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lauren d.

Short and sweet answer. Mint flavored chewing gum! I broke a piece of spearmint extra gum in half chewed the piece until soft on the side of my mouth that didn't hurt, once soft i switched sides and i chewed the gum for 15 mins or so focusing on my wisdom teeth. I have been dealing with wisdom teeth pain for a few years now on and off and this worked the best! It took the edge off the pain so much so that i didn't need orajel! As many know orajel only works for a few minutes. I have also tried warm salt water and that did nothing. So please try the gum!!! Be sure to chew the gum for at least 10-15 mins or until you notice the pai. Go down. Do this everytime your pain peaks and pretty soon you will only have to chew twice a day. Try try try!


My wisdom teeth has appeared for about a month and only recently has been causing pain and toothaches to my teeth, probably from pushing into my teeth and moving them around, I looked for some oral form of pain relief and luckily my father had 'mydol 15' extra strong with higher dose codeine. I took one and a half tablets orally and the half remaining I crushed up into a paste with water and with my finger rubbed it over the aching gums and teeth, i was at a 8/10 pain rating but within minutes it was reduced to 1/10 and basically gone within 15 minutes. For people with similar situation to me, I highly recommend his, it worked very well and had been for over 4 hours now


My wisdom teeth have been growing in for about a month now, the pain at first was okay and didn't phase me as much as i thought it would. Then 2 days ago my bottom wisdom tooth on my right side all of a sudden started hurting super badly. I begged my fiancees mom to run to the store and grab me some orajel which of course for me only lasts about 5 minutes or less. well she did that. I called to make an emergency appointment to get both wisdom teeth on my right side pulled but i couldn't because of the times they gave me. So what i have been doing is taking 3 500mg of extra strength Tylenol, using my orajel to numb the pain until it kicks in. I have also tried the salt water thing it works actually for me but one thing that i did find that works a lot is mixing hot water and hydrogen peroxide in a cup and swishing that around in your mouth. 5 minutes after i did that it stopped the throbbing. Good luck everyone I'm going in Friday morning to get them cut out!


Going on day 3 of this horrible throbbing wisdom tooth pain. My whole left side of my face is in pain :( I took ibuprofen that seemed to help with the swelling and pain for about 3 hours. I went out and bought Orajel severe pain PM I been putting that on directly on the tooth and gumline. It takes a while to numb the area and kick in but once it does it lasts for about 4 hours. I also been doing the salt water that doesn't really help with the pain at all but I do it to clear out any food particles or bacteria back there.


Ive had problems with my wisdom teeth becoming infected and gums hurting. One remedy a family member suggested is Clove oil. Use Q-tip to apply and try to get on infected area. NOTE: it does burn if you get it on tounge or jaws but will deff. help the pain . Ive used it numerous times. Can get clove oil at an old thyme Drug Store. Now ive been having bad ear aches due to the pressure from wisdom teeth and cant afford to get anything done about it .


Found this site while I was looking for remedies for my teeth.

All 4 of my wisdom teeth grew in no problem, but now, they are falling to pieces. I'm not exaggerating! A dentist is currently out of the question because of the high costs so until I have saved enough for the bill I'm stuck looking for ways to deal with insane pain. Salt water doesn't work at all for me. I find that if I take a Tylenol 3 and a Neproxin they will almost completely kill the pain. Clove oil on a q-tip rubbed on the gum line around the tooth and directly in the break usually kills the pain until the pills kick in. But I find I have to re-apply multiple times for the full effect. I hope this helps someone! Good luck with your teeth! I know how you feel!!


Okay I have been in pain for the last two months and I've been to da doctor and they gave me the same thing as every one else I've read on here so I had enough. I have been woke up every day for da last two weeks and;: today I wanted to Google what can help I found this page I started to read and I started to take every remedy I read. The ones that work for me was first salt water help just a lil but for me a lil is better than nothing at all. Then I washed my mouth with Dr.tissue and it helped take da throbbing away then I took tylenol which helped ease da pain. So I went and got rum and baby teething gel and a pacifier. I put da gel on da pacifier and sucked on that each time I felt da sharp pain stricken and then gargoyles the whiskey and now I can say my mouth feels a lot better. Thanks to all of the remedies I now feel a lot better.


One of my wisdom teeth started coming up a few months ago but just started to poke through two weeks ago. I've been having a lot of pain in my jaw and gums today where my wisdom tooth is so I tried orajel but it kept wearing off. Then I saw some nightime relief baby orajel and it works a lot better! Hope this helps.


I've had problems with my wisdom teeth for about a year now or more. My top two came in no problem there was plenty of room for them and I have a high pain tolerance so the teething part of it didn't phase me that much. But now the bottom right is trying to come in and there is absolutely no room. Its definitely impacted (coming in sideways pushing on back teeth) also most painful way for them to come in. Oh and my top right one is decayed . I have good teeth so I guess because it was a wisdom tooth it wasn't as strongor something and it sstarted as a chip in it and now it a full blown cavity, part of it is down to the gum its so bad. So all my pain is on the right side and I can't tell if its the bottom impacted one hurting or the top decayed or both. But it got the worst last night at about 2:30am and has not stopped hurting and its now 12 pm. It has eased a bit but I have taken 5 ibuprofen and two Excedrin. The Ib's didn't really do much but the Excedrin helped a little. The ib's help if you take them before the pain starts or right when it hits but once the pain is there they don't help. The Excedrin eases the pain for about 2 hours if lucky. Really the only thing I've found to actually help the pain be bearable is a rice sock. Take a tube sock and put uncooked rice in it, not minute rice. Tie it was off and put it in the microwave for about a minute and a half or until its as hot as you like and hold it against the area of your face that hurts. It helps me a lot to cope with the pain. Please note cold pack do not help pain they help take swelling down heat helps the pain. The sock is also great for headaches backaches really any kind of ache or pain. Like I said I can handle pain pretty good but last night I was crying it was so bad and I know the pain is awful but try not to cry cause it makes the pain even worse I had to force myself to stop. Thank goodness I found my heat sock cause its all that is getting me through this day. Now I'm going to go gargle salt water pray it helps. I hope you all start feeling better and hope this helps.


Been dealing with ridiculous wisdom tooth pain for a few days now, and usually when I'm up and moving around, or even in the living room and I feel the pain coming on, a few ibuprofen stop it within a matter of minutes. But at night I'm almost in tears cause I can't stop the pain, so I decided to try the salt water remedy, it's worked AMAZINGLY! I'll keep trying remedies out, I don't want to have to keep taking meds, and I'm too danged stubborn to go to a dentist.

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