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I did this and you see results almost immediately:

Buy an inexpensive Dremel rotary tool. Use the fine grit sanding band that comes with the tool. Sand your toenails as far as you can toward the nailbed without hurting. Clean toes and apply Vick’s vapor rub or almost any anti-fungal for overnight. Repeat as often as possible. Your nailbeds may feel a bit bruised after each sanding. Just wait a day or two before next sanding then repeat, repeat repeat. Sanding alone immediately makes your toes “look” better. The scuffing of the sanding makes the yellow look white and each time you do it, another layer of fungus comes off. If your nails are too sore to sand remember to still apply anti-fungal for bedtime. This works. My nails are almost perfect now after doing this for a couple weeks. I’m wearing flip-flops for gosh sakes! ALL of my toenails were completely yellow and super thick


years ago a freind of mine made something he called regeneration oil. it was olive oil and a few drops of mint oil. I passed because i did not like how my skin felt after putting olive oil on it so he used grapeseed oil instead. when I rubbed this oil on my swolen ankle and foot I noticed something the next day, no to jam. I was weaing heavy boots in florida and I always had toe jam till then. after a few days of treatment I stopped but the effect lasted for almost a month. I imagine a combintion of eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint oil in a solution of a light oil like grape seed oil would be prime.


I have tried most of the suggestions here with only minor success. Six months ago I came across a Bulgarian discussion on the same topic and one of the solutions actually worked for me. I have had the fungus on all of my toenails on the left foot as well as the athlete's foot itch and this is how it all went away. It is pills. I can only give the name in Bulgarian as I am not sure how this would be in English - ????????. In Bulgaria each capsule costs approximately 1.2 euros. I started taking one capsule a day and after almost six months all of my previously infected toenails have now nearly been replaced by the new, pink and fungus free ones. You need to continue taking the pills for 1 year (until the new toenails have complete grown). I still have a few months to go before they clear completely. The athlete's foot itch is also gone. Perhaps I should mention that I used to have a very sweet tooth which probably was a contributing factor but when I started taking the pills I reduced my sugar intake quite a bit to help the process.


My father had toenail fungus on both of his big toes, with the nails thickened to about 1/4 inch thick. We propped his foot up on a stool and I dripped a few drops of Oil of Oregano on and under the nail. After a couple weeks the thickened nails fell off while he was asleep to reveal a new (slightly deformed) nail underneath.


Toenail fungus is the common disease that can be happen to the people and this generally happens to the old age people. This is also contagious and if left untreated this may move from one foot to another and can also cause pain and bleeding sores. To treat it completely you need to make use of the compete treatment. You can make use of the Zetaclear, it is completely herbal as it is made from the natural ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil, Vitamin E, and lavender oil, so there is no chance of any side effects.


Soaked feet in one part bleach and two parts water for about 15 minutes. Took a new emery board & used pumas stone and would file over the thick nail and then resoak foot as I worked on the other one. Kept doing this until alot of the thickness was removed. Air dried feet. Rubbed vicks vapor rub & socks in evening before bed. In morning rubbed some coconut oil on nails before putting on stockings/sock. Nails are looking great, continuing process in hopes to be fungual free. I would think that if bleach is too harsh probably using some peroxide and water would be just as good. Take it slow and see what works best for you.


Dip ur feet in warm water and sprinkle a bit of salt in it. Or dettol etc.

Do it for 4-5 days atleast and fungus would start going away.

Another thing which can help is the vicks vapourab on the affected toenail. And then wear socks.

To avoid it for future. Wear tidy socks. Change ur socks daily and make sure ur feet are exposed to fresh air or are without socks for an hour per day.



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My husband has been suffering from awful toe fungus on both of his feet for years. We have searched high and low for something that would get rid of this naturally and after years, someone recommended we look at Neem. We have tried almost everything with some improvement but no luck to get rid of it completely. Skeptical at first, we did some research on Neem and found that the top Neem benefit is that it is anti fungal. YAY. We found that Neem Oil is great and also found a cream called 'Alpha Fungal Neem Cream' from All About Neem that is perfect. This way we can kill the fungus and moisturize at the same time.

The company is SO helpful with any questions you have and I am extremely grateful to my friend who pointed me in this direction. We also found that Neem can help so many other areas of our health and have tried other things now that my husbands toe fungus has improved. Wish we could share our before and after pictures. Thanks for sharing this great article and wanted to provide another option that worked for my husband.


For my toe nail fungus fix I soaked my feet in apple cider vinegar/warm water for 15-20 then dried well used an attachment from my manicure set and it was so easy to remove the Ick (as I call it) from under toe nail and then filed down toe nail as much as possible the I soaked in a soluation of vinegar and baking soda repeated every night after 1 week Pretty Feet. Removing the build up under toe nail was soooo much easier to do after soaking because it was soft and I could get all around the toe. Good Luck

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