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Impacted Wisdom Severe Tooth Pain Relief

I am 8 weeks pregnant and could not see my OB to sign off for dentistry work, including to get a prescription for anti-biotics. Walgreens/CVS Pharmacy has a product that INSTANTLY relieved my toothache. It's called 'Red Cross Toothache Complete Medication Kit'. While my tooth is very severely decayed, this has dulled the pain to where I can function, including write this.

I hope this helps especially for any other pregnant women out there.


For the whole weedend i was in pain with a wisdom tooth problem and taking paracetamol seemed to be working but only for like 1-3 hrs. I went to my fridge and i saw my childrens amoxycillin and i decided to take some of that, knowing that its a antibiotic, and i took 10 mils..after taking that the pain started to die down from a 9 to a 4 on the pain scale..then come monday i went to the dentist, got a quote, went to WINZ to get it paid for, went back and the seceptionist gave me a appointment for monday the following week, but also put me on the cancellation list, if someone cancelled then i can take that spot..they also gave me a prescription for Ibruprofen(pain killer) and Amoxycillin(antibiotic..they both worked for me and come monday i was pain free until after getting my wisdom tooth pulled..


So a couple weeks ago i noticed a huge hole in one of my bottom wisom teeth. Pain was not too bad at first, but of course there were nights where they would get pretty bad. At first some anbesol and ibuprofin would kick it for the night. Now, of course, this is not working worth a D***. It is 2:30a and i have not been able to go to sleep. I have been crying due to the pain of this tooth. I have taken so much pain medicine, i wouldn't be surprised if i needed my stomached pumped. I have been using the technique of swishing cold water ever 10 minutes, and i love going to the bathroom every 15 minutes...not. However, i am beginning to find this website sooo helpful (my husband gets toothaches alot too, so i will share all these with him). For me i was not able to try the vanilla exract, which i am gonna buy so i can see how it works when this happens again, or cloves. I tried the paste with the crackers, did not work for me. I tried gargeling salt water many times, never really worked. I tried peanut butter, didn't really work. I tried the tea bag two different ways and it wasn't working. I tried crest with scope directly on my tooth and i thought it was going to work but didn't, i think brushing made my tooth more sensitive and more aggitated. I tried baking soda and water, didn't work. I seen some liquar, rum, vodka, and whiskey techniques. All i had was bacardi rum, i dabbed a qtip in the bacardi. I placed in on my tooth, in the hole, and around the tooth on the gum. At first it began to hurt worse, but felt a little different, so i waited, after about 10 minutes the pained dulled quite a bit, hopefully enough i can sleep. My pain went from a 9 to about a 2. Pretty nice! i will probably continue to post what i find out for temporary curesbas this tooth continues to hurt me... until i can get to the dentist! Good luck all, and sorry about ur teeth or tooth, i know the feeling!

Kristen G.

Two paper towels folded and soaked under the coldest you can get out of your tap. Fold it four times...or however many so it keeps your mouth open when you bite down on it. ice pack on outside of mouth, on jaw where it hurts. Two Excedrin extra strength. Place paper towel over top and in front of sore gums/tooth. Keep taking out paper towel and rotating to new areas as to keep it cool & clear of your saliva. Not totally pain free but I'm not crying anymore.


Pure Vanilla Extract cured my toothache several months ago. I found the idea on this website. This evening my child woke up with pain from a molar growing in. After using a Q-tip with the Pure Vanilla Extract on the tooth the pain stopped. My child is back to sleep now.

Make sure it is the 100% Pure Vanilla Extract. A small bottle costs about $5.00. I bought a large one for $7.50. This was and is a wonderful remedy.

Thank you again for this website.

southern gal

ok so i have never been to the dentist in my life so that was out of the question... im 18 for any one who is wondering....ok i LITERALLY tried every single remedy in the book.... i cut a piece of onion put it on my tooth with a piece of gauze and bit down as hard as i could... i could only hold it for like 2 minutes... well almost instantly it stopped hurting that was 30 min ago... hope this helps


i find that one of the best remedies for wisdom teeth pain is simply taking naproxen sodium or another anti-imflammatory pill and using an ice pack on my face. one of the main causes of wisdom teeth pain is swelling as it irritates the facial nerves. keeping the swelling down is key to controlling the pain.


I have been suffering from pain because my wisdom teeth are growing in, all 4 at the same time! plus I have an abcess on one of my teeth. I've tries everything ib profen, tea bags, vanilla extract, garlic, Oragel Nothing and I mean nothing worked. My whole mouth is swollen cheeks, gums, lips and so much pain. I brushed my teeth like every 10 mins brushing them gently and continuasly for 2 mins exactly. this helped a little. then I took some aleve followed by drinking a slushie. by the time I finished by slushie the pain was gone and stood away the rest of the day. but came back in the morning. so I repeated the routine and it worked again! So now I cn deal with the pain until my appointment!


I seen on this page that a woman used mydol and it helped. I prefer pamprin to mydol and had some multi strength in my purse. I took it for my infected wisdom tooth. Within 30 minutes pain had went from 8.5 to 2 on the scale. 20 minutes later it was a zero. I would have never thought of this on my own. It worked so well that I felt the need to post on a board for the first time to help others. I take pamprin for lots of things including sleep aid but never thought it would help mouth.


I had a wisdom tooth that has been coming in for the past year. 2 nights ago my tooth hurt so bad it was unbearable. I tried clove oil (kinda worked), salt water and peroxide did nothing. I found some goody powder, dipped it on my finger and put it on and around the tooth, less than 30 minutes, no more pain!

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