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54 Home Remedies for Wisdom Teeth


I had 2 wisdom teeth extracted on Monday, March 22nd. Contrary to others, Hydrocodone has worked for me. But you have to chase it with 4 Motrin. The 7.5 mil. is what I have been taking. I, too, have dry sockets. The Friday after my surgery they packed the sockets with clove dressing. It help the pain a lot, but slows down the healing process. Having foreign objects in the sockets keeps them open. The quicker they close, the quicker you heal. I'm glad to know about the clove oil. But i'm gonna stick with treating the condition and not the symptom.


These past couple of days I've been in so much pain because of one wisdom tooth coming in. Ive been taking pain relieving pills to subdue the pain. Theres this stuff called KANKA its an ointment for helping any sores in the mouth so i tried for my tooth i just swabbed it around the gums of my tooth coming in and now the pain is gone. The only bad thing about this stuff is it only last about 25 minutes but if you need the pain away fast i would recommend you buy this stuff. KANKA look it up it really does work.


Well i have had a a wisdom tooth come in, and pure pain tonight I my self tried the vanilla extract it didn't work for me, yet i looked over and found our Pure pepperment extract. Omg that burned like hell, but it nocked out about 98% of my pain. took tylnol 8 and wrote this up. I have no pain once oh ever. Hope it helps

amber r

ive tried the vanilla extract and it really worked i was suprised. also if the pain isint to bad take an asprin and put it between your cheek and gum then let it desolve as it does the asprin goes through the gums strait to the pain

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