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Mine came back, this time I used something that was prescribed by my doctor for a small burn not long ago - 'Silver Sulfadiaine cream USP' - On the jar it says 1%.
It's the only thing I used this time, and it cleared straight away. So I know it works!!
Not sure if this is available over the counter - mine was prescription.
I really hope this helps you - I know how awful this is!


I thought I'd share my experience with angular cheilitis and the remedy that helped me. Just recently I had really hot, dry weather which caused me to have really chapped lips. The corners of my mouth started hurting and cracking and wouldn't heal. I initially used Neosporin alone but that didn't seem to help. I went to my sister, who is a pharmacist, and showed her the causes of AC. She told me people come to her all the time for prescriptions for creams containing ingredients to help with antibacterial, antifungal, and inflammation. She said when some of them can't afford the prescribed cream she tells them to mix up these three creams: hydrocortisone (helps with inflammation), clotrimazole (antifungal), and bacitracin (antibacterial). I decided to try her remedy. The good thing about this cream is that it is low cost. I was able to find hydrocortisone and clotrimazole at the local dollar store. I bought bacitracin at Target. Bacitracin is an active ingredient in Neosporin. Clotrimazole is commonly used in athelete's foot cream. My sister told me to make sure the creams were of the same kind (either they're all creams or all ointments), helps with mixing. She instructed to mix a pea-sized mixture with the creams. Before I applied this mixture, I cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide. I applied a generous amount to the area every night before going to bed. After the first day, I mouth felt better. The redness and soreness were gone. Soon the cuts were healed, but the skin was still tight. I regained full function days later. So this is my journey and the remedy I used. I hope this is of any value to anyone.


Before you start trying a bunch of home remedies, go see your dermatologist! When I first developed cheilitis, I of course scoured the internet for remedies. Well I thought I had an infection that needed treatment, so I tried the dawn soap, neosporin, antifungal cream, hydrogen peroxide, etc etc etc. Well when it was not getting any better, I went to see my dermatologist. Turns out that while I did have cheilitis, it wasn't from any kind of infection. She said to just use vaseline, and prescribed me some cortizone cream to help with the pain. One day of applying both of those and the sores are halfway gone, and I can finally open my mouth again. Thanks to the internet, I wasted money on creams and irritated my poor chapped skin even more. Lesson learned! Cheilitis isn't ALWAYS from any kind of bacteria or fungus. So, before you start bothering your delicate broken skin, go see a dermatologist and get a proper diagnosis.


This time the following cured mine overnight:
In the morning. Wash thorougly with
- Proactiv cleanser.
Dry. (always use separate tissues)
- Witch Hazel - let dry completely.
- Visine-A (The multi action eye allergy one)
- Abreva (docosanol 10% - tiny tube)
wait about 5 minutes then
- apply a layer of 'Lucas Paw Paw Ointment'
I kept cleansing, Visine-ing and applying the abreva throughout the day, with the Paw Paw ointment.
Last night I did the same routine, but added Eucalyptus oil in the cleansing process.
I dont know which of these worked, or the combination - but it worked! Of course we all know that these awful things can sneak back, so I'm keeping up the routine for a while!
The eucalyptus, and the paw paw are from australia, but sure you can find in health food stores or Fairway/Whole Foods.
I also took Multi vitamin, calcium and a teapoon of vinegar and honey (swallowed) a few times yesterday and today.
I was willing to try anything this time!!
Good luck!


I have had Angular Cheilitis for about 2 months, I am 20 years old and I have NEVER had it affect me until recently. As you know it is a horrible condition that makes you feel like a modern day leper. Your face is the first impression you make on others, and with Angular Cheilitis, all people see are these diseased looking patches in the corners of your mouth. People say you can get Angular Cheilitis from many different things but I honestly think mine was merely caused by having chapped lips and constantly licking them to keep them moist. I've researched and researched online and there definatly is NO solid cures. I tried everything. Fungal creams, vitamins,the cures that you have to pay money for (the dish soap cure)only to find out that they help, but not cure. Going to the Dr. Is my last option, so I tried everything. I finally came up with my own solution. I found this solution at work, I work for Safeway and seen this stuff on the shelf called Silver Solution by Curad. On the package there is a list of the types of bacteria and fungi it cures. It just so happens that these types of bac. and fungi are most commonly found in Angular Cheilitis. It was 5 bucks I figured why not just try it. When I got home I washed my mouth with hot water then blotted dry with a paper towel, applied the silver solution (which is more like a clear gel) and when it dried out, I reapplied. By doing this for two days, my hand on god it cleared up almost 95% in those two days. I am so relived and happy that I finally found something works!! It is so simple and I found this all out without the BS internet cures. So consider yourself lucky that you found my solution sooner than later, because now your well on your way to actually feeling free from Angular Cheilitis.


