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I was prescibed Alcortin A gel by a dermatologist a few years back for AC. It is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial gel. Works wonders for me. The minute I sense an outbreak, I apply it so it never gets out of control.


I had this for about 4 weeks on both corners of my mouth :( I came up with a combo of 4 things & mixed them together and applied it 3-4 times a day...I shower regularly and use no make-up at all while it was healing up...and after 3 days I can barely see it anymore!!!!!!!!!! In the next 2 or so days it will be completely gone thanks to my combo of creams I used...I got a little bowl & put nyastatin, vasaline, triple anti-biotic, and hydrocortisone cream 1%, and mixed them all together and I have my home remedy cream for my condition!!!! I can't believe it worked, after 4 very long weeks I am very satisfied with the results!!! Good Luck to you


Balmex and witch hazel helped me along with changing my toothbrush and taking a multivitamin and b12. Gone in about a week


L-LYSINE!!!its an amino acid thats essential to the body. when i read about it i immediately went and checked to see if it was in my protein and sure enough it was so i downed like 5 shakes haha. went and bought a bottle of 1000mg l-lysine pills at about 4pm. i took 3 of them through out the rest of the day. when i woke up i could open my mouth almost all the way! im going to continue taking these pills until its all healed. hope this helps


One remedy I didn't see listed here is Listerine-the amber colored type. Apparently it's both anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal. I applied some with a cotton ball a few times a day, let it dry, and covered the affected area with Vaseline. HUGE improvement in 2 days. I had been fighting this for several months, and even after several doctor's visits and multiple prescriptions, the crud kept coming back. Who would've guessed something we probably have in our bathrooms anyway could be such a great cure all?!


Woke up with bright red patches at the corners of my mouth. Later in the day I looked closer and saw the splits and felt the discomfort. After looking online I was scared because it seems to be a chronic problem that I might have to deal with forever. I've already cut out a great deal of white sugar from my diet due to thrush. I take B12 because daily but had missed taking them for a few days. After reading some information it did state that a possible cause was B12 deficiency so I doubled the amount taken that day. As well I'd seen something on Dr. Oz about the benefits of applying Vit E on skin directly from the capsule by piecing a hole and squeezing out the gel. Think that was advice from Martha Stewart. Tried it and the red went away the next morning. I still felt the tears a bit so the next day took the B12 and applied the Vit E. I have no sign of the problem now and am monitoring daily. Can't swear that helped but think this worked for me. Good Luck


Over the last few years, I visited this site many times to find a remedy for my angular cheilitis. It started when I wore braces a few years ago, but still happens occassionally (even with braces gone), especially in the winter. Prevention is KEY, since once it happens, it's darn near impossible to get rid of. I tried many many remedies posted here, but surprisingly the one that worked - a $1 solution - Carmex Lip balm (the regular stick with the tube, not the sqeeze gloss or pot)! Not sure why it works so well (i had my doubts since it has camphor and menthol and 'burns' a bit when applied), but it actually healed the sores. I use a q-tip and apply a large dab at the corners of my mouth overnight and by morning, it's nearly healed. When I'm not having a outbreak, I use it regularly to prevent the problem. Plain petroleum jelly, other lip balms, anti-fungals, etc didn't work at all - in fact, they seemed to exacerbate the problem. It's a minor investment and worth a try for such a stubborn life-affecting problem!


I have had anuglar cheilitis on and off for the past 2 years but this time it lasted longer then usual and just wouldnt go away. I noticed that it was directly linked with my bad eating habits as well as stress and even weather changes. Obviously eating better is the best solution but to cure this fungus/bacteria/inflamation I used Monistat Derm vaginal cream. I know it can sound weird but seriously do yourself a favor! Monistat is an antifunfal cream that you can purchase at any pharmacy. I have been geneously applying the cream up to 15 times a day on my mouth corners. Try to have it coverd with the cream as much as you can. It took about 4 days to leave and on the 3rd day it looked worst then before but don't loose hope. Good luck!

TinTin Co

I did have angular cheilitis for almost a month. I thought I was just dehydrated. I kept researching about my case and this disease could either be caused by bacteria and/or fungi. That's the slit at the corners of your mouth will not be healed by applying petroleum jelly. Petroleum hydrates your skin but it can't kill bacteria and fungi. I also tried bactroban but it also didn't work because it's only for killing bacteria.

knowing that this disease could either be caused by bacteria or fungi, you need a medicine that is not only anti-bacteria or anti-fungal. You need a medicine that kills both. My roommate recommended a certain medicine which is Betnovate cream/ Betamethasone valerate which I found out was anti-bacteria and anti-fungal! :) The slit at the corners of my mouth was healed after 2 days. Thank God! :D This medicine can be bought in any drugstore. It's an over the counter medicine. I know the feeling of having this disease and that's why I want to help. Don't let the slit last for months or years. If you're in doubt, research on the medicine I recommended. It's really true! :)


I think my addiction to lip balm (its a real addiction!) and the constant application of it was the cause of my angular cheilitis. I noticed a dry patch on the corner of my mouth for some months before it flared up full force.

As I'm a big proponent of natural remedies I decided to apply apple cider vinegar. It made the flare up so much WORSE. (I did not apply vaseline on top, which I think is the reason why it made it worse...i'm not sure). So I gave in and went to the doctor. He prescribed me BONJELA and a cold sore medication called ZOVIRAX. He told me that there was no possible way that mine was a fungal infection because my mouth looked healthy and candida free overall. So he assumed mine was purely bacterial. He prescribed the cold sore cream as a 'precaution' but I seriously doubted its usefulness as it was NOT a cold sore. I didn't even really apply it at all and cured myself.

I did not rely on my prescription creams only. I also applied BAKING SODA onto my cuts, (mixed with one of my prescription creams/vaseline to make a paste so that it stuck on there). I would coat it with vaseline to trap the baking soda in the cuts. And I believe that this sped up the recovery. Baking soda is amazing.

Before I applied anything onto my cuts, I washed them every time with concentrated dish soap like DAWN or PALMOLIVE, patting dry with separate tissues to prevent cross contamination. I read up that this is effective in killing all the bacteria. I also read a method of washing the cuts with dish soap, letting it dry completely, then coating the area in vaseline. This is very effective as well.

My cuts are all pretty much healed in FOUR days. I used a combination of treatments just to play it safe: The prescription creams from my doctor, and natural remedies such as BAKING SODA. I washed with antibacterial dish soap EVERY time.

People -- try to go to a doctor first, heed their advice, then also apply your natural remedies on top. I believe this is a sure way to get rid of your angular cheilitis. I applied apple cider vinegar improperly for two days and by the time i visited my doctor the condition was 20X worse.

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