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23 Home Remedies for Bee Sting


Belive it or not I once heard of using mud on a bee sting and I did get a chance to try it and it was really soothing bee stings hurt at first then kinda itch as they swell I put mud on the sting as soon as it happend the coldness of it made it hurt less and swell less and when it gets left to dry back to dirt peel it off and the stinger comes off in the dirt it worked really well for mee so hope it helps if you ever get stung


i've heard that rubbing an aspirin on a sting helps. never tried it though


For bee or wasp stings, remove the stinger, if possible. Then crack open an egg and smear some of the egg white over the sting and then place a piece of the membrane (taken from between the white and the egg shell) and place it over the egg white. If you do it right, it creates a suction that removes the venom. Or smear a paste of Meat Tenderizer mixed with water over the sting.


As a child I was always taught that the easiest way to take care of a bee sting is too (and this is nasty yes but it works) add a little water or saliva (whichever you have on hand) to cigarette or chewing tobacco and apply it to the sting, it relieves the pain and truly does work, I know this from my experiences as a kid, I drank a bee once and I had no choice but to use my mothers cigarette tobacco, it wasnt a pleasant experience at all but it did work well.


I know this may sound kind of stupid. My mother used to take the tobaco out of a cigarette,put water on the tobaco and place it on our bee stings. All you have to do then is hold in on for a few minutes. It worked.


Bee venom is acidic. Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it to the sting. Wasps have an alkali venom so anything acidic will help wasp stings.


The best thing for a bee sting/bite, is the bottom of the onion,the part that makes people cry. Don't use tweezers to get the stinger out, use hard plastic, like a credit card. Using tweezers you squeeze venom into the body. This is an old hunters remedy from my grandpa.

Snowflake Skier

Ice & Honey work great.
Immediately after getting stung all I had available was ice. It quickly took away pain and swelling. There was some mild on and off pain after coldness from the ice wore off.
That night I put honey on a large bandaid (sealed on all 4 sides to prevent it from leaking out). Honey was soothing and took away pain. Continued to use honey the next day to prevent pain.


Use vinegar on bug bits to relieve the itching and swelling. Also, put some in a dish to keep wasp away.


For a bee sting, I learned this from a honey bee family, apply honey directly to the sting. It will stop hurting immediately. The honey counteracts the poison in the sting.

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