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55 Home Remedies for Kidney Infection


I work in a retail store, and it just so happens one of my most frequent customers is an elderly Chinese man who teaches Philosophy at the local university and owns a small Apothecary as well, he gave me this remedy when I was having kidney troubles,he warned me 'Nasty horrible stuff, but you will feel better!'

8 oz hot water
1 tbsp red vinegar
1 tbsp honey

Mix thoroughly and drink slowly 3x day until symptoms clear up. The honey is to take some the bite and nastyness away from the vinegar, helps some but not all things in life are pleasant. DO NOT VOMIT or DRINK TOO FAST, take small to medium drinks until it is gone.


Update: Last week I told you I was suffering from a Kidney infection and was prescribed antibiotics and pain killers by my GP. On Monday evening I had to go to hospital as the pain was so bad, once there I was given morphine for the pain and admitted to hospital as it was decided I would need antibotics by intravenous along with the morphine. I was duly admitted and on the Tuesday was sent for a scan of the kidneys and bladder, this was followed by a full CAT scan which then revelaed that I had two kidney stones which had dropped down into the urethra and were causing a blockage. This now meant that I had to undergo surgery in order to have them removed and also a stent had to be inserted to protect the urethra which will remain in place for the next 3 weeks. I was informed that had I not gone to the hospital that evening, there was every possibility that I could have punctured my urethra. I am now back home and am recovering. On a side note, whilst in Hospital, my daughter was admitted to the maternity unit where she gave birth to a boy weighing 7lb 50z and I was lucky enough that the nurses allowed me to visit him. The treatment I received was second to none. That is the great thing about the British NHS service - no matter what you earn, you are all treated the same. Way to go UK!!


I can only assume from the various comments that most of you have not had a full blown kidney infection. Believe me you would certainly know about it if you had. Mine started yesterday (Sunday) and I have been climibing up the walls with the pain - rang the doctors surgery and was asked to produce a urine sample (even the doctor was shocked at the colour) and the stick they test it with went off the charts! Needless to say I was given antibiotics and pain medication. Hoped the pain medication would kick in and like a bloody fool I went on to work - I lasted two hours! Added to this the thirst I have is unbelieveable so I am also drinking water by the gallon - would love to have cranberry but being a diabetic prohibts this due to the sugar level. So I will let you know how long it takes to recover - What a time to get one (my Grandson is due to be born tomorrow and I was supposed to look after his brother - that is now at the window, so I will miss the most important day of my new Grandsons life). I have the distinct feeling that had I been an animal of any kind then a vet would have taken pity on me and put me out of my misery.


I just overcame a kidney infection in 3-4 days. I was getting a fever and it hurt and was tender, though no blood or anything else was visible in the urin with the naked eye. Here's what I did:

1. Plenty of water
2. Green and Blueberry Tea
3. Spoons of natural unheated, untreated honey (cold, not in tea)
4. UTI Clear (3 times day)
5. D-mannose (half teaspoon every 3-4 hours)
6. Potassium Citrate or Calcium citrate (3 times a day and before sleep) 1-3 grams - make sure it contains no aspartate
7. Goldenseal root (2 times a day)
8. Uva Ursi (3 times a day - do not use long term)
9. Natural 100% Cranberry juice 16 oz a day (not sweetened nor from concentrate)
10. Lentil soup with a lot of fresh chopped parsley (the more the better) and chopped cilantro, 1 onion, several crushed cloves of garlic, Curry powder and olive oil and a few other seasonings. All this almost dwarfs the lentils. 1 cup of lentils and 4 cups water with all this.

The bill for all of the above will be about $120 or so.

I avoided:
1. All animal protein including milk, yogurt, cheese..
2. Eating too much, except the soup
3. Anything containing SUGAR (this is important as bacteria in the UTI and Kidney's grow on sugar)

Kidney infections are serious and I was prepared to go to the doctor if this didn't help and do antibiotics. Matter of fact, that was my initial plan. But After reading and from person experience, my intuition said to try without antibiotics first and it worked, probably just as fast and without the antibiotics and the problems that arise in using them.

Hope this helps someone. This treatment should also work for lower UTI infections. Make sure the Calcium citrate or Potassium citrate contain no aspartate. Good luck!


If you have a kidney infection (let a uti progress too far) trust me, you really need to go to the dr. Now. Find a free clinic so you don't end up in the er- I tried to treat a uti myself with lots of water, vitamin c, herbs, and cranberry juice (sometimes can work- you need to be drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day, which is no fun when it hurts to pee), but the infection got worse and moved to my kidneys. I was in bed for days with a fever over 104, chills, nausea, back pain, etc. Hot baths and hot water bottles helped make me more comfortable, but only helped my symptoms, not the problem. Finally went to a clinic and was put on cipro for 10 days- they wanted to send me to the er but I don't have insurance. Don't mess around with a kidney infection- you can damage or destroy your kidneys waiting and trying to treat this yourself, and it won't just go away. It will be weeks before I'm back to my usual energy level. I hate antibiotics too, but just eat some yogurt and take the pills- really. Do all the other stuff too- it helps, but is no substitute for medical care if you really have a kidney infection. Good luck, and good health!


I had reoccuring kidney infections after having my third child. I did the antibiotics ... 3 rounds.. they kept coming back so please.. to the person who said that is the only remedy I beg to differ. The only cure was COLLOIDAL SILVER. You have to drink all water and the cranberry always helps too. Symptoms were gone in 1 day and silver was taken for 2 weeks. No return of symptoms!


I had a very painful kidney infection for over a year. I went to the doctor repeatedly, but nothing she did helped. After being referred to my third specialist to try to treat it, I was feeling like their was really no help for it, and I finally started to look for other remedies. (I know, I know, What took me so long?) My great-grandmother told me about the cure that finally worked. Take carrot tops (the green leafy part) and brew it into a tea three times a day. The stuff tasted worse than anything I've ever tried, but the infection I had been battling for so long finally cleared up in less than a week.


WOW you guys really think bread and garlic and cranberry cures a real uti? I know if you actually had one you got antibiotics for it cause that is the only cure. So why lie? I am sure what you guys, and gals, or humans, suggested helps. However it is by far not a cure.


A spoonful of bread soda dissolved in a glass of water, 3-4 times a day, will help stop the stinging sensation when urinating. Staying warm is very important - get into bed with a hot water bottle at your lower back or at your stomach if possible


Water and cranberry pills are working for me right now. I had horrible nausea and was throwing up so I smoked a little marijauna and it helped with all that plus helped me drink more water and keep it down. Don't need much marijauna to do the trick! :)

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