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I had tried the whole 9 yards of home remedies, and nothing worked. There was no cream or salve that worked either. I was doing some research on the internet about the condition, and I ran across articles saying it was actually a form of yeast infection. I had some Monistat in the medicine cabinet, so thought, what the heck and put some of that on it. It has been a miracle and cleared it right up! I've never had a full blown case since, as whenever I can tell I'm getting it, I just put a little Monistat on it, and it never even develops. It has been a Godsend. I remember my Grandfather having this his entire life and never getting rid of it. I won't have to deal with this ever again!

david saint

Ive tried the anti fungal cream, with polysporin at night..i woke up and the lesion was actually worse! I tried the tea tree oil with Vitamin E oil (from the capsules), nothing changed. Ive tried basically every remedy listed here, and while i dont have the deep cuts or anything, my lips are always dry and i have a little red mark (lesion) on one side that just will not go away to save my life. I havent cut back on bread, which i do eat a lot i will be trying that next. Again, i dont have the deep cuts really, just the embarrassing legion/red mark. I do know the difference between a cold sore and this, just to put that out there lol. My derm even gave me some cream for it, yet nothing..anyone have any suggestions for me? Usually i just let it be and a few months later it goes away, but i have a hot date this weekend and am desperate....


I am an angular cheilitis sufferer for year and a half. I came up with this remedy which really helped me. It's simple. I washed my lips with alchohol (any) every night before going to bed and then applied pure petroleum jelly. This really helped me to almost cure my cheilitis. Also have B complex vitamins and B-100 to ward it off completely. I hope this information will help cheilitis sufferers.


I have had Angular Cheilitis twice now. Once a couple years back which I initially thought was a pimple and once again right now.

After it didn't go away for an entire month, somebody convinced me the first time I got it to take abreva (they thought I had a cold sore but clearly they knew nothing about cold sores). The abreva made it go away immediately.

However, this time around, I tried a regular cold sore gel (perhaps I should have bought the same brand, Abreva) and it didn't do ANYTHING. The cut was getting worse and worse and I definitely wasn't gonna let it stay for a month.

So, I went online and read a ton of reviews. I tried the one with the highest rating, which was simply to purchase Campho-Phenique, a gel that relieves cold sores, fever blisters, and pain. It's about half the price of a regular cold sore gel (only $7), you can find it right next to all those gels and chapsticks, and it works wonders!

I have only been using it for 10 hours now since this morning and it's reduced to half the size. I also bought carmex (or vaseline) since petroleum jelly is better for your lips than other chapstick.

It says to only apply 1-3 times a day but I've already applied it like 7 times. If you have extra sensitive skin, I would advise putting only 3 times a day. I'd rather have dry, irritated skin than a mouth sore that is very embarrassing to look at.

That's all I did, hope it helps.


What i do is i make sure i wash it everyday, not excessivly but when i wake up and before i go to sleep, and after i wash it i put neosporin on it. and then neosporin again about mid-day. make sure ur lips are never dry, preferably use carmax. and for me it goes away within a couple days. hope this helps!


So I had Angular Cheilitis on one corner of my mouth for about three months before I found this remedy. Before I had taken prescription medicine and it didn't work. I had tried all sorts of things such as letting it dry out and keeping chapstick on it. I was getting really embarrassed and sick of nothing working.

Anyway, so this is what I did. I purchased Lotrimin AF (antifungal), Polysporin, and Nature's Bounty Super B-complex daily vitamins. Probably about $25 in all. I cleaned out the corner of my mouth with plain water and then dried it completely. I rubbed in the Lotrimin, making sure to get it in all the crevices. Immediately after, I coated it with the Polysporin. I probably did this every morning and night and about five times during the day. After 24 hours, the skin was starting to heal. After 48, it was mostly gone. I'm not sure if the B-complex vitamin helped or not; I was just desperate to get rid of it, so I decided to cover all of my bases. I eat nutritional meals so I doubt the vitamin had much of an impact, in my case anyway.

