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12 Home Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts


I have a subaceous cyst on my shoulder and for those saying have it removed surgically and it wont come back - you re so very wrong! It is a very painful proceedure involving rolled up bandage being packed into the opened wound and daily trips to your doctor. I have had mine surgically removed twice. The secind time was 4 hours under a hot plastic sheet and the core sent for testing. And it has flared up again. I refuse to go through that a third time so I am trying home remedies. Google them - there are many good ones that may or may not work. But I do know they cant be removed permanently.

Midwest mama

' PRID' salve is the best remedy. Daughter had a boil on her leg, doctored it everyday with the salve. It finally opened up by itself and core popped out. It's a drawing salve, and black and sticky. Apply on cyst and cover with bandage, do that every day. It's cheap and you can get it at Walmart. I had used it also, just be patient. Good Luck!


In reply to frank and to clarify for anyone reading his post. What Frank says is correct in the fact that you should never open a cyst. Don't try to squeeze, cut or puncture! However, applying various lotions and potions (as long as they are safe of course!) to the cyst without opening or puncturing is totally safe.
Having said that, having a cyst removed is such a simple procedure. I'd advise anyone to do it if the cyst is becoming bothersome and/or not responding to home treatments.
If a cyst becomes infected then you should always seek medical treatment. For those that refuse, oregano is a very effective alternative to antibiotics and will not produce resistant strains of bacteria.


I feel that home remedies are all ok to try.I had a cyst for more than 20 years,it was doctor would touch it until one day i was stoned and i stabbed it with my knife i had honed to a keen edge.That day my girlfriend milked around 4 cups (yes...almost a quart)of the stinkiest yellow cheesy substance known to man or beast.i was forward about 2 weeks. At the doctors office.extremely sick.feverish.doc couldnt figure out what was wrong until i disrobed and he saw my back.i had given myself a systemic infection thet put me in the hospital on iv antibiotics for 10 to remove the sac or core.i thought it was a zit or something that just kept growing.reading about injecting vinegar made me want to post this.just dont do it.the doc dont like messin with cysts unless they are infected unless you have cash for the surgery.its a day surgery in the doctors office.about 1 - 1.5 hrs to remove a cyst i recently had another cyst paid only because the doctor wrote it up as an infected cyst or it would have cost me 1200-1500 dollars. Please use common sense and dont do stuff you read on the computer.i had got my einstein idea to hone my knife and stab that cyst from the videos i was stupid.thank you all and please be careful


I have had problems with sebaceous cysts and boils since I hit puberty (about 22 yrs ago). Most of my acne is a result of sebaceous cysts. I've had really good results PREVENTING these things by using nano-cyclic soap (colloidal silver). I use it twice a day on my face which, been using it for over two years, and i have not gotten a sebaceous cyst on my face since. I also get the cycsts on other parts of my body and will treat those parts with the soap, and at the first sign i also put a 9% bha (i used paula's choice bha 9) on it a few times a day and this makes it disappear w/in a week (usually, unless it's somewhere that is getting a lot of friction on a regular basis, like the groin or armpit). I highly suggest anyone who has somewhat regular problems with these to look into these two products, the nano-cyclic soap is really expensive if you purchase it at full retail price but I can usually find it on ebay for more than half off and a big bar will last half a year.


I tried 5 different remedies, everything from castor oil, hot compress constantly, and soaps and all kinds of natural remedies but after months of that it got highly infected. In one week it went from pea sized to 5 inches long. I was horrified. I cried and cried and my father made me go to dermatologist. They told me I had to get it cut opened and drained. To me I was terrified. A knife on my face...And a scar. But it was the best decision. I was in the office when they cut it open. And I didn't feel anything. Just very light pressure. Which did hurt because it was sensitive and infected but I didn't feet a cut. She squeezed it all out while it was still numb. And gave me antibiotics for the infection. A year later I have a very small scar on my cheek. The discoloration took months to go away however but the scar is still there and of course the sac is still in there. And it hasn't refilled since!


Castor oil-compressed and tea tree oil. I was diagnosed with a sebaceous cyst that started off at the size of a pea. Within a year, it grew to the size of a quarter and was quite large to me. It bothered me because it was located on my jaw line. It also started to hurt a bit and I was beginning to worry. I did some major research online and came across a testimony where someone used Castor oil to remove it. I decided to try it. I purchased the Castor oil at Whole Foods and also bought a small bottle of tea oil. I applied the oil and tea tea tree oil on a cloth and used a bandaid to keep it attached overnight. Within two weeks I started to notice a difference in the size. The soreness also went completely away. I continue to use it and it has been six weeks. The cyst is completely gone....gone....I definitely suggest using this as an option to having it removed. Be patient and consistent. I was told that there was nothing I could do about it, but have it removed and that it would never go away otherwise. Uuuum, it is gone!! lol


I hate to rain on the home-remedy parade but in my case, my suspected sebaceous cyst turned out to be a cyst of the upper salivary gland (not really sebaceous), which just happens to have the facial nerve running/branching all through it. This is the same area (upper/rear cheek) where many people do get sebaceous cysts, and it pretty-much acted like a sebaceous cyst to me (occasionally I thought it might be coming to a head, and/or it looked like there was a particular spot/pore on it that seemed like it was irritated or trying to open or something), but it wasn't part of the skin it was in the salivary gland. No amount of warm compresses or drawing salve were going to fix it, and I could have paralyzed the whole side of my face (or just parts of it like the eye) if I had tried to lance it or inject it with anything myself at home. It took a fairly lengthy & semi-serious surgery (parotidectomy) to have it removed, which took ~ 4.5 hours and a nerve-monitor, left a badass scar going from the top of my ear through-the-ear and then trailing down my neck, a weird permanent depression at the back of my cheek, a months-long recovery of the facial movement on that side and permanent numbness in a small area around & including the bottom half of my ear (and still I am SO glad I had it done cause I will TAKE IT ALL over that big lump on my cheek)! I don't mean to scare anyone or discourage anyone from treating a sebaceous cyst with a home-remedy, many of which work just fine for sebaceous cysts, just please keep in-mind that if the home-remedies don't work, you may be dealing with a different type of mass that really warrants professional medical help. Unfortunately having a doctor drain or cut-out a cyst (especially on your face) IS a disturbing prospect (for that reason many people who get a salivary gland cyst actually wind up putting off surgery until they are experiencing serious pain or facial paralysis), but in some cases like mine, it's really the only safe solution and trust me surgery (kinda scary though it is) beats having a big lump on your face. If the home remedies don't work, go to a doctor (they aren't all mean or bad)!


I have had success removing a sebaceous cyst on the forehead using white vinegar injection after reading of similar success by other using vinegar. I suspect that sebaceous cysts are a bacteria or fungal growth under the skin. Surface treatment is largely blocked out by the skin and the hard casing of the cyst which both act as a physical barrier preventing most treatments from penetrating the cyst. I also used magnoplasm/ichtamol to soften up the area at one stage, however it was the vinegar injection that had rapid results significantly reducing the cyst size in a couple of days. Appropriate care needs to be taken when injecting vinegar. Only inject a very small amount directly into the cyst, otherwise swelling of the surrounding area may result. Dietary change is also advisable to avoid formation of other sebaceous cysts (increase iodine, reduce gluten, reduce refined sugar for a start...). Good luck!!!


Thx drs necessary. Saved A LOT... just need to apply heat for a week, maybe vinegar, or tumeric paste or iodine, but heat probably is the answer. THen SQUEEZE loosen and pop. Stuff comes out and you don't have to have surgery and a scar....pfff~ good luck

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