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6 Home Remedies for Bathtub Cleaning


Mr clean magic eraser - I'm not as flexible as I could be due to a bad knee, but this is so easy to use. Just scrub and all the mildew and crime is gone

The tub man

Use Lysol basin tub and tile cleaner. it is the best. Then use an sos pad. people think it hams the finish, but I have used it over and over and always come out with a shine. Then for that yellow tuff grout, just wipe with a rag using Clorox bleach and let it dry. The tile grout will within a day or so come out white.


Have to try this myself...but have been
told and have read that liquid dish soap and white vinegar are a great combo for cleaning tub. shower, sink, etc.

Instruction calls for pump sprayer into which equal parts are mixed. Then spray over area in need of cleaning, let sit for 30 miniutes or so, then wipe off with wet rag or sponge and rise well.

Vinegar stinks a bit so opening a window or utilizing fans could help with the smell.


You don't want to hurt the enamel and you want a clean finish. Try using peppermint natural tooth paste, with salt as your abrasive and a few drops of balsalmic vinegar and work up your foam. Rinse well. Also try, for removing acidic stinging from bathtub; use baking soda or powder and pour orange soda pop, cola or your favorite scented soda pop. Spread the foam (baking powder & soda pop)or paste (baking soda & soda pop). And rinse well. Note: When using baking powder, not baking soda, you will smell that the baking powder will begin to release the toxic ammonia residue left behind by commercial shampoos. This should be a clear indicator, of why you should not use commercial shampoos.


Ajax Powder will work on grime with just a little elbow grease.


I got tired of my bathtub looking so grimmy so I tried everything I could think of and nothing seemed to work. So while I was washing clothes one day I thought of tring laundry soap. And to my surprise it worked better then I thought it would. I tried the cheap stuff but it didn't work as good as the name brand like Tide, Era, and All. Hope you have success like I did.

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