Basically, I am thrilled with how this remedy turned out. I know exactly what to do if this condition reappears. Hope this helps.


Daktarin oral gel. I live in Ireland so don't know about it's availability elsewhere but it's basically an anti-fungal mouth gel with a sweet taste! Works a treat though and takes the sting out of the horrible rash quickly. This coupled with taking Vit B Complex and iron tablet and Vit C tablet (the one that disolves in water apparently to help absorb the iron). Soreness gone in a day and rash in about three. I would advice taking the vits even after the rash has gone just to be safe!


Gone in three days! I had angular cheilitis for about a month before I decided that my lips weren't just chapped. After reading up on the condition online for a bit I decided on a course of action.
I started taking multivitamins immediately. I also used some ointment called Campho-Phenique (with drying action), which is made by Bayer (you can find it at drug stores). It's a pain reliever and antiseptic gel that is generally used for cold sores and fever blisters. Whereas most of the lip gels I looked at had only a teeny-tiny amount of camphor and phenol (both of which are analgesics and antiseptics), the Campho-Phenique gel had about twenty times as much.
I also used Carmex, mostly during work when I was too busy to use the cold sore gel.

Anyways, recap:
*Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial soap before applying anything.
*Cold sore gel works well, but make sure to get something with antiseptic properties; also READ THE LABEL for whatever you buy.
*Use Vaseline or Carmex (has petroleum jelly in it)
*Take multivitamins. I have a history of iron deficiency so I also took iron pills along with the vitamins.
*Ibuprofen helps ease the pain and reduces swelling.
*Talk to a doctor or a pharmacist. And a lot of insurance companies have triage nurses you call about health questions.

For any questions, just comment :)


Rubbing alcohol was key for me. Previous application of vaseline alone had failed. After reading this site I began washing with Dial antibacterial soap, drying, then applying rubbing alcohol to the corners of my mouth with clean QTips. I'd hold the QTips in place a few seconds -burning is normal. I'd let it dry then apply vaseline to my entire lips, focusing on the corners of my mouth.

After maybe 4 days my mouth no longer hurt and the cracks from the cheilitis were gone. Some pinkness remains but I am sure that will resolve itself as I continue to heal.


I tried the apple cider vinegar dabbing for over a week but it didnt help. It seemed to make my Perleche/Angular Cheilitis worse. My lips and cracks were still opening up and I could barely open my mouth when eating. It was getting pretty ugly. I also decided not to try aftershave or cologne, that seemed a little haphazard.

I also didn't want to buy these greedy remedies online nor see a dermatologist ($$). Thankfully, after doing a little more research, I realized I needed to make one simple change in my remedy: keep the area DRY!

I learned that I just needed to simply cover the cracks and mouth corners with a little dab (not too much) of clotrimazole cream - I used Lotrimin AF. Then, cover each Lotrimin dab with a Vaseline-type protection jelly. I used Aquaphor, a little more expensive but it really seems to help and it's scent-free, unlike Carmex. I've been doing this at least 4 times a day for 2 days.

The Aquaphor is to keep any moisture or water out of your cracks which is the whole point: keeping the area dry so the fungus/bacteria will starve to death and die since they need moisture to eat and survive. I especially did this when I went to bed (drooling).

I also cut down on my sugar intake but not completely. I'm eating Total cereal in the morning (which has good iron content) with Vanilla soymilk which has sugar. But it doesn't seem to hinder the healing. I think you all know what kind of sugars you shouldn't eat.

I also bought a B-100 Complex Vitamin formula (Nature's Way brand), not a B-50, and took a pill once a day. And I finished that up with a multi-vitamin with Iron. The Iron makes me a little nervous (I'm a male) but when the Perleche is completely gone in a couple days hopefully, I'll go back to my iron-free multi.

So after about a month with this condition, my Perleche/Angular Cheilitis is nearly gone, finally! I hope the above remedy helps. If it doesn't, best of luck with your remedy.

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