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I got a crack on the side of my mouth and it didn’t heal for a month, normally cuts on my mouth heal in a few days, so I went to a drug store to ask for something that would work better to heal it than just chapstick. The man there recognized it immediately as angular chelitis and said he could almost guarantee it was from an iron deficiency. I got an IUD put in about 7 months ago, which is causing me to have incredibly heavy periods. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting dizzy easily, and can’t sleep, turns out chelitis is another symptom of anemia.
I had been irregularly taking a daily vitamin with 18mg iron, 6mcg B-12 (a deficiency in this can also cause chelitis), and 1.1mg of riboflavin. Apparently when you are iron deficient your body can’t absorb the full amount in a vitamin, so he told me to take my regular vitamin every day, and also take another one, he said the best was “Blood Builder” by megafood in the afternoon, but to take 2x a day for no more than 3 days. Too much iron is terrible for you, so you need to be fairly certain you’re anemic before you try this.
But it worked! Over a month of an open wound on the side of my mouth, of having people look at it and not my eyes when they talk to me, and then in 4 days it healed! HA! I win.


It took me a month to realize that this wasn’t just a cut from dry skin, normally cuts on my lips heal within a day or two. Mine is pretty small, not too noticeable, but I wanted to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.
I went to whole foods today and talked to the person in the vitamin area, she said that it’s hands down a iron deficiency, and said I needed to take at least 26 mg a day, maybe twice a day for 2-3 days.
She said it would heal in a week, if not, I could return the pills.
Im realizing the only thing that changed recently for me was getting a non-hormonal IUD put in a few months ago, which is the greatest thing ever, except I lose maybe 10x more blood every month. So I’ll write back to let you know if this worked.


I combined the best and simplest treatments. It's been 7 days now and there's virtually no sign the AC was ever there!

- stop licking lips, use Vaseline lip balm
- dab apple cider vinegar on & around cuts with a clean qtip for each side, 3 times daily
- seal the vinegar in with more lip balm
- take vitamin b complex supplement daily

I also started using a toothpaste with baking soda in if, coincidentally but it may have contributed.


I had red, dry, irritated, and occasionally cracked corners of the mouth for nearly 1 year. I was treated with antibiotics thinking it was a bacterial infection and I also used over the counter fungal creams. Nothing worked. My Dr. asked what types of products I was using on my skin and I mentioned numerous products containing coconut and/or coconut oil. She said to stop eating and using coconut products. My redness in the corners of my mouth cleared up within a few days. I didn't realize that coconut is in everything...from lip products, shampoos, to toothpaste and facial moisturizers. If you too have tried EVERYTHING for angular cheilitis, my recommendation is to start looking at things that might be causing you an allergic reaction (skin inflammation).


I realize now this all started with extremely dry, chapped lips. Thought it was due to the cold weather. It led to a crack in one corner of my mouth, which as you all know, hurts like a b*tch when yawning, eating, drinking, laughing, anything.

Thought it might be a cold sore and freaked out because I've never had one before, but after some research on the internet, I stumbled across this site and decided to try a few things.

What I do first thing in the morning is wash my lips and the corners very very well with antibacterial hand soap (mine has zinc in it, figured it couldn't hurt), then dry. Soak a Q-tip with apple cider vinegar. I hold the Q-tip to the corner of my mouth (it does sting!) and then pile on a bunch of Carmex or Vaseline. I do this before bed as well.

I've also been taking a B Complex vitamin every day now for several days, and in case it's an iron deficiency, have been upping my meat intake, as well as iron-rich veggies such as spinach and broccoli. Raisins are also a good source.

It's definitely helped a lot with the cracks and the scab that formed is almost completely gone. I can open my mouth as wide as I want now and it doesn't hurt. I'm hoping a few more days of this treatment will eradicate it entirely.

My problem now has more to do with the redness around the corners of my mouth. I can't tell if the infection is spreading or due to the irritation from the soap and the apple cider vinegar. It is obviously highly acidic so not exactly kind to skin. It basically looks like I've had some issues drinking orange kool-aid. It's almost worse than the initial issue, but I'm hoping it will disappear as soon as I don't need to use the cider vinegar anymore.

Anyway. My advice is, before you waste money on expensive creams, try the combination of the antibacterial soap and the apple cider vinegar. But as another person pointed out, make sure you seal it with Vaseline or Carmex (something petroleum based). The Carmex/Vaseline also has the advantage of making it feel a lot less painful right away. Also, a multi-vitamin or B-Complex can't hurt. The B vitamins are water soluble (just like Vitamin C) so you can't really do any harm with that. Throw in some extra iron for good measure, but exercise caution. I wouldn't recommend taking an iron supplement unless you first get your iron levels checked, as, unlike Vitamin C or B, too much iron in the body CAN be toxic. This especially applies for men, who need less iron than women.

For women, especially if it's that time of the month for you, it might be worth upping your iron intake.

As someone who used to suffer from vaginal yeast infections, I would 100 percent recommend that if you even suspect your issue to be yeast related, it is definitely worth it to stay away from sugar and bread for a bit (and up your sugar-free, Acidophilus yogurt intake). It's probably sound advice anyway. You'll have the added benefit of losing a couple of pounds.


Here was my fix. I had it off and on for years. Finally went to doctor and he prescribed this.
Ertaczo, then cover with Topicort. I got this from a dermatoligist and works perfect!

After I shower, use alcohol on q-tip to clean area, apply Ertaczo then top with Topicort.
Mine cleared up within 3-4 days. I used after healing was done for a few more days, and I could go for month to reoccurance.
If I felt one coming back, do routine again and would be gone in a couple days.

Try it, worked for me.

