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4 Home Remedies for Tickle in Throat


I read about this somewhere and find that it helps. There are nerves that run from your ears to your throat, you can use your ears to 'scratch' the inside of your throat. If it's the right side of your throat that's itchy then stick your finger in your right ear and wiggle hard. If the left side's itchy then use your left ear with the same procedure.

N Denton

Doughy Bread, in my case 50/50 chew as necessary let it get gooey before swallowing - I take the loaf upstairs and if I start in the night I start chewing - best to use straight away before the tickly throat takes hold - obviously only short term go to Doctors if cough persists


To get a stupid tickle out of your throat drink warm water and gurgle it for about 3 minutes. Then scrape ur tounge against your throat and see if its gone. Should work helps a lot! If this remedy didn't solve it, drink pickle juice. I love pickle juice so it doesn't bother me. :) I drink it anyway. Hope this helps!
<3 Emily


When you have one of those tickles in your throat you can't seem to get rid of drink pickle juice. Works really well.

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