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I'll cut things short

I have AC for quite some time and I've tried several methods to kill it

However I'm unsure if I am on the right track so, so I have some questions regarding the process

1. I've tried the dish soap method, and my lips get really dry. Is this sign of the recovery process, or is the situation getting worse?

2. When I apply hydrogen peroxide (anti-sceptic) I realize there is an instant effect of 'whitish gooey substance/skin' producing? It is more obvious on the right corner where there are 3 deep cuts, compared to the left

3. During the recovery process, should I open my mouth wide to check on the wound? Because usually it gets really tight & and I suppose the situation is
not improving due to the tightnes and I would usually open my mouth

p.s I have eczema


My mom is awesome for knowing things she told me to use alum. It's a spice that you use for pickling things I guess. But you take just a little bit of it mix with some water to make a 'paste' and I let it sit on till its completely dry. I also try to not open my mouth at all while I wait. I looks 10xs better and it normally clears up after applying twice a day for 2 to three days depending on how fast I catch it.


Nystatin cream. Have to get it at the doctor but it works very well. Do not use chapsticks!! Thr fungus is on it and can spread across your lips and even to the sore that is trying to heal. Alcohol, lip balms, abreva. None of those will cure it. It's not a cold sore. AC is bacterial and fungal. You have to treat both to cure it.


I have also tried everything imaginable including alcohol on a q-tip, the various athlete's foot antifungals, anti-vitals like abreva. After seeing a post here I finally tried silver solfolamide that was prescribed to me last year for a burn. It looks like that is going to do the trick. Thank God!


I've had this for the past 8 months and nothing had worked. About a month ago I tried alternating coconut oil and Vaseline with Cocoa Butter. My lips finally healed. I had a little relapse last week after eating foods with too much acidity and I tried Vitamin A&D and it healed within 2 days.


Baking Soda and Water On The Area.


Thanks for the wealth of information and suggestions on this website. I had this condition for about 3 weeks, and like many others, just kept using lip balms, etc., until they just became annoying. Due to my personal history, I opted to treat this as a bacterial issue rather than fungal, so I utilized the dish soap/hydrogen peroxide/Q-Tip suggestion with vaseline, and it cleared up in about 4 days! Luckily I was able to wrap this around a weekend, where I didn't have to talk and smile all day at work, which helped alleviate the 'discomfort' during the healing. I also adhered to the suggestions to throw out old lip balms and santize toothbrushes to avoid contamination. I did buy some Vitamin B12 afterward to keep it under control, just because it sounded like sane and healthy advice. Although I take Vitamin D for my bones, I wasn't taking any regular multivitamins. Thanks, all.


After years of suffering this, I finally did the following, from a tip I got on a website (can't remember which one).

Chlorine: like chlorine in a swimming pool. In a small bottle; I use one of those approved carry on travel bottles, put a few drops of chlorine and fill with water. Using a q-tip. dab this on the corners of your mouth once, twice a day. My chelitus was completely gone in 3 days.


I get this occasionally, usually in winter.

I'm grateful for everyones comments here so I will share my own:

As mentioned in previous comments, Nizoral dandruff shampoo works well (to kill the fungus I assume). I dab a little on wet tissue and gently scrub it on my lips at night, let is sit for about 30 seconds, then rinse it off. I also will wash my hair in the morning with the Nizoral and let the soap wash over my face when I rinse.

I also use green tea facial pads to clean away lip bacteria in the morning and evening.

Lastly, Lansinoh brand Lanolin ointment is awesome for treating dryness and scaling. It also provide some pain relief. Its designed to sooth breastfeeding women's cracked nipples so its very gentle and safe for your lips. I use it one to four times a day as needed. Its perfect to slather on at night after rising off the Nizoral.

If I catch it early it heals up in a day or two with this treatment.


I used the Curad Silver gel at night prior to going to bed but after rubbing it in well I covered it in two coats of liquid bandage thus preventing it from becoming moist during the night.

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