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Deodorant Marks Home Remedies

4 Home Remedies for Deodorant Marks


Use a make-up sponge (the kind that come in triangles or circles)and wipe off deodorant marks. Voila!


stockings are great for more than just holding everything in!! ive noticed the other two suggestions obviously benifit those unfortunate people whos marks are recent. but no matter the time of day or discovery, if you rub stickings on any material with the horrible marks, itll come right off!!!

good luck!


just rub your shirt together if you dont care or use a similar fabric to the shirt you are wearing. it'll take the marks right off


If you're wearing black and you have deoderant marks, just take your hair dryer and dry the white spot for a few seconds itll dissappear-- and it wont evaporate the deodorant on you if you dont take too long!

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