New Yorker

I believe my problems began when my chapped lips got worse from a) outdoor sports combined with cold weather, wind, sweat, etc. and b) not taking daily vitamins and eating unbalanced diet, and c) frequently licking lips and applying lip balms and vaseline with my fingers.

I now know that this 'chapped lips' problem morphed into angular cheiltis once the lips started cracking and bacteria and/or fungi were able to get in there.

So after weeks of trying home remedies to cure chapped lips, I realized I was only trying to deal with the external problems. I bought a topical anti fungal cream (ketoconazol) and was applying it a few times daily with vaseline, but it still wasn't getting to the root of the issue. Further online reading lead me to believe that my unbalanced diet, heavy in sugars and carbohydrates (bread, cereal, jelly, etc), was promoting the bacterial/fungal/yeast overgrowth in my digestive tract, which obviously relates to your saliva and your mouth.

I immediately stopped eating the simple carbs and sugars and replaced them with a lot of meat protein, eggs, vegetables, oatmeal (with generous amounts of ground cinnamon), and yogurt. I read that yogurt supports the good bacterias and fights the bad bacterias and fungi, and cinnamon has some anti fungal properties. I resumed taking my daily multivitamin that has all of the b complex.

I swapped the anti fungal cream for natural remedy: apple cider vinegar which is both an antibacterial and anti fungal. After thoroughly brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, I ran warm water on my mouth to open up the cracks and cuts on my lips. I dried my lips with a paper towel (careful to use different towels on each side of lips). I then carefully dabbed the cider vinegar with a q-tip and let it soak in. A few minutes later, I used a q-tip to cover my lips in vaseline. I then covered each corner of my mouth with a bandaid and went to sleep.

In the morning, there were yellow marks in the bandaid which I assume was the bad stuff being expelled from the wounds. I believe the cider vinegar began to kill off the bacteria/fungi.

A few days later, I read a different home remedy that suggested using concentrated dish soap (Palm olive, Fairy, etc) on the angular cheilitis. It kills off the bacteria/fungi and thoroughly dries out the area so that it can't return.

Again after cleaning the inside of my mouth, I let warm water open up the wounds. I rubbed the dish soap on my lips and let it sit for a minute. Then I used the warm water to gently rub off the soap. I used paper towels to dry my lips (careful not to cross-contaminate the wounds). You will probably feel a burning sensation as your lips dry - but bear with it. Ten minutes later, I applied neosporin cream to the cracks and vaseline on the rest of my lips. Again I covered the corners of my lips with bandaids and went to sleep.

After three days of treatment with the concentrated dish soap + neosporin, the angular cheilitis was almost completely healed. After each day there was less and less yellow liquid left on the bandaids in the morning. This treatment reduced the swelling after just one day and after two/three days the cracks were closing up.

Your lips will still probably be sensitive and prone to cracking, so continue to cover lips with vaseline (using q-tips and never your fingers!) throughout the day, avoid licking lips, try to maintain the anti fungal diet for a few weeks, and take daily multivitamin with b complex.

I do believe the cider vinegar started the healing process for me, but the concentrated dish soap and neosporin was the final blow to angular cheilitis.


I used vitamin E and goldenseal powder.I used a toothpick to poke a hole in the vitamin E gelcap and squeezed out the gel. I then mixed goldenseal powder until it was a thick paste. I smeared this paste over the affected area and covered with a bandaid to protect my pillow and hold it in place while I slept. When I woke up, the lesion was healed. I have also used this for cankor sores in the mouth. I put the paste in between my lip and gum over the sore and slept like that all night. It has a fairly strong taste in the mouth but every time I have used this method, the cankor was gone in the morning.

OR Suz

I've battled AC for a long time. In fact, it took years to realize what it actually was and that it had name.
I offer up what has worked best for me after much trial and error.
Forget Dr.s. Each and every one I've ever consulted, has never diagnosed me correctly, yet didn't think twice about prescribing some $pendy cream or ointment which, of course only exacerbated the problem, or masked the symptoms temporarily.
Double down on your B vitamins!
As a vegetarian who supplements irregularly (for shame), at the first sign, that little twitch, I know exactly what's coming if I don't nip it in the bud first.
Several years ago, just dosing on Bs and multis wasn't enough, so after a little reading, I realized iron was deficient, so now that's been added to the regimen with great success.
While waiting the few days for the flare-up to subside, I find Lysine+ (Lip Clear in a tube) to be highly effective in relieving the redness and soreness in the corners of my mouth.
Despite being advertised as a cold sore remedy (and we all know that's not what we have), it still soothes and aids in healing.
The company (Quantum) also manufactures Lysine in pills and capsules and though I don't really know the details of what it is or does, I take those, too, during an outbreak. (*Unrelated> My FIV+ kitty receives a capsule's contents mixed up in wet food daily and it's helping to keep him healthy. Magic stuff!)
Eliminating sugars and other processed foods is highly recommended just as consuming unadulterated fresh goods instead is advised.
Peace and be well!


I had Angular Cheilitis for months and nothing was working. I used chapstick, neosporin, a&d ointment, tea tree oil, antibacterial hand sanitizer, alcohol, everything. Everything helped and it would go away or heal for a day but then it would come back and split or peel. I finally found out about apple cider vinegar and tried that and I have had a completely normal mouth ever since. Its been at least a month.

My final remedy was to make sure I brushed and flossed really well before going to bed, then I would put apple cider vinegar on a q-tip and put it on the corners of my mouth for a few seconds, then I would put antibiotic ointment on the area. All day I would put vaseline or aquaphor on my lips and the corner of my mouth and tried to not lick my lips. This really works.

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