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For cracked corners on the mouth.
I tried Vaseline, washing with soap and the tee tree oil mixed with vitamin E and Vaseline. It didn't help much and didnt make the cracks disappear. I checked on the Polish forums about this problem and one recipe stood out. Crush a Vitamin B complex pill (I buy the dissolvable ones for kids at the health food store) crush it really good and mix it either with Vaseline or like I did with Nivea cream (the basic one in tiny metal containers). Wash the corners of the mouth well dry them and apply the mixture to your cracked corners in a thick layer overnight. Also the cracked corners indicate low iron levels and low Vitamin B 2 in your body so you need to make sure you take the multivitamin plus iron supplement (I had iron deficiency anemia so got the heavy dose of iron from my doctor) and Vitamin B complex. It is important to remember that vitamin B6 and B12 get destroyed by stomach acids so very little actually gets absorbed into your blood stream if you swallow it in a pill form. Health stores have the gummy versions and you need to eat them slowly this way more can actually be absorbed before it gets into your stomach. When I was just taking the iron and vitamins and using all other remedies I continued to have the cracked corners, they never really truly healed until I started with the mixture of the crushed vitamin B complex with the cream. I noticed a huge difference only after one night! I continued for about 4 days and was healed completely! Now I just need to not skip on the supplements and try to eat healthier. I hope this helps someone because I was already at my wits' end. I wanted to share this since it really helped me and it is an easy and natural way. Best of luck!


Zilactin- this is a miracle drug, hard to find but you can get it on amazon. About 7 bucks or so for a tube.

It is supposed to be for cold sores and is amazing for them as well. It is a gel that, when dry, forms a coating on the skin, keeping it dry. It also has something in it that kills viruses/bacteria/yeast. It is clear, so you can just put it on and forget about it. You do have to keep reapplying it periodically, however, as it will flake off after an hour or so. It has totally relieved the pain of the angular cheilitis, and dries it up.


Fortunately for me, I caught this early and only had to suffer the pain and embarassment for 2 weeks before I was completely rid of angular cheilitis. I had huge, deep cracks in both corners of my lips that hurt like crazy. I researched all kind of home remedies and through trial and error, this is what immediately started working for me. You need dish soap (such as palmolive or dawn), paper towels, and plain vaseline. Just gently scrub dish soap with water into cuts for a few minutes. Wash it out thoroughly. Dry with paper towels (make it really dry). Once dry, cover all affected areas with plenty of vaseline.

You should notice that this will start to improve the condition right away. But it's not an instant cure. You need to repeat it over and over again until it's all the way gone. I washed out my cuts every hour or so, and after every time I ate. I am now 100% free of angular cheilitis and I never want to go through that again. THIS REALLY WORKS! I wish I could post before and after pictures. I'm excited to add to this page so that anyone else who is suffering from this can get rid of it too. Good luck!



NEOSPORIN!!! is all you need.other than a more healthy diet.After trying nearly everything to get rid of this very embarrassing problem,one day I tried some neosporin just for the heck of it, out of desperation,and it WORKS!! put on a thin layer before bed and in a day or 2 you will see it going away. God Bless!


Please people. Don't put clotrimizole on it!!! Look at the ingredients!!! I wouldn't use that poison if I had all the yeast infections in the world at once!!!! Go all natural is honestly the best way chemicals are a no no especially for stuff like this!!! If its due to yeast, eat PLAIN GREEK LOWFAT yogurt. Organic and unsweetened. I use it for yeast infections and it WORKS. essential oils like tea tree and lavendar. Maybe peppermint( ppmnt works for maybe!) . To moisturizer use coconut oil it works soooo well and has medicinal properties, olive oil and then vitamin e also good.

Honestly your diet affects every single condition you get. Find triggers and cut it out. Eat healthier and you'll ind it works. Now a.c happens from a number of things. For my last flare up it was deficiency. Usually my anemic bouts produce bruising first so I didn't realize it til my nails started peeling and bruises formed after the a.c.. Remember vitamins can take up to a MONTH to work into your system depending on your metabolism and immune system.

I take iron( mine has extra bits in it for women)
Zinc( mine has copper)
Immunity helpers such as echinacea, goldenseal( separate not the mixed variety)
Vitamin b complex AND. A b12'
Vitamin c with bioflavanoids
And lysine
Along with my others I take.( magnesium, red marine algae, olive leaf extract, garlic, a women's biotin supplement for hair nails n skin, and I thhhiinnkk that's all lol)

I'd try an enzyme supplement too! I just got one for digestion but with 11 enzymes,.. And enzymes do a whole lot more than we know in our bodies!

Please, don't use stupid methods an joe shoe can submit. Bleach is one of the worst. Any remedy made by man is taking the good parts of the plant and synthesizing the rest. You need the WHOLE natural plant in herb or oil form for it to work! Take aspirin for example. They leave out a lot of the good and fill it with poison. Ever wonder how we or along hundred years ago without modern 'medicine'? Oh yeah.plants.

