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I found a website that said to try Cortizone 10, with aloe. About 4 months ago i had what i think was angular chelitis. It would not go away! I tried a ton of things. Finally i found a website that said to try cortizone 10. I did and within 2 days it was almost all the way gone. Well just this past weekend i had another flare up. I used the cortizone every night before i went to bed. Here it is wednesday nad its almost gone.


After the third bout of AC, I use an anti-fungal crème, then antibiotic to cover all the bases; then I put a small dab of barrier cream on the corners of my mouth when I go to bed; this has worked well for me.


I have a slight vitamin B deficiency which causes the corners of my mouth to crack open sometimes. It is extremely irritating and painful when it flares up. I've done the basics solutions, like blistex and vitamin E which are very slow at helping the problem. Then, finally I decided I would try my favorite dry and damaged skin solution...Argan oil. And overnight completely healed. I just clean the area and put a dab on the corner of mouth and by morning it's gone.


I suffered with a bad case of AC for 2 weeks and spent almost $100 on various over the counter and natural remedies before finding what worked for me. Finally it was clotrimazole anti-fungal cream 1% that cleared it up. The brand name is Lotrimin but I used the generic Rite Aid version and it was just as effective for about half the price. I applied it to the corners of my mouth 3 times a day and I was all healed up in just a few days. It's been about a week and everything still looks and feels fine.
The terrible thing about AC that makes it so hard to treat is that it can be fungal, bacterial or both, so what works for one person may not help another. I followed the advice of another commenter on here and moved quickly from one remedy to the next until I found what worked for me.
Another thing that helped was tea tree oil. It is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It may not be the cure but it definitely helped with pain relief when the cracks at the corners of my mouth were deep and painful. It has a naturally numbing effect on the skin and it gave me some relief while I was searching for the ultimate cure.
Thanks to everyone here for all the great advice and best of luck to you all in getting some relief from this painful condition.


Before going to the pharmacy for all the recommended products, I grabbed a bottle of liquid Vitamin C from the fridge and put some on my lips. Then Vaseline. The relief was immediate. In one day, my lips and corners of my mouth are better. I applied both several times during the day, and will continue for a couple of days. My lips and corners were so dry that it hurt to open my mouth. I can't believe how fast this worked.


Suffered with AC for months and tried everything listed on this site that was OTC (including Curad Silver Solution that had minimal effect). AC had spread and was unbearably painful. Finally went to the dermatologist and was prescribed Nystatin (anti-fungal cream) and Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment USP 1.0% (to treat the skin redness/rash). The use of these together (cream first) completely cleared up AC in 48 hours. DO NOT WAIT to see a dermatologist for these prescriptions - the cuts/rash disappeared within a day, and my skin was completely healed within two days.


I found a cure for me on another health website that was sceptical but had nothing to loose and people were tripping over each other to post great results.
Its hydrocortisone ointment or cream. The 1% ointment was recommended but all I have is the .5% cream.
I started Monday evening applying just a dab to clean dry skin, reapplying 2-3 times a day and just before bed.
It's Thursday morning and I am healed. Yay.


I've only suffered with AC for about 2 weeks. I tried several things as most people have. I knew that if something was going to work, I would be able to tell that it was 'helping' in less than a day, so I quickly moved from one treatment to the next staying as close to natural as possible. What finally worked--a high quality flora supplement from the health food store and Burts Bees lip balm. I took flora twice a day and within 2 days it was almost completely gone. I had been using the Burts Bees alone with no results but I think it helps by keeping the sore from getting too dry. I do not buy the 'contamination' theory. I believe it's a 'compromised immune system' thing (since I have recently taken antibiotics which messes with the flora in your gut).


I have had multiple bouts of angular chelitis and tried a variety of remedies without success. I finally tried gentian violet - I applied a small amount at the corners of my mouth and it cleared up almost overnight. Warning it is purple and stains everything, but I've found that if I apply it before bed at night it's generally gone after I shower in the morning and it's worth it to be free of this!


Clean and dry at least twice a day. Once dry, use fingertip to apply drops of potassium iodine. When that's dry, apply vaseline. Will start to heal in 2 days, but it won't be gone for at least 3-4 weeks, and it will come back. When it starts to reappear, do the same thing. This will result in complete healing if you keep up with the process. This is the only thing that worked for me. If you can't find potassium iodide at your drugstore, you can order it from Amazon...and other places, I'm sure.

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