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I already posted you my remedy but wanted to say how I have had nothing come back on my lips since! Stay away from sugars and keep up with your meat and veg and multi vits! It is also a good way to stay healthy and lose weight sensibly! You r what u eat ;0)


Initially a multivitamin with B complex vitamins helped but the symptoms came back after I went on vacation and could not sleep well and had icecream, dessert pies etc. It really got aggravated after I had pasta. This gave me a clue that I needed to stop all sweets and grains even fruits to stop yeast overgrowth in case it were an yeast infection. Also I needed to increase the population of good bacteria. I stopped eating all grains, fruits and sweets. I started taking an organic whole milk yogurt at least twice a day. I started taking unpasteurized sauerkraut once or twice a day, and miso soup once a day. I continued the multivitamin. Bingo! My lips have recovered. No cracking of the corners or drying any more. I have now reintroduced apple, banana and some mango to my food. I also have started taking small amount of brown rice. I used to eat steel cut oates for breakfast everyday. I stopped that incase it is some kind of allergy. I have been fine with no symptoms. I never had angular chelitis in the past and the condition suddenly developed 3-4 months ago. Interestingly my mother who was visiting me here (Eastern USA) also developed angular chelitis which she never had before. She was eating what we were eating oats, in general so called healthy loe fat food and lot of fruits, no meat and fish occassionally. Her lip problems went away after she returned to her home country. She has been well for almost a year. This made me think it could be some allergic reaction, depletion of good gut bacteria and defficiency of vitamin B as a result of that. Any way one should focus of improving the gut flora with foods containing live culture, avoid sweets/grains for a while to prevent yeast from thriving and take a vitamin B complex. On the exterior keep the area clean with water, dry then use a lip balm. I had used Burt's Bees lip balm with mango butter.


I had angular cheilitis for pretty much a month straight. I thought it was the heat and the dry air and maybe the sun too, but regardless, it just wouldn't go away even when I put chapstick on all the time. I didn't even know that I had angular cheilitis until I googled my symptoms because they just wouldn't subside.

Mine wasn't so bad, I got the cuts in the corners of my lips that were irritating to me but there weren't any blisters or sores. My lips got inflamed and swollen. It looked sort of like I had collagen injected.

Anyway, I tried blistex but it made my lips feel better but didn't heal the problem. The corners would re-crack almost every morning. I read that this is usually caused by bacteria or fungus, so I thought if I could heal the cracks I could prevent the infection from continuing to go inside my body. I assumed that any infection I had still inside my lips could be fought off if I kept my immune system strong. It worked. This is what I did:

1. I took B complex vitamins (I heard it could be a deficiency of B vitamins, I already take a multi)

2. I put polysporin (triple antibiotic ointment) on the corners of my lips. I made sure it was covering the cracks and went to bed with that on. If I woke up in the night I put on more and made sure the ointment sealed the crack, so there was no part of it exposed to the air.

3. I put hydrocortisone (1%) on the rest of my lips at night, to reduce the inflammation and sooth. It also dried up the dead skin on my lips which I could scrape off in the morning. During the day, I alternated polysporin and hydrocortisone on the corners of my lips to cover the cracks, and moisturize so the corners couldn't re-crack.

4. I put blistex on when my lips felt dry.

I started this Friday night, and was cured by Sunday morning. What a relief after dealing with this for so long!


Had angular cheilitis for months, tried all sorts of creams: antibiotic, antifungal,and cortisone. I mixed them together and applied often. Nada. Refused to pay $67 for some home remedy. FINALLY tried applying rubbing alcohol with a Qtip, being careful not to use the same side on both sides of my mouth several times a day. I followed up with a generic anti-fungal containing clortrimezol. It was labeled 'for jock-itch' : ) Anyway, in four days the alcohol no longer stung and after 6 days, my skin was clear and smooth.


Some days before I was searching for home remedies for Angular Cheilitis but it feels good now im writing a remedy myself :)

Ok, many of you wont believe it but it really worked for me, I had Angular Cheilitis for quite a few weeks but it wasn't just going away, I researched and tried many of the remedies but none of them worked. The only thing that helped me is after shave splash, it has a touch of alcohol, i just scratched the affected area (right side of my mouth/lips) with a ear bud after dipping it in after shave Gillette splash and applied it twice daily, and the infection completely got away in 5 days :D . For those who doesn't know that you might scream like anything on applying as it contains denatured alcohol or stearate citrate to prevent infection and it closes the pores so no further irritation from bacteria and they can't spread.

This might not work for all but worth trying as its quite an easy one, almost everyone would have a aftershave splash and an ear bud at home :)



cider vinegar as soon as symptoms appear.. gone within 2 days! vit & min supplement to prevent regular outbreaks


I got this recommended by my dentist and it appears to be working!

Simple thing, apply some of that anti bacterial foam on it as often as you can, or as I didn't have this, use anti bacterial soap or handwash, with zinc I think helps a bit. This will kill the bacteria and dry it up nicely and hopefully heal soon after that.


So here's what I came up with.
Keep away from sugars. They will be the death of you in this painful time. Fruit sugars are okay.

Since angular chelitis is a type of yeast infection, Capryl will do you wonders. Its a type of vitamin with calcium, magnesium, Zinc and Caprylic Acid.

What this will do is take up all the excess yeast in your body. Since our bodies naturally produce yeast, you don't wanna get rid of all of your yeast entirely, but balance it.

I know that Solaray makes a resin free, and sodium free capsule for this. And also, Whole Foods Market's private label brand has one. They are the same price, but I'd recommend Solaray, anyway.

Take some multi-vitamins and increase your iron intake via supplements or iron enriched foods.

Also, one last bit of advice, try to use something called Egyptian Magic. I've always used this for cracked lips. Though its kind of pricey, it will keep the cuts moisturised enough while they heal up. If you can find samples of it, by all means do that since the tub is like 36.99 at Whole Foods. Ask a member of their whole body department if they have any samples of anything.

I'm currently trying to get my cuts to heal, but what amazed me was three hours after taking my Capryl supplement, the cuts on my lips started to heal over.

I hope this helps. These things are so embarrassing. Give me feed back.


just wanted to let people know my story about 2 years ago i got really bad scabs either sides of my lips and was given strong antibiotics and loads of difrennt creams and told to douse my lips in vasaline which i did every now and again it would return not as bad just red marks that look really ugly anyway recently i was useing alo vera vasaline but wasnt doing very much good and if you have this u will be aware of the constant burning thats just awful however i found a new vasaline called the little soothing tin in superdrug that has a menthol ingridient and cooling been using it now for about a week and its cleared up for now i also have been taking sanatogen a-z vitamins and eating plenty of green veg and smoothies also been using carmex lip balm too hope u find this usefull and it works for u god knows its a horrible thing to have


Vaseline and multi vits! Cleared within 24 hours. I couldn't believe it. My husband is a nutritionist and bought me the best multi vits there is. The Vaseline really helped to sooth lips. Angular cheillitis is caused mainly by lack of iron and certain vitamins. So....put them back in your body. Eat lots of veg and meat and take your supplements and all should be good. Good luck guys, hope this works! Remember, u are what u eat :0)

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