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When submitting a remedy, please be specific for how long where before or after eating. You just write ohh i used coco oil, what does that even mean?

There are people who would benefit from precise instructions!!!


I stopped using frothed milk on my morning coffee. That worked after trying many of the remedies here. I still use calendula ointment on my lips at night both to moisturize and crate a barrier.


I had angular chelitis for about 20 years. 5 years ago for unrelated reasons I decided to give up all added sugar & white flour. Bingo it has not returned since. As an aside giving up sugar & white flour also cleared up a myriad of other health issues, the big one being frequent migraines but also minor annoyances you may associate with growing older like toe nail fungus, a big belly, blocked sinuses, lots of gunk in the corners of my eyes, wheezing when exercising, nighttime leg cramps, dandruff. Totally eliminating these two items means no packaged food items so I’ve also removed almost all food additives which no doubt has much to with it. Hard to do yes (at least initially), I need to spend more time on food preparation but boy I am fitter, slimmer and have more energy than when I was in my mid twenties (now 50).


Every year I develop angular Chelitis . It never wanted to go away no matter what I tried(rubbing alcohol, anti fungal, zinc oxide, and calendula cream to no avail! I was currently using a anti wrinkle cream called immuderm daily and since it's supposed to also be a good anti inflammatory cream I thought why not apply it to the corners of my mouth! To my surprise it took about a week of applying this cream about 3 times a day especially before bed ( due to drooling)! I am so thrilled! I wanted to share this! You can find this cream on Amazon!


I've had angular cheilitis for about two years on and off. Each bout lasts up to two weeks. I tried many on the market products such as yeast infection creams, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and taking vitamins. I have braces, which is why I get these so frequently. After seeing reviews on many sites, and this one, I decided to buy some Curad Silver Solution Microbial Gel. I bought it yesterday on 12/28/2015, and today is 12/29/2015 and the open wound is closed and sealed as if it was never there! I do still have some scarring around my lips from the previous infection, but that was expected. The box says not to use it every day, and to only apply every 2-3, but I used it twice yesterday and two times today and my mouth feels great. No pain when opening my mouth, or eating food. I really like this gel because it does NOT sting and it gets the job done. It's very hard to know if the cracks in the corner are fungi or bacteria, so this product kills both! I love that factor. You don't have to guess and choose which product to use for which kind of infection. I definitely will be using the product if I get anymore cracks in the near future, but I recommend it if you are suffering. It was 5.99 at my local Rite Aid! Well worth the price. You can get two .5 oz bottles for $9.43 for a total of 1 oz. on Amazon. I'll be stocking up! Finally after two years of enduring braces, a great treatment that works!

Nicole MK

It's crazy to think how one little thing with ruin your day! What seems to have finally worked best in a combination of rubbing alcohol and clotrimazole -yeast infection cream. Clean it gently with rubbing alcohol, pat dry and then apply the cream. This way you're fighting bacteria AND yeast in case you have one or both of those infections.

You can buy a box of little rubbing alcohol prep pads and keep them in your purse/pocket without looking strange carrying a rubbing alcohol bottle with you! The rubbing alcohol hurts like hell for a few seconds but don't give up on it.


I had been suffering from cracks at corner of mouth from weeks and also my upper lips was drying very frequently with dry patches. The edges of my lower lips were also drying badly and leaving minor cracks and it was also growing towards outer skin of mouth area(lips). I tried Vaseline, Listerine etc as suggested over internet. It helped in giving some relaxation but didn't cure it. I had Bio oil, gave it a try since its good for skin (rich in vitamin E). Trust me i was really glad that i tried it out of blue. It cured all my lip problems fully (100%). Now I use it regularly whether i have any lip problems or not. Its a natural product, I use it daily as lip moisturizer.


I got the cracks in the corner of my mouth to heal using Curad Silver, but figured out that Aquaphor was aggravating my problem. I've been having an allergic reaction that made the skin around my eyes and lips swell and then get dry and peel. I had been using Aquaphor on this poor skin for months, but finally read the label-it contains lanolin, and I am highly sensitive to wool! Duh! When I stopped using Aquaphor and all other products with lanolin, my skin settled way down. Just something to consider....

New Zealander

I got these cracks in the corner of my mouth when I was working really long hours and not getting much sleep. I took a mineral supplement from a herbalist that contained alfalfa, barley grass, psyllium hulls, slippery elm and licorice root. I also took cod liver oil capsules morning and night and made sure I got my 8 hours sleep. This problem was gone in 4 days.


I get this all the time. Usually medicated lip balm (Lip Medex in the blue tin) but recently I need more than just that. I've noticed that a combo of Neosporin or any kind of Triple Antibiotic Ointment. Keep applying the ointment a couple times a day and then at bed time use the Lip Medexin the corners of the mouth and all over. Within 2 to 3 days of doing this it's healed.

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