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Skeeter McClusky

Applying benzoine/myrrh tincture with a cotton swab about 3-4 times daily cured it for me in just a few days. Also took a multivitamin with iron/b complex supplements to aid in immune properties. My dentist gave me the tincture for free after I explained my problem. They use it for patients with open sores in their mouths to prevent infection.


well as u can see i hate ugly things and a week ago i had angular cheilitis and i went for hours looking over the net there was no point they rather said use something oily (BIG NO NO) or put a cucumber on ur face im sorry im not walking round with a cucumber on my face anyway back to the point use cansen is a athletes foot treatment also works for thrush ect i put in on every few hours and bada-bing-bada-boom the ugly thing on ur face is POOF gone XD hope this helps it seriously does help no shit


I didnt know I had angular cheilitis until I googled it, I thought I suffered from coldsores but that wasnt the case.

To get rid of the small sore I:
1. leave crack dry up into a small scab, dont play with it and whenever you wash make sure it is dried straightaway, bacteria grow in wet conditions

2. when a small scab has formed, apply germolene or savlon to it throughout the day and before bed, it should be gone in 2 to 3 days


I recently had chelitus and i can honestly say it was horrible and it affected my confidence in a big way.
I saw the doc and she gave me a steroid cream called Daktacort Hydrocortosone cream and applyed this 3x a day for a week. The chelitis itself took about 10 days to go down but after i was left with extremly sore lips. The burning sensation was horrible and they were flaking so much it was embarassing. I tried applying vaseline every couple of hours but i found this didnt help and often made them dry out more. I went back to the doctor who said this was a common symptom after chelitus and he offered me nothing. I found a lip balm called Blistex Moisturising- this litrelly sorted me out in a couple of hours. I cannot reccomend this enough for the aftermath of this horrible infection!
A few tips i did to get rid of chelitus which i think helped...
*changed my toothbrush
*changed to a natural toothpaste (i found my current one was making me sting)
*Afterwards use Blistex

My infection was pretty bad and luckally i am back to my usual self. I understand what its like and hope this helps anyone who has this now.


For what it's worth!
I had small cracks in the corners of my mouth for years and just accepted them as “normal”.
I had not even heard of Cheilitis………
10 days ago cracks opened up and gunk appeared in both corners
Worried I searched the net and found many “overnight cures” available using products you already have at home.
Prices ranging from $30 to $55……….
Not wishing to pay for something I already have and having read up about the condition I thought I would make my own concoction….
All I did was to make up a solution of common salt and a little household bleach (as much as you can cope with) in a glass of warm water.
1 Brush teeth properly and rinse mouth
2 Rinse mouth 3 times with solution and spit as normal
3 Take solution in mouth and dribble thro’ corners of mouth over infected area 3 times
4 Dry each side with clean tissue making sure you get all the crap out
5 Finally rinse with solution, dry each side of mouth with clean tissue for each side to avoid cross contamination
6 Apply Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly to each side using little fingers, one finger for each side and only dip finger in container once for each side of mouth.

Repeat as necessary or when you can.

For me it was 70% better the next morning and was completely (that is to say even the small cracks I had lived with for years had gone) cleared up by day 3.

I think the trick is to make sure that kill the infection and exercise scrupulous cleanliness to avoid cross contamination until cracks are healed.

Dr. John

If the cheilitis is fungal in nature (even if it's bacterial) the condition should be treated internally as well as topically. Thus, follow an anti fungal diet as much as possible: no refined sugar, breads, yeast, no dairy, alcohol (sorry), candies and most importantly no dairy; lots of fresh greens, whole grains, no dairy; meat is okay.

Definitely take pro-biotics. I find spirulina in conjunction with pro-biotics does amazing things for fungus. You can also take a psyllium husk to clean the dead fungus out of of your colon. Silver colloidal is also anti-fungal and can be applied topically. I live in NY so I go to the Chinese herbal stores and use a non staining, cheap tincture that is very effective on a nail fungus I get sometimes. It is amber in color. It works better than anything else topically.

The anti-fungal diet takes a few days to show effects but will help any condition or at least wont hurt. One can simply research anti-fungal diets for more complete info. Cheers.

Lastly, if you can handle it, a short water-only fast, even just 3 days, will kill off most fungi as well as a whole lot of other nasty toxins buried in your system.

Cheers again!

So Phat

I seriously recommend going to the Chemist to get some cream for nappy rash - zinc oxide & castor oil combination!! I was recommended by a pharmacist as I had angular cheilitis really badly but since applying topically, I have my lips and below the lip area back in tact. Follow up with some vaseline to seal.


Wool Fat ! it worked for me and nothing else would!!


I've been bothered with this condition for years, and didn't even know what it was called till recently. I had tried everything on it.
After looking on a lot of medical websites, it seemed the consensus by numerous professionals was that angular cheilitis is a form of a yeast infection.
I looked in my medicine cabinet, and going totally against the flow, I put on the only thing I had in there for yeast infections....Monistat cream.
I knew it was working the next morning when I woke up, yawned, and it didn't split open.
This is not some sort of joke, this honestly worked for me, and I am so thankful. I have dealt with this for over 20 years, and I remember my Grandfather having it his entire life. I will never have to deal with it again - it worked!


Wanted to let y'all know what worked for my angular chellitis - neosporin. I thought it was just dry skin until a few weeks of a yucky crusty scab prompted me to google it and I discovered it was angular chellitis, probably brought on by my using Retin-A. I tried several remedies that did not help: bakind soda, honey, etc. I read that it's either yeast or bacteria so I tried a yeast cream I had laying around- nothing. Finally I dabbed on neosporin and it began clearing up quickly. Guess mine was bacterial so try it!

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