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9 Home Remedies for Skin Cancer

Jennifer P

Vitamin C and Skin Cancer

I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) by a professional skin doctor back in 2010. BCCs are abnormal, frenzied growths that arise in the skin’s basal cells. Basal cells line the deepest layer of the epidermis skin which is the outermost layer. BCCs often look like open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars and is usually caused by sun exposure. The doctor explained to me that I would have to deal with BCC for most of my life since I have been a longtime fan of tanning beds and natural sun, doubled with the fact that I am pale skin with freckles.
BCC almost never spreads (metastasizes) beyond the original tumor site. Only in exceedingly rare cases can it spread to other parts of the body and become life-threatening. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, though: it can be disfiguring if not treated promptly.
There are many forms of treatment. The most common treatments, though effective, tend to leave scarring or can take months to cure if using a topical treatment. Most can be covered by insurance, but at the time of my diagnoses, I didn’t have insurance and it would have cost me over $3000.00 USD dollars for a single lesion removal. I couldn’t afford that, nor continue later since I would be dealing with this for life.

So, I researched instead.

During my research I continually came across a chemical that seemed to be the base of all topical treatments – ascorbic acid, or commonly known as vitamin C. So, I decided to give it a try. And guess what - It works!

In short, vitamin C is lethal to cancer cells. It does not harm healthy cells though. If anything, they help the healthy cells and promote positive scar free healing. Vitamin c has been used in animal testing since the 60’s and they have found that its uses, wither it be taken via intravenous, topically, or orally ingested, has slowed the growth of many forms of cancer. High doses of Vitamin c is difficult to overdose on also because your body doesn’t store it and can get complete used in one moment of stress.

I have found this product to work amazingly! However, I am not a doctor, so I cannot say that each person will have the same outcome. Test in small areas is my recommendations and keep away from eyes – vitamin c stings! These steps were for external use only, no internal use was done and outcome is unknown if attempted.
Locate the lesion. For me, that usually consists of small spot that doesn’t fully heal. For my example here, I decided to work on a mole that I didn’t have before.
Needed items:
- Plastic mixing container
- Ascorbic acid power
- Water (distilled or filter for best and safer results)
- Bandages (I prefer fabric bandages)
1) Purchase 100% pure Ascorbic Acid.
2) Prepare mixture. Do not create more than what is needed because it may lose its potency in time. Pour a portion of the ascorbic acid powder into the plastic mixing container and slowly add enough water until the powder turns into a workable paste.

3) Take paste and smear directly onto the lesion.

4) Cover lesion with bandages.

5) Add drops of water to every few hours to reactivate the Ascorbic Acid.
1) Remove and change bandage and clean irritated area with soap and water as much as needed to keep out bacteria.
2) Do not pick at scab – this will cause scars. Let nature takes its natural course in healing.
3) Not required, but I personally took 2000 mg of vitamin C daily
4) The lesion may grow depending on how far you spread the paste. The cancer you see on your skin is merely the tip of its original size. So it’s bigger beneath the skin. The more you spread the paste, the more area you will clear.
1) You can use as much or as little of this paste as you want – it all depends on how much pain you can take. Keep in mind that you are putting acid on an open wound. If you can’t handle the pain, then STOP. You can simply allow the patch to heal then reapply later. This is also a good way to make sure you got all the cancer. If the patch gets red and angry again, then more cancer exists. If there is no reaction from your skin, the cancer is gone.

1) The lesion will become irritated, red, and very tender to the touch. It will get bigger then the original lesion depending how much of the paste you spread.
2) The lesion may produce acne looking bumps
3) After about 2 weeks, the lesion went from original, to angry, to scab, to healed with mole gone.

Note: I’d like to patent and produce a product to help others. Safety Skin is a bandage that allows air flow and comes with water-based vitamin c ointment to heal the cancer on your skin.


I submitted the last post on my success with Lugol's Solution for the treatment of my squamous cell carcinoma on the front of my shoulder. Once again i have had success removing a scc on my leg and forearm. This time i used a 7% iodine solution which i needed a prescription for from my Dr, and had it filled at my favourite compounding chemist. They post around Australia. I used the same regime as before in my last post. If anyone is interested and needs information contact me via this site and i will email you.


