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I've had this condition for nearly 40 years. For me it is caused by stress. My body uses more Vit B at those times, so it is a lack of Vit B, in particular Vit B2, Riboflavin.

I take a Vit B complex tablet daily, and double the dose when a crack starts. Vit B is water soluble so you can't take too much of it. Your body uses what it wants then eliminates the rest.

For years I've used Lip-Sed Gel, just a tiny amount, applied twice a day on the cracked section. This makes it more comfortable, I can open my mouth, and it doesn't spread or worsen.

Within a couple of days it's all gone.

But Lip-Sed Gel was discontinued years ago, and I'm fast running out. Anyone know where I can get some, or a substitute? I'm in Australia and happy to have posted to me.

Meanwhile I have noted lots of suggestions on this website and will give them a go.


I also thought this was bad chapped lips but after a couple weeks with it getting worse, i researched and found out what it was. I had been just putting lots of organic lip balm on both sides. Then, i tried lavender oil from Doterra. It really stung and tasted bad. Sadly, there was no improvement. Then, i saw Curad Silver antimicrobial gel on the top shelf of the ointment section at Walgreens and remembered some of the other people saying it worked. I have been applying it every couple hours if i can remember and finally seeing improvement! After 2 days, there are no new cracks, the redness is subsiding, and it's looking a little better. This stuff has no flavor, doesn't sting, and isn't sticky or greasy. Thanks to the others who recommended it! Well worth seven bucks.


Nizoral. It's an over the counter medicated shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole. It provided immediate relief of the redness and flaking. I washed my lips with warm water and Nizoral and let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinsed with cool water. After rinsing, I slathered on some coconut oil. The stinging is gone and an hour after, I can already see and feel improvement.

Note: I have used coconut oil for years for every day face cleansing and by itself, it didn't relieve the symptoms and obviously didn't prevent them.


I tried Silver Solution Gel by Curad. It started helping after one day and I had huge relief by two days! I thank the person who suggested it. Sure made sense to get something both anti fungal and antibiotic. I found it at Walgreens. CVS had a 'Silver' generic product but it didn't have anti fungal ingredients, according to their pharmacist, so I went with Curad. This is the fourth day and everything has healed and is normal looking except the stubborn side split on the right corner of my mouth. It's finally closed up but it's still red and raised. I just have to be careful to baby it. This is such a relief- I didn't even want to leave the house looking, and feeling, the way I did. Best of luck everybody. What a frustrating condition to have, huh?!


The only thing that worked, after 2 months of trying everything was taking Acidophilus Complete tablets- 3 per day for 2 days then phase to 1 per day. It worked almost instantly. So relieved.


I have tried many of the treatments already listed, but found pure honey applied to the affected area, has given me the best results. Good luck!


I have suffered with angular cheilitis for over 4 years. The best thing that really worked was putting pure organic coconut oil on my lips every night.


I will try an keep this short and sweet...
Had angular chilitus for around 7 months, tried EVERYTHING! antifungal creams in different strenghs, antibiotic creams, natural remedies e.g Garlic, olive oil, tea tree, witchazel, coconut oil etc. Changed my diet to no sugar no yeast no anything! (Candida diet) medicated mouthwash, changed my toothbrush and toothpaste, taken all supplements your body could ever need, even tried the dish soap method which sort of worked to clear up the infection but as the dish/hand soap dries your skin out IMMENSELY (plus i have very sensitive skin) i could barely open my mouth and then they would split open again! besides... having a face covered in vaseline and not being able to leave the house.....not very good for self esteem.

ANYWAY to the important bit!
i actually got the idea from a post on here so thank you so much to the person who suggested SILVER products.

Go on amazon now and search for SILVER CREAM MSM or SILVER SPRAY MSM, the ones ive used have MSM in aswell which helps the cells detoxify and regenerate. I used the spray to clean the area, let dry and apply the cream. Silver has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.....IT WORKED FOR ME IT COULD WORK FOR YOU. It took only a day to start to see a change, but as my case was very severe its taken a few weeks to heal 100%.....Im free!YAY!
hope this helps someone as i used to search the internet everyday for answers :( oh yeah i said id keep this short and sweet... O WELL!


100% pure tea tree oil, neat, to clean.
Organic extra virgin Coconut oil to lubricate.
Both these agents are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.
Three days of using this remedy, and the problem cleared up. Very relieving.


I recently suffered from Angular Cheilitis on both sides of my mouth which was related to a strep throat infection. I came up with a regimen that was very successful. I'd begin by swishing a rubbing alcohol solution in my mouth. I mixed half rubbing alcohol and half warm water in a bowl and swished about half of the mixure in my mouth, to clean the inside part of the infection. Next, I used a cotton ball to wash the outside corners of my mouth with the remainder of the solution. After that, I used a cotton swab to apply undiluted rubbing alcohol to only the infected area. Then I applied Abreva cold sore treatment. Finally, I dipped a cotton ball in baking soda and applied it to the corners of my mouth. This soothed the pain and also helped conceal redness. I saw immediate improvement, the infections became significantly smaller and less painful each day. I hope this regimen helps someone else!

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