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I've been awake for 3 days now from 2 severely decayed wisdom teeth, the pain is radiating throughout my mouth,I haven't found anything that works other than my antibiotic and Butal pain medicine. I can't get the teeth removed for another 3 weeks and I'm at a loss because I don't know what to do, and wanted to go to the emergency room, but figured since I'm already on an antibiotic that they won't be able to do anything.



I've been up ALL night, crying and trying everything. Salt water didn't work..orajel didn't work..nothing like that worked!

I found someone's comment (god bless them) and they said to use LEMON JUICE & SALT!! It worked! Oh my god I can finally go back to sleep!


My wisdom teeth have been giving me problems over the past 2 years this year is the worst!! It drives me insane omg.. I have no insurance ive tried attending dentistry colleges for cheaper service but no luck have to arrive early an they only accept 14 ppl per day.. using peroxide as a mouth wash use to help.. bought a gingivitis mouthwash it helped 1 side then weeks later the opposite side is giving me problems now warm salt water doesn't help I pop ibuprophen Tylenol bc powder sleep aids everything on the verge of overdosing. I found that alcohol (vodka, amsterdam, ciroc, whiskey, jack daniels) helps it numbs it use it as a mouthwash or hold it on the tooth for 2 min. until it doesn't tingle I swallow it u don't have to though but this helps (for now)


I'm 25. I had my top left wisdom tooth pulled last year, but the other three couldn't be pulled because they weren't even close to erupting yet. Within the last year my top right has fully grown in without any pain, it isn't straight, but isn't impacted either. It's just grown in pointing slightly outward. And my bottom left tooth hasn't shown any signs of eruption yet.

Anyways, my bottom right wisdom tooth starting erupting through the gum line a few weeks ago. The pain has been unbearable. It's coming in pretty straight, I can just see the gum line receding across it. That part of the gum is the source of my pain, which leads me to believe the horrible pain I'm having is simply teething.

To help with the pain, I tried Chloraseptic sore throat spray, which helps for only minutes. Swishing with Warm salt water helped for a little while, less than an hour. Swishing with hydrogen peroxide and mouth wash only helped for a few minutes. I tried taking some OTC pain killers, which didn't really do anything.

The two things that have really helped so far and this green tea detox drink I brew and ice. The tea is green tea, cinnamon, lemon, all spice, and honey. After drinking it, the pain subsided from a 8 to a 4. Later on, I tried ice in plastic ziploc bag on the side of my jaw line, which helped. While doing this, I decided to take out one of the ice cubes and place it directly on my gum where I'm teething.... IT WORKED. It's been 30mins now and the pain is almost gone.


I'm on my final tooth, it has taken 8 years for the other 3 to grow. i have regular cravings for milk and fruit juice, mango juice orange juice pinapple juce etc. This is because the need for calcium obviously and vitamin C for connective tissue. when my teeth are growing i have snaps all down my spine, in my shoulders and right down to my ankles causing alot of pain! presently my chin is stuck out of my face and my mandibles are bigger than my upper palate. (arrrgghh). i'm in so much pain and disorientated day to day. Peppermint tea helps and so does camomile tea. Anbosil helps a little too. All the cures i've tried have been temporary though =/


I have been dealing with my teeth for about 6 years I have alway been so afraid of dentist . All 4 of my wisdom teeth have to be removed but the only one that hurts is my bottom right . It is completely on it's side and pushing all my bottom teeth together and I also have a decayed tooth about it on the top row . My teeth seem to bother me the most at night wisdom teeth can cause Infections so if you are like me and don't like dentist or can't afford one go to the er they will give you antibiotics and pain meds. The antibiotics will sometimes stop the pain completely but if no infection I use a hot rag or fill a water bottle up with hot water and lay it on my face . I also gargle with mouth wash it eases the pain for me . Or massaging it with your toothbrush . Any mint form will do . I know the pain and I'm sorry you are endoring it right now I go this week to get mine cut out wish me luck and hope you feel better


So I have gone through a whole week of my wisdom teeth coming in I couldn't eat anything but noodles and drink water and tea. I got on here and read everyone's ideas and tried them all except clove oil I couldn't find any but the salt water didn't work. But I used a lot of orajel, redcross toothache treatment, and Advil liquid pills after awhile that stopped working then I went to work and we hand out peppermints and I let a few melt in my mouth after a few of those I didn't feel so much pain so I bought a bag of mints any work but regular peppermints help best so if anyone is willing to try it try it hope it works for whoever tries this idea.


Iv tried everything on here even the clove oil remedy and NOTHING WORKED FOR ME!!!!

I havn't slept for the past two days because of my incoming wisdom teeth and my girlfriends dad sat me down and grabbed cotton swabs and 70% rubbing alcohol and swabbed my gums repeatedly with it an made me rinse out my mouth with warm water and IT WORKED INSTANTLY! I mean I actually can smile without tearing up!!!


Ok well I'm 16 and my wisdom teeth have been coming in on and off for a couple months no biggy I have a pretty decent pain tolerance but recently it hurt so bad that I was just to the point of crying it woke me up every night. I did get on here and found stuff that works however I modified it so I figured id share.
1st- I took pain killers (advil, ibprofen ect)
2nd- I swished warm salt water around and did this bout 5 times since my mouth was swollen I did it that many times just to make sure it had gotten to the the tooth and gum
3rd- this is what realllly helped! I used redcross tooth ache medicine. You can usually buy it at a drugstore 5 bucks its a small bottle but works amazingly! Use a q tip and swinging it on the gum tooth ect. NOTE: this stuff taste absolutely horrid! Try to not get it on your tongue cuz it instantly makes you stool and want to spit it out DONT SPIT IT OUT!! if you spit it out it doesnt help at all. Thanks to everyone who posted on this site it really helped!


Thank you so much for all these posts about the oil. For those of you who just entered this page:


-Cold packs on your face and try to use pressure. This will really help relieve the pain as well. I recommend using a head wrap.

-Make smoothies with lots of ice! Easy to eat, filling and won't slow your healing process. Also, the cold helps the pain

-Rinse with warm salt water UNLESS you have a clot that has come out of your wound. If that is the case rinse with plain water and take an aspirin.

The oil from the toothache kit provided does taste bad and it does burn a little in the beginning but it is so worth it. It's around 5-7 dollars at your local drugstore. It WILL relieve your pain quickly. Just keep applying the oil with the cotton balls every few hours to keep the pain away. I promise this will work.

I was on two different pain killers because the pain was so bad and yes, I am a smoker. I used the kit and have been pain free ever since. I am even able to eat solid foods again! The kit has also aided in the healing of my wounds. For those in pain, this kit is a must use!

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