It looks like different remedies worked for different people. I guess because we dont not know exactly how it is caused you just have to try them all out until you find one that works. I will tell you what did NOT work for me:
Cortisone cream with aloe
Dish soap
Extra Vitamins

What DID work:
Setting a small amount of head and shoulders shampoo on the cuts for less than a minute 3x a day. In the morning, after lunch, and after dinner. I DRY rinsed (pretty much just wiping it off with a paper towel) then applied the cortisone cream. I know, I said that this cream did not work for me. I used it alone without the shampoo for 2 days and did not see any results. Using it after the shampoo cleaning helped soothe the burning I felt from the cleaning. I do not feel the cream healed the cuts, just took the pain away. For good measure I also put organic coconut oil all over my lips. Since it is a oil it is technically still 'dry' and coconut has antifungal properties.

Out of all 3 things that I used in my routine I honestly feel the shampoo is what did the trick. After one night of this routine I saw immediate results. Good luck to all!

PS....I suffered from this for a little over a week. Be careful. Even if you feel healed, do not over open your mouth until all signs of it are gone. I made the mistake of reopening the cut because the sore turned into a flaky scab and I thought it was ok to eat a big mouth full of sushi.....not the best idea lol.


Thanks for all of the advise.... I read all and did my own... yesterday I took Lysine and B2. I have been using Dawn in the morning when i shower as well but didn't help on it's own.... Last night I went to store and bought Cortizone with aloe..... I don't know what really worked but I work up this morning and it didn't hurt to open my mouth! So I took another B2 and using Cortizone all day. I might continue Lysine later.. I am just so happy to have read everyone's advise. Oh I forgot and yesterday I was using Coconut oil all day.....

Dave W.

Please take the time to read this, I know it is long but could really help you!!

Okay, first off I just want to state that I am a very very self conscious person and tend to spend more time in front of the mirror than most, including my girlfriend. To her, and anyone else who knows me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am generally looked at like I am very good looking, and before you say I am stuck up, I am not, I am leading up to my main point. I am so self conscious to the point where I spent over 20,000.00 having my teeth re-done to be 'perfect' in my eyes. I think I have horrible skin, complexion, etc. I am going to tell you what worked for me for Angular Cheilitis, as a person who has tried almost every remedy for almost every problem I 'thought' that I had.

Every so often for the past few years I have gotten a crack in the side of my mouth that I thought was due to dry chapped lips. And every time, the issue was resolved within a week. Not the last time though... I developed a crack in the corner of my mouth after having the work done on my teeth. I thought it was due to the fact that my mouth had been through such trauma being stretched open multiple times. When the crack didnt lessen I did some research and found out that indeed, I had angular cheilitis.. My brain kicked right into self conscious mode and the experiments started:

First: I kept the cut clean using mild soap and the topped off with a glob of cortisone ointment. After 2 days there were no results.

Second: I again cleaned the crack with mild soap(unscented Dove) and afterwards I used Witch hazel on the wound, applied with a cotton ball, again I topped off with cortisone ointment. No positive results.

Third: I went a bit more extreme and switched from a mild soap to a anti-bacterial dawn dish soap. I cleaned the crack and applied a mixture of cortisone and a layer of vaseline. The next day I noticed minor results indicating that some aspect of this regime was working.

Fourth: I again cleaned with dawn dish soap, after this I used a q-tip and thoroughly cleaned the crack with Hydrogen peroxide. I then applied vaseline only. I noticed that the inflammation was diminishing and I could open my mouth slightly more than previous days.

