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have been having this problem for several months. I just thought it was from the winter months but it didn't go away.. Or it would go away and come back soon after.
I tried every lip balm, cream, Neosporin, etc… The only thing that I have found that works is Palmer’s coco butter in the tub. I put it on several times a day and it worked for me.
I looked it up on google and found out that it could be a lack of vitamin B. Surprised that I would be vitamin B deficient, I started taking a liquid vitamin B complex and it is all cleared up. I also started taking a liquid multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. My face now is a lot clearer in general.


I developed angular cheilitis as a side effect of being on Isotretinoin (which causes extremely dry/chapped lips). I tried putting some 1% Hydrocortisone ointment on it 3-4x daily and it helped, but the downside was that I had to keep reapplying it. When I told my dermatologist about it, she recommended the following:

>>>>> Dr. Dan's CortiBalm <<<<<<

Where can it be found?
100s of other online drug stores- just Google 'Dr. Dan's Cortibalm'
Your local pharmacy (sometimes you have to special-order it using a form you print out from Dr. Dan's website)

- Did it work?

- Did it work better than the 1% hydrocortisone ointment?

- How long did it take for the angular cheilitis to heal?
~3 days

-How did I use it?
Just apply on one's lips & corners of the mouth about 3x/day until it's healed. (I actually ended up doing it less- ~2x daily & it still healed fine)

-Why did it work?
Dunno for sure (I'm not a doctor). I suspect it's b/c of the microionized hydrocortisone in the balm itself.

I'd tried every other lip balm on the market, and this was the ONLY one that healed it.


I have had occasional outbreaks of Angular Cheilitis over the years. Usually it’s no big deal. I just wait a few days, and my body heals itself. On the most recent occasion, it got progressively worse over a two week period. I tried a number of remedies I found on the net (sodium bicarbonate, detergent & Vaseline, lip balm, hydrocortisone, Neosporin etc) without any success at all. Finally gave my ‘cure-all’ miracle cream a go, better known as SUDOCREM. It’s a well known product in Europe (most commonly used for nappy/diaper rash, but can also be used for cut, scrapes, burns + lots more), and can be difficult to get hold of in the US. It contains anti bacterial as well as antifungal agents in a water repellent base. Anyway, to cut a long story short, applied this to the sore, twice a day for 3 days and am now completely healed.


Suffered with long & repeated bouts of it. Finally came across the treatment of a possibly unrelated fungal disease which a doctor has cured for years with one simple product. So, open your kitchen cabinet: Sodium Bicarbonate - baking soda.
I had the typical sores at the edge of my mouth - gone within a day. Worked overnight. That was many months ago. Had been to the doctor who had given me an anti-fungal cream (at least he had the correct diagnosis) and it did Nothing. Changes in weather, stress & tiredness. Nothing has brought back the sores like I used to have every few months once it started. Just dab some baking soda on the sores with your finger, rub it a bit if you like, let a tiny bit of powder stay in the sore for a short while. You might feel the slightest bit of burning - it goes to work immediately. About a month ago, when overly tired, I thought I felt the very initial sign of reocurrence. A dab of baking soda. Gone. Forgot all those scam sites selling you who knows what. Smile again all the time for a few cents worth of baking soda!


I too suffer with Angular cheilitis, had dry flaking lips for years before any open sores developed, but when they did, it was with a vengance. I now have the open sores healed, but the lips and corners of the mouth are still very sore/tender. I was wondering if this is a permanent thing a person has to deal with??? Will they ever feel normal again, or once you have AC, is it always there and ready to flare up again??? I'd appreciate any comments.

The therapy I used was the dish washing soap, a prescription anti bacterial & anti fungal from my Dr. The anti bacterial was very expensive and one used to fight tough infections such as staph

I sure can relate to the drooling, and sure wished there was an explaination for that, as I never used to have that problem. Mine is not only at night, but anytime during the day, it'll happen. I'm a 70 y.o. man and contribute it to the muscles in the face not being as taunt and the sagging, almost permanent frown resulting from that. At any rate I try to keep smiling, even though it's a trial. I certainnly don't have any abundance of saliva, just wished it would stay inside my mouth. Dick


Try Thermazene (silver sulfadiazine). Please go ahead and google it. I had severe cracking, nearly nonstop with bleeding, etc. It was MISERABLE!

I tried this cream twice a day for the first week,then & now, I use it nightly before bed.

Only came back once after three nights of not using it.

WELL worth a try!

Good luck!

P.S. I found it at Amazon.


I can most certainly relate as I have dealt with all the negative aspects of Angular Chelitis, having had it in active form myself for close to a year, if not more. I tried everything & finally came across this stuff.

I came across an article that said Angular Chelitis can be either yeast caused, bacterial, and fungal, or a combination of the three, which I believe I have had.

So, I did some research & found this ointment. I used it twice daily for a week, then at bed time by the beginning of the second week.

(Silver Sulfadiazine) Cream 1%

Google it.

I bought it on Amazon, but you can probably find it elsewhere. I did not need a prescription. I have NO connection financially to gain. I only want to help others get relief & their smiles back!

