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5 Home Remedies for Cleaning


A great way to do spring cleaning, before you vacuum the house, blast it with a leaf blower,really, open all the windows and doors, secure all the breakables,paper etc. and blast from one end of the house to the other, pay attention to corners,ceiling,under fridge etc. you'll be surprised how much dust and dirt is loosened up and around that the vacuum misses, and it's quick, then vacuum. Your house will be much more fresher and cleaner.


If you use poar Gasoline on the wall where the marker writing is. The gasoline melts the writing off. Be careful. It is Flammable. Make sure to wash the walls after your done.


if you hav tough troubles with rust around your tub pour baking soda around it and pour on vinegar


To get a crayon off of your wall or whereever it may be take a hair dryer and warm the crayon for a few minutes then take a little bit of baby oil on a cloth and wipe it clean! My mom tought me that when I had my first child trust me it works!!


To get crayon marks off the wall I use tooth paste. Not the gel but the paste.Just take an old toothbrush and scrub off the crayon with the tooth paste. It works great and since you put it in your mouth it's fine on the wall especially when you have little kids running around.

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