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55 Home Remedies for Kidney Infection


Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's, raw, unfiltered) has cured moat of my health issues for several years, from kidney infections to flu. But it is AWFUL tasting. So, I found a way around the taste by drinking the ACV + water (nothing else) with a 'bendy' straw. the bendable straw is important because it allows you to place the opening all the way to the back of your mouth, almost down your throat!. This prevents the bitter drink from even touching your tongue. It just goes down your throat. MUCH easier to take.


Drink lots of water and Miralax. Keep hidrated. Place heat on back. Then place cold. Tylenol not ibuprofen. No pop whatsoever. No carbionated drinks. No cheese broccoli cauliflower or anything in that family of food. Get your rest.


1. Crandbary juice
2. apple cider viniger (drink) with water and honey
3. AZO (over the pure crandbarry, Vit. C and probiotic)
4. ibprophin


I can't help but wonder if most of you have actually had a full blown kidney infection before. I have had several, and on ALL occasions the pain was so excruciating, I couldn't even walk! I literally thought I was going to die.

My first infection, I got when I was 16, it was caused by shear stupidity on my behalf, considering I was addicted to adderall, drank nothing but soda, and hardly ate a thing. Any way, it started as back pain, and when rubbing my back to try and ease it, there was a huge lump right over my right kidney. Being only 16 I chalked it up to a large knot in a muscle that I had maybe pulled. I left it alone, but the more I left it, the worse it got. I asked my mom to take me to the doctor because the pain was getting so bad, and she thought I was just being dramatic. A week later, the pain was so terrible that I couldn't even move out of bed. I did nothing but cry, and even THAT hurt. Finally my mom gave in, and took me to the doctor. When I got there they rushed me to the hospital across the street and immediately admitted me. The lump on my back had swelled to the size of a golf ball, and the doctor said if I had waited even 2 more hours to go in, there was a high chance I would have died.

Sconce this incident, I have had a Few more infections, each one of them haing the same symptoms, the first being terrible back pain, and difficulty/painful urinating.

Once you actually HAVE a kidney infection, the best and smartest thing you can do is go strait to the doctor. A kidney infection is no joke, and it needs to be taken care of properly to ensure that isn't is completely gone. An untreated kidney infection can be fatal, and cranberry supliments and vinegar aren't going to do much of anything once it gets to that point.

However, taking these supliments/teas/whatever else daily is a great way to PREVENT kidney and urinary tract infections from happening, but really, once you have one, it is best to just go to your doctor, or hospital for treatment.


Lots of Cranberry Juice, mineral water & Ibuprofen. Three treasures kidney enhancer tea works great also.

Beth B

I 100% dissgree with Debbie at 2009-12-23 17:01:28. I get several kidney infections a year because my ureter sticks shut and causes back flow which leads to infections, sometimes they hurt very badly, but I just went to urgent care yesterday and my only symptoms were fever and body aches I was fighting for 10 days. They found blood, white blood cells and luekosites in my urine. Today after only 1 dose of Cipro my fever is gone and I feel much better. In the past I have used corn silk, I buy an ounce at the local herb store, its like 75. Soak a few tablespoon in hot water for about 30 minutes. Its nasty, drink it fast. Drink 4 times or as many times as you can a day and it helps flush kidney stones and IF you take it very early for infection it sometimes helps.


I have been on a dialysis machine for many years. I am 43 years old luckily I have a little bit of kidney function left I have been able to urinate a little at a time wich is better than nothing. I have maintained some kidney function with the following herbs:
BURDOCK root capsules
3 caps in the morn 3 at night Not with meals but a half glass of filtered water. In the middle of the day I take 2 capsules of HOPS. And 2 Caps of marshmallow root.
I have cut down on salt and red meat. Hopefully I will get a transplant soon.


No lie, best thing I've ever tried is apple cider vinegar mixed with water and honey. I have not a clue why it works. Read it on another forum. But it sure works. I woke up in horrible back and pelvic area pain, two hours later gone after a massive dose of vitamin c, lots of water, and the acv cocktail.


I'm a student nurse and I have suffered chronic kidney and uti infections for years. I find that wearing maternity pads (to catch any incontinence), salty baths, non flavoured water, SOME CRANBERRY JUICE (itl end up making you constipated and immune to it's goodness), exercise, wiping front to back, peeing before and after sex, bicarbonate soda and ibuprofen (-itis such as cystitis means inflammation which ibuprofen helps).
It's highly recommended that you see a doctor if it occurs more than three times in a year.

Hope it helps!


I have been on Sulfamethoxazole 800mg for an advanced UTI for the last 7 days, and yesterday I thought it was finally getting better until about 5:00, when my right kidney started hurting and my UTI came back full on. I was really worried because in 2004, I had no symptoms of a UTI and within four hours, I went from feeling a slight lower back pain to 100% dehydrated from vomiting with a 104.5 fever and in the hospital on IVs for 4 days. So last night, I looked through this site for some easy home options to supplement my prescription, and while my UTI is still present in symptoms, my kidney no longer hurts. Here's what I did:

At the first kidney pain, I forced myself to down 3 big glasses of water. Then, I chugged an entire glass of 100% cranberry juice (no sweeteners, not from concentrate), and kept sipping on that throughout the night. Meanwhile, I chugged a big glass of water with 1/2 TSP of baking soda mixed in, and started taking cranberry tablets. THEN, I drank a large mug of hot water with two lemons squeezed in and a bit of honey for flavor. I'm repeating all of these things this morning and will do so as long as it takes. All of these are things I found on this forum, so thank you!

I hope that my symptoms keep getting better and that they help you too! Nothing worse than a UTI and kidney infection at Christmas!

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