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I had this condition which started off as bad chapped lips and then developed into deep dry cuts at the corner of my mouth. I had tried quite a few remedies, and I am happy to say that thanks to three simple ingredients and some patience, I am free of this condition completely. Here is what I did:

1: Washed the corners of my mouth with antibacterial dishsoap. This cleans the area and dries fast.

2: Once I dried the corners of my mouth with a clean paper towel, I applied a dab of lotrimin cream on the cuts. Make sure you do not cross contaminate if both of the corners of your mouth are infected. Use a clean swab for each side.

3: I washed my hands and then applied a dab of regular vaseline on top of the cuts to prevent cracking and add ease the pain.

I did this for 4 days, and the condition is completely gone! I definitely will be doing this a lot sooner when I notice this condition coming on. Hope you all find healing with this remedy.


I have been dealing with angular cheilitis for years now and it has been very frustrating. I never knew what the cause was until last year. Living in Colorado, it seemed I could tell when each new season would begin (especially winter) when the corners of my mouth would start to split.
I tried many different home remedies with little success. ACV just burned, was unpleasant smelling, and didnt do anything. Chapstick only helped to keep the area moist (which is opposite of what you want) but it helped aleviate pain during the day. Anti-fungal creams didnt do anything.

Then I found the prize winner. Right before bed (the sooner you catch the split in the skin the faster the healing) wash out the cracks with dawn dish soap to kill off all the bacteria inside, completely dry off area around split area with paper towel, let air dry the rest of the way while you're getting into bed, and then graciously apply neosporin to the area.
The next morning my split has already closed up. I then apply lip balm to my lips to keep them moist to detour my cuts to reopen from dry stretching. (Remember Colorado humidity is quite low)

Hope this works for you.


I had been dealing with AC for almost 6 months without treating it, because I thought it was just really chapped lips since i only had a slight cut in the corner of my mouth. About 2 weeks ago it started to spread to the rest of my lips and the cuts got so bad that I couldn't eat anything without my lips totally cracking and hurting a lot more. I tried tea tree oil and vaseline, but it turns out my lips HATE vaseline. They reacted pretty badly. I tried just applying Lip Medex (Blistex) but that just moisturized my lips and didn't make it worse, or better. I also tried monistat, but that didn't really make much of a difference either. I remembered that I had some 0.5 hydrocortizone left over from another skin irritation I had a couple years ago, so I tried that. Well I only had to use it for 2 days (applying it twice a day) and now all the cuts are healed, and I'm just applying Lip Medex to keep it hydrated so It can heal properly, and also get rid of the redness around my lips. I'm almost certain that by tomorrow morning it should be completely healed.

So in conclusion, there isn't one remedy that works for everyone. I definitely found this out in the past two weeks. It's all about trial and error. So to anyone who is dealing with AC, it really just takes patience, and trying different ointments, lotions, etc.

anyways, good luck! Hopefully my post will help someone :)


Thanks alot to everyone here!
I had this sh*t for a year now and nothing really helped at all. Then I tried the dishwashing soap thing + sudocrem and it completely cleared up in like 3 days.
You guys changed my live!


I have cracking above upper lip. Local honey is helping so far.


There's a good chance that many of you (like me) have a peri-oral dermatitis to the fluoride in you toothpaste. I tried a million remedies but it would always come back. Since changing to fluoride free toothpaste my lip area is almost normal.


I found that the best way to get rid of it is to
1. Increase your vitamin intake drastically, especially if you are experiencing this during winter with less sun. I prefer (and this is just personal preference)Centrum chewable tablets, and I eat 2-4 per day and drink heaps of water when I have this.
2. Dont use ANY cosmetics near the area. The vitamin increase should make your skin start looking pretty awesome anyway.
3. Keep the area moist. I use Vaseline or Lucas' Paw Paw and NOTHING ELSE. I have tried EVERYTHING on this, every lip gloss and treatment going. These are the only 2 that work for me.
4. Use (undearneath the vaseline) a baby mouth cream for baby thrush. This will address any candida problems you are having and washing with non-scented soap and drying 3-5 times per day before you apply will take care of bacteria.

Good Luck with it. This works for me.


I tried various home remedies (vitamin E, neopsporin, aloe vera0 and then for a special occasion felt impelled to go back to using the nystatin / steroid cream combo which got rid of the cuts in two days. I've overused the steroid cream over the past few years. Now I'm just left with an area of redness around the corner of the mouth, but more widespread than before. Someone on here suggested BB cream for coverage, and I order an expensive tube but when it arrived he had perfume and other chemicals, in addition to the natural ingredients so I'm afraid to use it. Does anyone know where to get something with no 'active' ingredients for coverage. I'm assuming even sun screen might inflame or irritate the areas.
Thanks so much!


What seemed to control it best for me was wiping the area with a 50/50 solution of table salt and water,then drying the area and applying Vagisal 3 times a day. This controlled it, but the redness remained. It went away completely after I was treated for a seemingly unrelated bacterial infection I did not realize I had. A 10 day course of the proper antibiotics took care of the bacterial infection and soon after the redness at the corners of the mouth disappeared.


I've found that I develop the cracks at side of mouth when I haven't drank enough water and especially when I am feeling run down. What has worked for me is to drink more water and use Lysine topical balm from Holland and Barrett. This balm is amazing. It's so cheap and great for cold sores too. There's also a Lysine supplement which helps. x

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