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Its only been a couple of weeks, and I've noticed a definite improvement on the nail of my big toe.
Not having access to Laser therapy, I decided to use a 4' magnafying lens and the power of the sun. It hurts a bit, but play the dot over the area till you can't stand it anymore, then let it cool. Try this a few times and then do it again in a day or two. Three times now for me, and it has already lost that typical colour.


Have had half a toe nail not attached for ages, but nothing has cured it or removed it. Finally cured infection in one quick go! Try putting newspaper under your foot and then dribble a little Exit Mould type product into the affected area. It's gone by morning!


I developed toenail fungus after a stay in a certain motorway hotel...

After watching it grow on 3 toes for a week, I applied some Neem Oil

It was gone the next day :-)

Classic stuff neem oil


I'm writing this because I finally cured my toenail fungus after many years. I first filed down nail as low as comfortable. Then taped a small piece of cotton ball to my nail with bandaid. Then pour vinegar onto cotton until soaked. I put on socks and just go about my day like usual. I resoak the cotton ball several times a day and eventually the fungus just disappeared. This happened fairly quickly , about a month, because the vinegar is allowed to have contact with the nail for long enough. I had tried soaking in vinegar off and on for many months but 20 min.a day was just not long enough. I'm so happy and wish I would have thought of this earlier.


noticed my toe looking somewhat yellowish... not as bad as I have seen in other peoples toe but enought to be embarrassing. shined a laser level light (stanley) at it every nigth for a week and the nail that grew at that point was clear and normal


I have been trying to get rid off my yellow toe nails for months! I have used listerine, creams and tea tree oil for six months! Nothing worked at all!! I came to Florida for 5 days! Been in the ocean everyday!! I am happy to say that my toe nails look better than they ever ever have before! It's unbelievable how great they look and I am happy to say I can walk around in flip flops and be proud! This has made me a new man!!!


What about sheets and carpeting? I've had toenail fungus most of my life, and tried just about everything. Once in a while I start over. Every site on this topic discuss washing and disinfecting socks, towels, shoes, etc, but I never found anything about sheets and carpets. Is it necessary to change sheets every day? I can't imagine doing this for months.

Some sites say the fungus cannot survive on a dry surface because it resides in warm, wet places. Makes sense, but then shouldn't carpets and sheets be safe? Neither are warm or wet.

Consistency is the key, I know, but it just seems that vigorous cleaning and disinfecting the toes and socks every day should be enough. Does anyone changes their sheets every day?


So I started to get a fungus under my toenail so I came here read the remidies and went for it... I started soaking it and rubbing finigar down in under the nail. Then (about 3 days later) while visiting my parents I started spraying down under the nail with Tinactin antifungal athletes foot spray... its turning white fast now :D so vinegar, file nail down to normla thickness and cut as much off as you can (without freaking out)


I finally got rid of my toe nail fungus. All of my toes were affected for 10 years. My fungus got so bad that I could dig out the whole center of my toe nail with my finger nail. I did that and left a huge hole in the middle of my toe. They were so soft, yellow, discolored, and they were cracked and dis-formed.
I finally got a file and just filed off the infection and then buffed my nails smooth. They were far from healed at this point. Then nightly I put fungus foot cream on my foot which cured up my foot fungus in just a matter of weeks. I still had the nail problem.
I continued this process until the new nail grew out. My nail looks perfect and I am so happy. I am still working with my left big toe because I was not as aggressive with the file on that toe and consequently it still needs time to grow out again.
Tips that made the difference:
I bought all new shoes and socks, throw away anything that could be the culprit. or at least bleach your socks and spray your shoes with lysol daily.
Also, if you trim your toe nails weekly it will promote nail growth and they will grow out faster. If you cannot clip because they are not growing--file them. This will significantly speed up the growth. I used to clip my nails only once every six months. Now I can clip them every week and they are still growing.


I do not reccomend you try this at home for years I had a fungal infection on my big toe,one day when I han no shoes on I dropped a dinner plate the edge of the plate hit my bid toe where the nail grows at the base within an hour I got a black nail at the base where the blood vessels had ruptured (similar to hitting your thumb with a hammer) the whole toe nail did not go black just a eight of an inch where the nail goes under the skin. Like wither a finger nail the black has grown out but it has also taken the yellow nail and fungus with it, it has now been three months and the blood line is nearly at the top of the nail the nail is still yellow above the blood line but clean and healthy below. I know this is not a remedy but it is strange why the fungus grows out with the damaged nail.

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