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I think my addiction to lip balm (its a real addiction!) and the constant application of it was the cause of my angular cheilitis. I noticed a dry patch on the corner of my mouth for some months before it flared up full force.

As I'm a big proponent of natural remedies I decided to apply apple cider vinegar. It made the flare up so much WORSE. (I did not apply vaseline on top, which I think is the reason why it made it worse...i'm not sure). So I gave in and went to the doctor. He prescribed me BONJELA and a cold sore medication called ZOVIRAX. He told me that there was no possible way that mine was a fungal infection because my mouth looked healthy and candida free overall. So he assumed mine was purely bacterial. He prescribed the cold sore cream as a 'precaution' but I seriously doubted its usefulness as it was NOT a cold sore. I didn't even really apply it at all and cured myself.

I did not rely on my prescription creams only. I also applied BAKING SODA onto my cuts, (mixed with one of my prescription creams/vaseline to make a paste so that it stuck on there). I would coat it with vaseline to trap the baking soda in the cuts. And I believe that this sped up the recovery. Baking soda is amazing.

Before I applied anything onto my cuts, I washed them every time with concentrated dish soap like DAWN or PALMOLIVE, patting dry with separate tissues to prevent cross contamination. I read up that this is effective in killing all the bacteria. I also read a method of washing the cuts with dish soap, letting it dry completely, then coating the area in vaseline. This is very effective as well.

My cuts are all pretty much healed in FOUR days. I used a combination of treatments just to play it safe: The prescription creams from my doctor, and natural remedies such as BAKING SODA. I washed with antibacterial dish soap EVERY time.

People -- try to go to a doctor first, heed their advice, then also apply your natural remedies on top. I believe this is a sure way to get rid of your angular cheilitis. I applied apple cider vinegar improperly for two days and by the time i visited my doctor the condition was 20X worse.


I just developed sores at the corners of my mouth. I started taking L-Lysine (an amino acid necessary for human health)and can say that I noticed relief almost immediately.


After giving birth to my son over two years ago I got this sore in the corner of my mouth. I could get rid of it for short amounts of time. Then it appeared on the crease of my nose and the crease of my ear lobe.I tried everything I could find on the internet, creams, tea tree oil,vinegar, supplements. My doctor said to take zinc. With my second pregnancy it got worse. It would not go away. Finally I added daily greens to my diet, kale, baby spinach and green lettuces. It went away and I can tell if Im not eating enough greens cause it starts to come back. I was obviously deficient in something probably cause of being pregnant and breastfeeding my body needed something I wasnt getting. I am so thankful not to have those awful sores anymore!


I have had AC for almost 3 years. I have tried all kinds of stuff without much success. Two things that are working for me are sleeping on my back as apparently I drool in my sleep (yes, gross but not uncommon) and I got a presciption for Oxistat cream from the Dermatologist. Dont expect a family doctor or even a dentist to know what to do - this is a skin problem. The cream, along with keeping it clean with Hydrogen peroxide, sleeping on my back, and not allowing moisture to remain on my lips, has helped me a lot! Best wishes to anyone who is suffering as I am....


After years of dealing with angular chelitis using all the products, creams and ointments around, I have figured out what worked for me.
It was the food I put in my body! I started an anti candida diet. Basically, no sugars, starches, wheat, grains, fruits, alcohol and coffee. Only an abundance of fresh vegetables, organic protiens and salads. Within a week the cracks on my mouth dissapeared. I'm continuing on a deeper level of fighting the candida that I can't see, and working to balance out my bodies natural ecology (to have the good bacteria in abundance to stop the candida coming back).
I used the Body Ecology Diet as my basis. I am not affiliated with this company, nor being paid to make any endorsements. Its certainly not a magic pill, and does take some effort BUT It's amazing that the simplest of approaches are often the best. Hope this helps.


I have experienced this annoying dry and red patch on the side of my mouth for almost 6months!!! Nothing helped I tired paw paw, Vaseline leaving it to dry out but it kept coming back, I finally bought 'DermAid' 0.5%cream and the redness and dryness went away in literally a few days! It was a life saver.
I bought it from Chemist Warehouse in Australia but I'm sure many other chemists or pharmacies would have this in stock.


I've been strugglingn with this on and off for several years. I've tried everything. This time around, I tried out A+D ointment. It really keeps the moisture out, is less greasy, and stays on better than vaseline. After 2 days of using A+D, the cracks are almost completely healed! I'm so grateful that I gave this stuff a shot. Maybe it'll work for you too!


I have been dealing with this for about 3 weeks. I have tried washing corners of mouth with antibacterial soap, dabbing with peroxide or alchohol, antifungal cream, monistat, cortisone, aquaphor and vaseline to keep moist, lysine, vit B complex....anything! I finally did break down and call my dr., who prescribed dipropionate cream USP (clotrimazole and betamethasone). I used it last night and woke up this morning able to open my mouth for the first time in weeks without the corners re-cracking. What a difference....I am still taking the Vit B complex, after reading how it has helped so many on here..can't hurt.


I have had it twice in the past few weeks, and both times it was after using a certain lip gloss- sounds weird- but I rarely use lip gloss and the two times I used it, both times, i get the painful crack in the side of my mouth. Not sure if it is an allergic reaction, or a coincidence, but rarely EVER have I had this, so I am thinking the two are corrolated. I found that using plain ole Blistex helps with the pain and helps with the healing. The blistex that is in the little metal tub-


I have had undiagnosed Celiac for years. And angular cheilitis off and on for the past ten years . I never knew what it was or it’s cause. Cracking bleeding bright red.
I agree with the soap vaseline method. I also apply rubbing alchohol even though it may burn. I did’nt like the idea of putting a petroleum product on my face or near my mouth. So what I now use which in my opinion is the best. COCONUT OIL it’s antibacterial ,anti fungal. NoN Toxic. It works great! Good luck.

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