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I have occurrences of this that are very bad. Do rid it and get it gone forever, you must do an herbal yeasts cleanse. I use the one on amazon that is $14.99. Use a probiotic daily, and until it heals keep it clean. You can use cole tar for psoriasis, it burns like heck, but then you put emu oil on it. This is the only oil that penetrates 7 layers of skin has has many restorative, healing properties. Until it is healed. The first sign of it, it's time for another yeast cleanse. Alo with the yeast cleanse you will feel clearer in thought. By the time yeast manifests to the surface of your skin, you are already flooded with it. Any use of antibiotics, you need another yeast cleanse. I do one every other month, because I am extremely sensitive to yeast. My email is If anyone has any other questions.


My story: I am Anemic… a couple months back I had gotten food poisoning and had denounced food (well I went from a normal diet to eating just fruits). This made my condition worse and lead to malnutrition. Anyway, I had started developing a crack on the corner of my mouth. At first I thought it was just severe chapped lips and treated it as so w/chap stick and things of that nature. I let this go on for a couple of weeks until I realized it wasn’t going away so I Googled my symptoms and realized that it was more … Angular Chelitis. So I found this site and started trying everything that I could and this is what worked for me:
*Anti-Bacterial Dish soap… I put some on my fingers and rubbed it into the cracks and let it sit there for a couple of minutes then Id wash it off and did that a couple of times. Once my face dried (pat your face w/clean paper towels or a clean towel) I put some Petroleum Jelly (Equate-Walmart Brand) and it has Aloe and Vitamin E (I think might of helped w/the redness) in it. When your face dries the skin will feel tight and you might have dry skin that develops. Try not to disturb or peel the dry skin…it only makes it worse. But the dish soap has been very effective! I also have been taking a Multi Vitamin (Gummy) along with a Hair/Skin & Nail Supplement (Gummy). I also have been eating lots of Yogurt and I have been eating better but I had lost so much wgt from only eating fruit that my stomach has shrunk and so I don’t eat as much but Ive gone back to eating meat, vegs and starches again.
What didn’t work for me: *CARMEX, NEOSPORIN, CHAP STICK, PEROXIDE (was starting to scar my lips), ANTI-FUNGAL CREAM, HYDROCORTISONE … MAKEUP makes it worse.
Anyway, Im on week 2 and the splits in the corners of my mouth have healed but I still continue my routine because Im not sure if it is completely cured and it took me so long to get to this stage that I don’t want to have to go through it again. So Im going to continue w/the dish soap for another week or two and Im keeping the vitamins and yogurt in my diet for good. I wish everyone who is going through this a speedy recovery!!!
I read about a book that contained the “SECRET” to curing AC over night but it cost like $65.00 and I refused to pay that. Has anyone bought or read this book? Im so curious…what is this “SECRET” cure??? Please Share…

LyNel Gross

I keep having severe cracked lips with a crack in the corner of the right side of my mouth with a severe dime size red area. Nothing I used would get rid of it. I tried everything & the only thing that worked was Bag Balm. I had it right back everyday though. Then I found Saymon's Salve. I remembered my Dad using this on cracks between his toes. This is going back 60 years. I was amazed I even found it & more amazed it worked. I found the salve in a Mom & Pop Drug store in the mountains in Co. so I probably won't find any more.



I recently had a recurrence and the following fixed it literally over night. I read that it often has to do with fungus, and given the location, the sores never heal as the lips are almost always moving. I have an anti-fungal shampoo that I use for my dandruff problem, and my experiment worked:

Clean the corners of your mouth, dry them.

Take a q tip and soak it in the anti-fungal shampoo (the medicated kind like Nizoral). Take a second qtip and soap it in in water. Rub the shampoo and water tips together to make them lather up as best you can, and gently wipe the corners of your mouth with the lather (mouth open to get it into the sores). Close your mouth, let the lather sit for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.

Do this before bed. In the morning there should be a significant improvement. I couldn't believe it, the cuts were closed up and I could yawn, eat, speak in peace. I hope this helps. Miriam


I've been suffering for so long I don't remember when the corner of my lips weren't cracked and in terrible pain. It's been a week since I started the following and now I'm healed!

Take a qtip soaked with 3% hydrogen peroxide and clean the area. Pat it dry and then use a cocoa butter stick found in the drug store and moisturize. I do this at night and once or so during the day at work.

Simultaneously I started taking iron and b complex supplements at night and in the morning. I had a gastric bypass in '04 and one of the lifetime follow ups include taking vitamins everyday. I'm also anemic. Stubborn as I am I haven't been taking vitamins for years. My iron has been so low that when I try to donate blood I can't.

Needless to say I sure vitamin deficiency is my cause. I also get recurring yeast infections so the bacteria/yeast can be a contributing factor but since I haven't treated that within the last week I don't think that's what it is.

The corner of my lips get dry now and again so I use the cocoa butter stick as maintenance. Hope this helps!


I had angular cheilitis in both my nose and mouth. I read these suggestions and tried many of them. Nothing helped. I then tried using a tincture I had of echinacea and goldenseal, rubbing in coconut oil after application of the tincture. It burns a little, but after only three applications it was almost completely healed! This after weeks of no improvement. I know goldenseal is a great natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, but I usually use the tincture only for colds and other such maladies. But it worked wonders here! I had tried the coconut oil alone, and that did not work. But in conjunction with the tincture, I found success.

Here to please

Haven't had a sore for over 7 weeks. Seriously, I u want to get rid of angular chelitis do the following:

Every morning and night take a vitamin b complex pill along with an iron pill. I also drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. Boom!!!!! I can eat whatever now and I don't get those darn cuts in the corners of my mouth. It use to be when ever I ate bread I would get a sore. Note: be sure to take the vitamin b AND the iron. I felt compelled to share this remedy because I know how terrible that crap is to live with. Never ever had it until I was in contact with now an x girlfriend.

Jo dG

As most have recommended, it's vital that you avoid licking the corners of your lips. It's not alleviating the problem, in fact, it's just gonna get worse due to the bacteria from your saliva.

I treated mine with Vaseline with Aloe Vera but it didn't stop the drying and bleeding.

The remedy that works for me is this:
(1) Apply hydrogen Peroxide with a cotton swab 3x a day to the affected part. Let it sit for a full minute. Clean with a dry swab.

(2) Apply lip balm. But this time, I tried Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm - WAY a lot better than Vaseline due to its natural anti-oxidant properties.

I recommend you apply liberally the first time you use it - pref in the evening.

It's a bit expensive but it's the only lip balm that has worked for my stubborn situation.

The next day, the sore is gone. And bleeding has stopped.


This will seem weird, but it has worked for me like a charm. What I discovered is that when I used Neutrogena oil-free make-up remover face wipes it would be gone within a day or two. If I caught it early enough when you get that first little stinging sensation it would disappear altogether. Seems crazy, but it works, and I have not had a full-blown episode since I discovered this.


If you look at most of these answers you'll find the key here is keeping the sore clean and dry.

The way I do this is to clean the sore with a harsh soap (i.e. not face soap but hand soap or dish soap). Use the soap liberally and really rub it in to the corners. It tastes horrible if it gets in your mouth but it's not going to kill you! After you wash the soap off, pat it dry with a tissue or clean towel. Then apply an antiseptic cream or Vaseline... or in dire circumstances when you have neither of these, vodka.

Also, keep your mouth clean by flossing and brushing your teeth after eating.

This clears up mine in about 2/3 days.

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