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54 Home Remedies for Wisdom Teeth


I have my top right wisdom tooth coming in and I was in excruciating pain and I couldn't sleep so what I did was squeezed some fresh lemon juice in a cup and added salt to make a paste and with a q tip placed it around my swollen gum area and where the tooth was extracting from and it kind of stung for like a second but after about a minute I felt NO PAIN at all it went away try it trust me it really works


I was in horrid pain, my whole left side of my mouth was hurting like nothing on earth. I wasn't game enough to go to the dentist and wanted to save money, tryed all your over the counter pain killers and nothing worked. A friend then told me to try crushed panadol, make a paste, rub it into your gum on the affected side. Worked a treat pain was gone for hours. Definitly only a temp relief dentist is a must.

Jeff of the Underworld

The ER gave me Vicodin and Penicillin for the infection. The vicodin only took the edge off i have been getting the chills and my jaw nodes and face are all swollen. In 96 degree weather i was freezing. for the pain i tried hydrogen peroxide and meh not to good, scope burns like hell and offers relief for a little bit. I found that ceprocal crushed and pressed up in the affected area really helped. also the oraljel qtips were amazing


So for the past few years my wisdom teeth have been growing in one by one. This passed week though my bottom left one desided to hurt like a witch with a capital B. Today it hurts more then ever, me needing to call off work because i cant talk or smile and thats the main part if my job! Anyways, ive tried ibprofin and it took down the swelling, but the pain, not so much. Then I tried oral anesthtic paste and that didnt do a thing. Ibprofin with ice on the swelling kinda helped but it still tingles and is swollen. The only things that seemed to help was the crushed cough drop held against the swollen gum and tooth. Worked like a charm!


I am 17 weeks pregnant and woke up with severe pain in the early morning hours. My usual remedy (Kanka and Tylenol) wasn't working and I was literally in tears for almost 2 hours and developing an ear ache when I came across this site. I could hardly read through the constant crying but I managed and found some remedies that have helped significantly. First, I brushed gently in a circular motion with Sensodyne. After, I swished warm salt water for about a minute. Finally, I dabbed some pure vanilla extract on the area. The pain isn't 100% gone but it is definitely tolerable now. I am hoping to get into the dentist today or tomorrow. **Pregnant ladies remember, you don't want to try to cure yourself with anything that is unnatural and you should see your dentist or OB/midwife as soon as possible if you need to control any type of pain.

Alex S

I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance.I've had my wisdom teeth ache once in a while over the past 3 years.Never bothered me too much until recently.Crushing up a cough drop and packing it loosely around where the pain is works a temporary fix until your appointment.I've been on the couch holding my head for a week now,but the cough drop around the gums a letting it dissolve actually worked out.


My wisdom teeth have been coming in for years and usually only ache every once in a while. I have excellent teeth and never once have had a cavity. Yesterday my half impacted wisdom tooth started hurting like hell. Vicodin and ibuprofen weren't cutting it so I switched to Percocet. I finally figured out my jaw was hurting and my wisdom tooth had slimy yuck on it. I took baking soda and made a paste with water. I then used a qtip to rub the baking soda paste onto my tooth. I really got in there good and scrubbed the entire surrounding gum area. Then I took a cotton ball and dipped it in water and then baking soda and wedged it back between my cheek and tooth/ gum area. I left that on for a couple hours and the excrusiating pain was almost gone. Now I've swapped the baking soda wad for a black tea bag. I'm hoping this and another round of baking soda gets rid of my gum infection. After this exciting day I will be sure to swab my impacted teeth with baking soda daily until I break the bank and decide to get them removed.


Hey guys well is'ts been very cold here in South Texas and my wisdom teeth have been comming out so its been very painful... The only reason why i havnt removes them is because im getting married in less than a week and i dont want to be all swollen so i have to deal with the pain somthing that help me is mouth wash to numb my gums and then i drink 2 advil or Tyenol and go to bed... The next morning i wake up and i feel pretty good... Try it hope that helps


I was sitting here with tears coming down my cheeks with this terrible pain. I have these wisdom teeth all coming out at the same time. I tried the toothpaste with the pain killer and OH MY GOD!! Instant pain reliever. I mean I can feel a small tingle but far from what I had. I was starting to get ear aches from the pain. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. I'm having them all pulled out soon.


I had major tooth pain in the entire left side of my jaw that left me awake crying for hours of a night, it was that painful. I tried a few home remedies and some of them were quite helpful.

Salt water works well to clean out your mouth and get rid of bacteria. Listerine mouthwash also works really well.

Sensodyne toothpaste help with some of the pain.

Throat lozenges held against the tooth while they dissolve let the anaesthetic into the gums, numbing it slightly.

If you can get to a shop like ASDA, ask for either clove oil (A herb that relieves tooth pain) or Orajel. Orajel is a anaesthetic that numbs the area (really well) and gets rid of the pain quite fast.

The best advice I can give though is go to a dentist ASAP. I'm terrified of them and thought I could deal with the pain, but eventually I went to one and now I'm pain free.

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