FIFTH(The Remedy): At this point I knew I was on the right track so I once again cleaned the crack with dawn soap, then used the peroxide and then I remembered a product I had bought to aid in the healing process for mole-removal, it is from a company called Dermatend. And it is there product called: Quick Healing Balm. I looked at the ingredients:
-Organic Tamanu Oil
-Organic Sunflower Oil
-Organic Coconut Oil
-Organic Plantain
-Tea Tree Oil
-Aloe Vera

I also remembered a few months prior I bought another product that is made for cold sores (I bought it to use as a healing chap stick) This product is called Lysine healing oitment. Lysine contains alot of iron which I knew would help in the healing process.

I applied a small dab of the lysine product directly into the wound and then slathered a large amount of the healing balm over the entire area and surrounding lip and skin areas and I put a band-aid over everything to ensure that the moisture would be held in. I left this on overnight.

When I woke in the morning I opened my mouth and was in pain still... I was very disappointed, I went to the bathroom and proceeded to wash the wound with dawn dish soap again and I mixed with peroxide instead of water. As I was cleaning the area I noticed that there was actually no open wound at all! It was a small scab and as I cleaned it, it actually fell right off revealing new uninfected skin underneath. I was in shock that my remedy actually worked. I continued to put the healing balm on for that day just to be sure the new area didnt dry out and crack.

This remedy literally healed my angular cheilitis overnight. Maybe the prior nights of remedies helped a bit but I know when I put my final remedy on, my wound was wide open and very painful.

In conclusion, I am not stating you have to buy the same healing balm that I have, but if you do have the simple ingredients that are in that balm I know you will have positive results.

I really really hope that this info will help someone, it isnt fun worrying about yourself and being self conscious all the time. We only live once and none of us deserve to not live our life to the absolute fullest. Dont give up on yourself, we will all pull through.

Take care everyone!!


After reading all of these i decided to try a combination of the things i could find at home - i hadn't had angular cheilitis before so really had no idea what to do!

I first let a medicated dandruff shampoo sit on the cuts for about 3 minutes , then found some athletes foot cream that contains terbinafine hydrochloride and dabbed that on! Also had some athletes foot spray that contains tolofnate and sprayed that onto a cotton bud then dabbed it on! This made it sting like hell for a few seconds but i assume it worked as the original discomfort from the cuts went away after about ten minutes
I'm now liberally applying cocoa butter moisturiser with vit.E on my lips and can already feel less discomfort and is less noticeable and red!
Fingers crossed it's gone by tomorrow...


Okay So I've been reading these posts and got scared that the Angular Cheilitis i developed around a week ago would take months to go away. I noticed a cracking in my lip around last monday, but thought it was just chapped lips. By thursday the pain was so bad i went to see my dentist. My dentist told me that it likely formed from a number of reasons, and that all i should do to treat it was use vaseline. However, the vaseline was not working, and by saturday i got frustrated with the disease and took matters into my own hands. I first tried rinsing the cuts with salt water, but that did not do much. I then tried rinsing my mouth with plain, dish soap. Though it seemed to dry out my lips, my mouth felt a little better. I put polysporin onto my lips right before bed. Do not use any polysporin, i woke up with HUGE SCABS where there used to only be small cuts in the lips. On sunday, i continued to wash the cuts with dish soap (use a non-scented plain one designed for sensitive skin!!!). However, i read that the cuts were actually due to a fungus!! After reading this i went to shoppers and picked up a bottle of CANESTIN- an anti-fungus cream that was designed for athletes foot. I careful took two separate q-tips to apply the canestin directly to the cuts and went to bed. In the morning it was much better! I also started taking a multi-vitamin to try and up my iron and vitamin B! Today, a week after i first noticed the cuts, they are almost completely sealed!! In summary: take a multivatim, or be sure to get vitamins b and iron in your diet. wash you're mouth with dish soap 3-4 times a day. Before bed, apply anti-fungus cream!! and throughout the day if lips get dry, moisturize only with vaseline. (one last weird trick i did was to rub my lips with cucumber to try and replenish some of the minerals that were scraped off after washing with dish soap-don't know if it helped, but it sure didn't hurt!) Good luck to all!

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