I haven't had a recurrence in over a MONTH! I waited till I was crack free to spread the news. lol

It had been active for what seemed like an eternity. I was SO miserable with the cracking, pain & bleeding, not to mention embarrassed by the way it looked.

Best of luck & God bless!


I used a combination of the other items posted here.
My symptoms were deep cuts in both corners of my mouth and small bumps/lesions that started spreading from those corner cuts onto the skin around my mouth.
I washed the corners of my mouth with antibacterial soap twice a day and covered the corners with Aquaphor (which is a thick lotion similar to Vaseline). I used Blistex (the ointment, not the balm) on my lips. I used Neosporin (a topical antibiotic) on the skin around my mouth. Neosporin is not meant to be eaten, so don't use it on your mouth!
I also started taking a good multi-vitamin in case it was a lack of vitamins causing the problem. I used GNC Women's Ultra Mega vitamin in case this was caused by a lack of vitamins.
This cleared up all symptoms in several days.
The skin around my mouth really itched while it was healing. If that's really bothering you, a hydrocortizone cream would probably help.

P Bow

I have had angular cheilitis for about a year. Tried many remedies (home and prescription) without good results. Finally bought several lip sticks (chap lip sticks) and one worked overnight. It is CARMEX (original) (moisturizing lip balm) a sunscreen, SPF15. I found these at Walgreen and also Walmart. My lips felt better the first time I applied it, within a few hours the dry skin peeled off my lips, overnight the inside of my lips peeled. The redness at the corners of my mouth faded gradually within 6 or 7 days. I continue to use this, applying it several times a day. Remember this is a
chap stick type product by CARMEX. My lips began feeling better within an hour or two of initial application. Also, be sure to brush teeth at bedtime.
Simple and effective.


Ok, so my symptoms were very serious. My lips were inflamed all the time, cracking, peeling, drying out and lesions almost every week. I tried all types of lip balms, almost everyone on the market. With no help solving the bacterial infections, I ventured to out side sources, hydrocortisone wasn't working, nor was any type of lip balm. So her is what I found after paying 50$ for a 'kit'. It seriously saved my lips. The embarrassment was more than enough to make me try this, and after few sessions, I found that the lesions worked.
First get Antibacterial dishwashing soap. Any type of over the counter dishwashing soap as long as it is ANTIBACTERIAL, lemon works well.

Second some Vaseline or petroleum.

Third some non alovera tissues for blowing your nose.

Third. Vitamin b.

First get a extremely clean bowl, wash it out and fill with warm water. Soak your lips in the bowl for a half minute to a minute to get the lesions to open up and become soft tissue. Make sure they are damp.

Wash your hands and then the bowl with the antibacterial soap.

Take your Clean washed hands and apply about a pennies worth of the antibacterial soap to your index fingers and start to wash your wet lips with it, the lesions will open up. Start a good lather on around your lips taking about a half minute to a minute on each lip, and really work your lips. Be gentle but still make sure to thoroughly lather them up.

leave your lips with the lather on and wash your hands thoroughly to get all of the bacteria off you hands, really make sure the bacteria/fungus on you hand are all off. Use warm to hot water.

Them take your clean bowl, fill with warm to hot water, but nothing that will burn you or hurt your face and wash of the soap. Make sure to get it all off. Take your time, wash them really well.

Then re washes your hands to get off that bacteria, thoroughly.

Take the Clean tissues and dab your lips and mouth area, use as many as you need to but DO not use the tissue more than one dab, this why you have a box. Be generous with the tissues since you have a lot of them.

You will feel your lips tighten up; this will make them feel clean, almost totally tight. This is good, it means that your lips are clean of bacteria.

Now take the Vaseline, petroleum jelly, and apply to your lips. This makes the bacteria that was once there, not be able to get air to it .no air= no place for the bacteria to grow. Be generous but not too much, do what you think is ok.

Now let that sit for 2 hours. Do what ever you need to do and then after the 2 hours wipe off the Vaseline with some tissues. This will make the bacteria not be able to grow on your lips and mouth area.

Do this process one more time. It will take about 4 hours or so. But it will totally help. It worked wonders for me.

Now the b12 vitamins are to supplement the lack of b12 that kills off the bacteria, angular cheltis is a lack of b12 in the system, or from what I have heard it is. Now take the vitamin everyday and repeat this process many times as you feel necessary, like me I repeated a few times a weeks for over month. The first time for mild cases should do the trick, but if you are like me and have extremely red sore unhealthy lips. This could take a while.
But it seriously worked for me. I have the occasional outbreak of bacteria, but it is in what I eat. I stay away from alcohol, yeasts, bread and cheese. It kind of sucks but it is what I need to do to keep my lips respectable, not embarrassing and to bearable to eat burritos.

I paid 50$ or well my dad paid this, to help me get over it. The pdf file was kinda worth all of this knowledge.I pass it on to you, cause I know how it feels to be looked at and judged by this.

Good luck. And you are not alone.

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