equate fungal liquid) hasnt worked. So iv been trying annother remdy and it seems to be working, ill clip the nail till where there is some helthy nail left get a hot bowl of water, anti bacterial soap, and sum anit fungal liquid and soak the nail then clip some more and it seems to be working... Good luck..


What a great site! I just cured my toenail fungus in 3 weeks as follows:
- clip nail back far as possible
- scrap out white stuff underneath
- generously apply alcohol containing mouthwash with a q-tip before bed
During the day wear cotton socks or flip-flops to keep your feet dry. And avoid going bare foot in public places... good luck :-)


I have finally eliminated the fungus under my toenail. It's been there almost 2 years. First I tried an prescription medication my doctor gave me for 3 months. It did nothing. Then I used an over the counter treatment, a second liquid that you paint on the nail bed at night, and it was as useless as the Rx I got from my doctor. Finally, after reading through this site I deduced that people had success often after they filed the nail down. So I clipped the excess, the thick part of the nail, with a nal clipper and then used an ordinary brown emery board to file the nail until it was as thin as a healthy nail should be. Then every night before bed I used a Q-tip to paint 100% pure chlorine bleach across the nail. I was worried that the bleach would irritate nearby skin but it was never a problem. When I remembered to do so, I painted the nail in the morning as well. I didn't soak it--just swabbed the nail so that it was damp, let it dry, then went about my business as usual. In 2 weeks I noticed that the new nail growing in was pink. Now it's been a month and there is only a tiny strip of yellow nail (the oldest part) left. That will be gone shortly when I clip it away as the nail grows. This has been the cheapest, easiest, fastest method I have ever seen to get rid of nail fungus. I pray I never get another fungus under my toenail, but if I do I know exactly how to get rid of it fast.

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