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I had been struggling to sleep vbecause my wisdom tooth had been pushing against my back tooth slightly and made half of my bottom jaw ache for hours so I remembered how when babies are teething an old remedy was to apply a dab of strong spirit to the area (whisky, rum, vodka etc) in my case I used 40% rum and just swashed a shot around that side and it numbed the area completely, the pain was gone within 10 minutes and lasted a few hours.


i tried chewing an asbrin and that taste nasty ,ice, tried vanilla, tried all the remedy on here. i have a 1 1 /2 year old and i could only imagine how she feels still with her teeth coming in. well long story short i get her teething tablets u can buy at walgreens they only cost like 5.00$ does wonders for babies while teething well i was like well they might take my wisdom tooth i put five right on top of my tooth and they melt right away so i made sure it was thick on there and 20 mins later no pain.


I am 9 months pregnant and scheduled to be induced in 1 day literally! Since yesterday I have been having a TON of pain from my wisdom tooth that decided right now is a great time to come in! I have taken a small amount of Tylenol (doctor approved) but I really don't want to take any! I have been keeping my mouth SUPER clean, brushing everytime I eat! I just tried gargling with salt water and got instant relief and chewed on one of the many teeth rings my daughter has in her closer (unused)! The cold of the teething ring cause instant relief without to much cold! I am also going to try vanilla extract! I hope this helps for all the pregnant ladies out there!


I am pretty sure that I had an abscessed tooth, because the pain was so horrible. Whatever you do, DO NOT put ibprofin on the gum - it will destroy your gum tissue. Since my dental insurance doesn't kick in for another month, I made an appointment with my general doctor under the categorie of 'jaw pain', and I got her to prescribe me an antibiotic - (to kill any kind of infection or bacteria). The trick to healing the pain was to first take two midols (they are amazing - numbs the whole face!) then gargle warm salt water, and then put adult orajel over the gum to ease the pain until the midol kicked in. I was taking 600mg ibprofin and Vicodin, and they didn't cut it for me - the midol did the trick as well as the antibiotic known as amoxil. Hope this helps!


This is the most horrible phase that everybody has to go through. The 2 wisdoms on the upper jaw came out without a hell lot of trouble, but it did hurt me for a while.whereas the lower jaw is a maniac. Unable to sleep and any movement on the jaw causes more trouble, pain right from eye socket to neck line . Tried tylenol 500mg , almost 6 within a day but it didnt work much. Made a paste of salt, lime water ,clove powder, tooth paste and applied it on the gums after gargling with luke warm salt water. put an ice pack on the pain prone area, it gives you temporary relief around 4-5 hrs, repeat the process. But the best bet is to go to the dentist


I have a wiadom tooth going sideways towrd my teeth pushing them. Right next to it is a decayed tooth. So I have been in massive pain the last couple days. I have taken vicadin and many other pain killers that did not work it calmed it down but still painful. Then I found my sons teething tablets (humphreys 100% natural) tjey dissovle in water. With the babys you rub the water with the dissolved tablets on their gums. But for me I put 5 or 6 tablets to dissolve and I would put some in my mouth and let it sit on the area hurting. It works. I have crushed up a quarter or a vicadin pills with it one time which helped it go away a little longer. But the tablets work on there own! This is amazed me I was thinking I was taking a long shot but it surprised me! These tablets can be purchased at a walmart cvs or targets anything like that in thw baby medicine area. I hope this helps anyone else!


Hi guyz.
I just randomly found this site while researching on why i am in so much pain because of my growing wisdom tooth, and its been helpful to me so i thought i should help as well. Anyway my way of controlling the pain which works for at least 7 to 8hrs, is am taking brufen 600mg. its really helpful coz the pain stops immediately for a while. I started taking this after taking panadols without any result. Try it ull see it works. Hope that was helpful.....Good luck coming the pain down lol...its a badb**ch....


OK you guys this is what I've tried to stop my pain from my wisdom tooth. I simply went to.a health food store and bought some clover bud(liquid) it really works and I found thar camphor and whiskey mixed together really knocks that pain out. Hope you feel better :)


I've been dealing with wisdom teeth pain for quite a while now. It's been on and off pain throughout the months. The pain decided to return recently and I've been back to the tossing and turning every night and waking up too early in the morning because it hurts too bad. Here is what I've been doing to ease the pain, until I can make it to the oral surgeon:

1) Gargle and swish lukewarm salt water to reduce swelling and pain to a tolerable stage.

2) Before going to bed, take some (at least 2) Advil PMs to help with the pain relief, as well as put you to sleep easier.

3) Take at least 2 (I took three) Tylenol or the generic brand Acetaminophen (500 mg) and take some Anbesol or Orajel (I recommend Anbesol Liquid) apply it to your finger and massage it onto the swollen gum for temporary relief until the Tylenol kicks in. (I just did this due to being woken up and I'm already feeling relief)

These methods only provide temporary relief, only until you can make it to the dentist or oral surgeon to have them removed.

Wishing all the luck to you, I know the pain is horrible!


I am having Wisdom tooth ache from past four days regular. And its really hurting my ear and neck gland as well. I do gargles with salt and lukewarm water 4 to 6 times in day and it works. and I m not taking any pills.

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