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I tried the apple cider vinegar dabbing for over a week but it didnt help. It seemed to make my Perleche/Angular Cheilitis worse. My lips and cracks were still opening up and I could barely open my mouth when eating. It was getting pretty ugly. I also decided not to try aftershave or cologne, that seemed a little haphazard.

I also didn't want to buy these greedy remedies online nor see a dermatologist ($$). Thankfully, after doing a little more research, I realized I needed to make one simple change in my remedy: keep the area DRY!

I learned that I just needed to simply cover the cracks and mouth corners with a little dab (not too much) of clotrimazole cream - I used Lotrimin AF. Then, cover each Lotrimin dab with a Vaseline-type protection jelly. I used Aquaphor, a little more expensive but it really seems to help and it's scent-free, unlike Carmex. I've been doing this at least 4 times a day for 2 days.

The Aquaphor is to keep any moisture or water out of your cracks which is the whole point: keeping the area dry so the fungus/bacteria will starve to death and die since they need moisture to eat and survive. I especially did this when I went to bed (drooling).

I also cut down on my sugar intake but not completely. I'm eating Total cereal in the morning (which has good iron content) with Vanilla soymilk which has sugar. But it doesn't seem to hinder the healing. I think you all know what kind of sugars you shouldn't eat.

I also bought a B-100 Complex Vitamin formula (Nature's Way brand), not a B-50, and took a pill once a day. And I finished that up with a multi-vitamin with Iron. The Iron makes me a little nervous (I'm a male) but when the Perleche is completely gone in a couple days hopefully, I'll go back to my iron-free multi.

So after about a month with this condition, my Perleche/Angular Cheilitis is nearly gone, finally! I hope the above remedy helps. If it doesn't, best of luck with your remedy.


both my daughters had angular cheilitis and nothing worked until i dabbed some tea tree oil on a cotton swab to infected area twice a day (morning and bedtime) then put coconut oil on afterwards. It cleared up in three days. make sure to use a good chapstick too, i like burts bees. tea tree oil is not to be ingested but i used such a tiny amount being careful to not get it in the mouth.


I suffered from angular cheilitis for two weeks before I found a remedy.

I think it was due to the fact that I am anorexic I had it in the first place. Initially, I used to wash it with soap and apply vaseline but it did not help. I also tried applying cologne on it. It used to sting like hell but nothing happened.

After this I started eating properly and stopped skipping meals. I also drank milk three times a day. Trust me it helps because milk has Vitamin B12.

This is what I did for my angular cheilitis and the cracks have healed completely:
1. Wash your cracks thoroughly with soap and remove the crusts with a tissue or Q tip. Now your cracks should be visible.
2. Take a drop of cologne or after shave and apply it directly on the cracks. This stings like hell and you may want to beat someone up but tolerate it.
3. Wipe the cracks with tissue again because the cologne helps release some liquid from the cracks.
4. Apply liquid paraffin generously to your lips and cracks.

This will heal your cracks completely in 2 days. Ask me if it does not. However, remember to eat nutritious food because this condition is caused by malnutrition and poor resistance to infection.


I had this for a couple of months and tried different things. I got to the point I was putting diaper rash cream on the split corners to soothe them because I was desperate. I started putting vinegar on the corners of my mouth as often as I could, 6-7 times a day, and finally this killed the fungal infection and I haven't had a recurrence. It stings but vinegar works!!!! It's recommended for other fungal infections, like athlete's foot, so of course it will work if yours is a fungal infection.


I read through what seemed like 100 of these remedy posts. I didn't even know I had this condition until I googled it. I have now been talking a B-complex vitamin everyday and I use cortimozole (anti-fungal) on the Corners of my mouth at bed time. It's only been 3 days,but what an amazing difference!!! I have suffered for so long with this condition and am so happy it's almost gone like nothing ever happened. I hope it works for someone else too. Also, I swear by using aquaphor brand petroleum jelly vs Vaseline daily on my lips.


I had angular cheilitis for 3 weeks straight. Both of my mouth corners had cuts that would crust and reopen everyday when I open my mouth. Applied Canesten/Vagasil clotrimazole cream for a week but didn't help much so I started taking a daily multivitamin for another week but it didn't heal.

I then switched my multivitamin to a vitamin B complex, and immediately the next day the cuts didn't open up when I open my mouth to eat and it healed itself after 4 days of taking the new supplement.

I examined the labels and my multivitamin/[B-complex] had 6.7mg/[50mg] B1, 8.3mg/[50mg] B2, 33.3mg/[50mg] Niacin, 10mg/[50mg] B6, 67mg/[50mg] Pantothenic Acid, 133mcg/[400mcg] Folic Acid, 100mcg/[50mcg] biotin, and 2mcg/[50mcg] B12.
So it's highly possible the multivitamin didn't have enough B-vitamins. I recommend taking a B-complex pill instead.


Hello! I reviewed this website because this is the first time that I have had this condition, and I have put together several cures based upon the remedies listed here. What I have found that works the best is this: Dab some apple cider vinegar on the corners (it will sting) and then immediately coat your lips and the corners entirely with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or Carmex (recommended by my pharmacist for this condition). It is absolutely essential that you coat your lips with one of these two balms because it has to seal in the apple cider vinegar and prevent saliva or additional bacteria from infecting. I think people keep having no results because they don't seal in the treatment. The reason apple cider vinegar is ideal is because it is BOTH an anti-bacterial AND an anti-fungal treatment. So, if you aren't sure which infection you have, this will nail it. If you use an anti-fungal cream alone, I believe that this may work alone because the cream is thick and is designed to seal in the treatment and seal out the environment. But if you use natural treatments like ACV, baking soda, alcohol or tea tree oil, you must seal it in with one of the 2 balms listed above. Good luck!

Hydrogen Peroxide

For my angular cheilitis I put hydrogen peroxide on the corner of my mouth a few times a day (about 3 per day) for about 3-4 days and it stopped hurting after a day and healed after 4 days or so.


This is my remedy for angular cheilitis. I did my research on the Internet and found conflicting reasons and 'cures'. Some said that it was caused by a fungus and others by a bacteria. So I tried remedies for both at the same time. First I would rub liquid antibacterial soap onto the cracks at the corners of my mouth. I would leave this on for about ten minutes and then rinse it off. Next I would rub on an anti-fungal cream and follow with a layer of Vaseline. I did this a couple of times a day. After a day and a half of doing this, the painful cracks were gone and it no longer hurts to open my mouth! I will continue to do this at night for a few more days and hope that the problem is gone for good. But if not, I will try this treatment again. I hope this helps others who are suffering from this painful, unsightly condition!


I haa a bad case of angular cheilitis and it caused soo much embaressment.I followed the below steps since last few days and have seen significant improvement
* Take B-complex capsules
* Have greek yoghurt three times a day.(No yoplait. It has sugars and yeast feeds on sugar)
* stopped eating sugary stuff. Eat more veggies and fruits.
* Apply a lil bit of yoghurt at night on lesions. Morning apply jojoba oil.

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