Good luck y'all!


I decided to post this in hopes of helping all those dealing with this ugly bothersome fungus.. I am 24 years old, and have hypothyrodism which could be the cause of angular cheilitis, my immune system is not the best, i am the worse eater out there and rarely drink any water, so i understand why 3 days ago i started noticing my first case of AC.. Let me just start by saying that i was going crazy, i have a wedding in 4 days and needed to get rid of this, i read every forum in this website along with many others and bought everything they recommended, i put it all on, monistad, vinegar, peroxide, jelly, carmex, w/e is named here i did.. Until i decided to search for this problem in spanish and see if they had any other remedies. And the spanish forums recommended something different. Its very simple all you need is baking soda, vinegar and honey, This is what you do, you mix the baking soda and the vinegar together, after washing the cuts properly with soap, disinfect with the mixture of vinegar and baking soda, wait about 5 minutes till it dries and then add honey to the affected area, you can add honey as much as you want, in fact they recommend to sleep with it. All i have to say is that i tried this and saw results immediately, the cuts were closing up and the area had no redness or swelling. They also recommend adding toothpaste for about 10 minutes but i did not need to do this. All im saying is, try it you won't regret it, i never post on forums but i felt like this time i should. Its an ugly lil fungus that makes you feel depressed and ashamed. You have nothing to loose and the best part is the process doesn't hurt.. Goodluck to everyone and pray for the best!!

Gone in 24 hours!!

After reading many posts, I decided to apply tea tree oil mixed with plain vaseline. (Take a tube of plain vaseline lip balm and a couple drops of tea tree oil and mix it together in a small jar) clean the site often with antibacterial hand soap and pat dry, and apply your little jar of tea tree balm. It was CHEAP and in only 24 hours, only a little rednesss remained. I continued, and 48 hours later it was like it was never there. Before I tried this, I was struggling for 3 months! YAY!


Because of your helpful tips, I used a product that I already had in my medicine cabinet (Derma e Skinbiotics, tea tree oil and vitamin e). I also took multivitamin and probiotic. It worked like a charm...But, like many of you, it never seems to go away completely and it sometimes flares up again. It occurred to me that, like a yeast infection, you have to keep treating it after it's gone. Also I wonder about cross-contamination of my tooth brush...I started rinsing it with peroxide...don't know if that is enough...we will see. Then do I have to get rid of all my chapsticks? thanks for the tips, though, it is really a lot better!!!


manuka honey liberally applied (under a plaster/dressing at night to avoid sticky pillow!)and frequent hand washing to avoid reinfection/spreading


I had this for two months and finally decided to read up on it on the internet to cure it. Much of what I am saying is a summary from others. Note I am not a doctor. This worked for me although there are many causes so it may not work the same for you. I think my root cause was extra dry lips that cracked and got saliva, fungus, and bacteria in the cracks from my mouth especially when I slept.

A. No amount of lip balm, moisturizer, or cold sore cures did anything (I tried them all!). I found the lip balm that worked best for my dry lips was Blistex medicated lip ointment. It didn't cure me but it made my lips feel good. Original Burts bees and carmex are nice too.

B. I bought a humidifier but I don't think that helped too much

C. I took a multi-vitamin, a B-Complex, Lysine and iron (sometimes) but they didn't cure it (I guess they didn't hurt it either). Most web posters think the B-Complex is the most important.

D. First I needed to kill the fungus and bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar seemed to work for the fungus and bacterial and so did Ethyl Alcohol (for the bacteria) but they were too harsh for my lips and irritated them (I never tried Bleach because that seemed harsh too).

E. I recommend keeping the corners clean with anti-bacteria soap (letting it dry) and then putting an anti-fugus cream on it like clotrimazole or Monistat three times a day. Not more because you you need to give it time to dry out and the cream keeps it moist. Putting Baking soda on it didn't do much of anything.

F. Also keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and rinsing with salt water or diluted hydrogen peroxide. It wont cure you but it will keep the fungus and bacterial out of it.

F. In between put a petrolatum based ointment on it if you need to so it doesn't keep cracking. Not a cream but an ointment worked the best. I used a triple antibiotic ointment. Some people like Aquophor, some people use vaseline, or vaseline with oils added.

G. In one week the fungus and bacterial were killed and the corners of my lips looked much better. After one more week I was able to get the cracks fully healed. It will take a third week for all of the redness to dis-appear. Give it time, if you slip -up t will crack again and you may have to start all over. Try not to eat big sandwiches and drink from straws :-).

H. To fully cure the cracks, at the end of week 2 and into week 3, so that it will heal more quickly and remove the redness more quickly, I used a Hydrocortisone ointment and some Vitamin E oil.

I hope this works for you. Take Care.....

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