I am a 55 year old female who has had recurrent skin cancer. I have previously had my Scc's cut out by the Skin Specialist. Recently a lump on the front of my shoulder began growing rapidly and looked like my previous Scc's. Worried about its rapid growth i tried to get an appointment with the Skin Specialist, but because it was near Christmas there were none available. I started researching home treatments, and came across an interesting article on using topical iodine. I started treatment immediately, and to my surprise 6 weeks later my cancer has disappeared completely. I applied the iodine with a small brush to the skin cancer at least 3 to 4 times a day until the cancer was dark brown. Layers of skin over the area will peel, just keep applying the iodine until the area is clear. Occasional stinging is normal and will subside. Do not cover the area unless you have to. The great thing is i have no scar, looks like nothing had ever been there.


Paint with clear nail polish, repeat as necessary to keep the area covered until it peels off and shows healthy skin {About two weeks}


After 5 weeks of trials I can now confirm that iodine tincture actually works. During this period 3 separate layers of skin actually came off independently before the cancer was completely gone. In the past as stated I simply had them burned off with nitrogen but they always returned, hopefully this time they will stay gone.
Interesting side effect noticed is that after the nitrogen the skin on the back of the hands returned as wrinkled as ever (been in the sun 60+ years) but now, after the iodine, the treated patches which cover about half the hand are as smooth as a baby's bum. If I hadn't told everybody for years that wrinkles (and a broken nose) add character to a person I might just consider taking 3 baths a day in the stuff :-)


As an Aussie I've suffered from this type of skin cancer on the back of my hands for years. Up till recently I simply went to the quack and he burned them off with Liquid nitrogen. Now i'm trying something I was told about long ago which is 7% solution iodine tincture 3 or 4 times a day and strangely enough it seems to be working. Hellish slow though compared with the nitrogen. Used to live next to a farmer that used the fruit of the Apple of Sodom (Solanum linnaeanum) on skin cancers around the eyes of his cattle and he swore it always worked but in their wisdom the West Aus Government declared this a noxious Weed and had it virtually eradicated. Strangely enough when it became almost impossible to find in the wild the gov gave a private company permission for 'trial plots' to test for medicinal properties. Also known as Afgan thistle, bitter apple, black-spined nightshade, devil's apple, poison apple. Disclaimer...All remedy's I have uploaded to this site are for historical purposes only as here under the 'Therapeutic Goods Act' I cannot even suggest someone try a bucket of water if their a**e is on fire.

Rebecca Brown

I have been diagnosed and treated for sun-caused skin cancer, or the epidermal variety. This remedy is NOT for melanoma or basal cell cancer.
I was quite ill and weak from a chemical poisoning and all kinds of infection for 5 years. During that time, with my immune system so fragile, I could not tolerate the surgery required even for the simple graft I would need for the removal of the cancer on my nose. My homeopath recommended an ointment of stinging nettle, Urtica Urens, type.
I applied it several times a day, wore a hat and a band-aid and stayed out of the sun. In about 8 weeks, the open sore was healed and the redness gone.
I had other occurances that responded the same.
I have since successfully used the treatment on 8 other people. It worked on seven spots that appeared to be cancers and not on the eighth lesion which turned out to be a basal cell cancer.
The herb Urtica Urens is used to treat burns. I can only guess that the sun caused cancer begins on burn damaged skin. The herb seems to trigger burn healing even though cells have mutated into cancer. It is remarkable that so few people seem to know about this highly effective application.
I was using a common American made homeopathic ointment, but it was petroleum based and I am sensitive to that poison. I now have found a source in New Zealand, the Weleda Company, where you can purchase an ointment with a more inert base oil. It does contain propylene glycol, but is a very high quality potent creme, very effective.
I am so grateful to find a forum to reach people with this affordable and body friendly option.
I still have flare-ups and I avoid exposure always, but skin cancer is not a threat any more.


Glycoalkaloid ointment was developed in Australia (search for Curaderm) and is used there to remove basil cell and squamous cell skin cancers. You can purchase the ointment from called Skin Advantage. There is a book called One Answer to Skin Cancer that tells the whole story but it is out of print. Still available on Amazon from used booksellers. I have used this ointment and know others who have used it and it is very effective. It will do the job. It will also remove keretosis. The ointment will not affect healthy tissue.

Tina from Tipton Co. TN

for skin cancer mix hemmroid cream with flour of sulfur into a paste. spread it over the sore. It will not cure it only slow down the spread of the cancer. My grandfather has had skin cancer for 32 years and uses this paste everyday.

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