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3 Home Remedies for Weight Reduction


you just stop taking sugar for minimum 2 months n it will show u a drastic change in our gym no exercise.. juz leave sugar..


I was overweight since childhood. My diet was very high in carbs and sugars. I was tired all the time. My mom and 2 siblings are diabetic so I decided I needed to start taking care of myself. I started 'eating healthy' and not only did I feel much better, the weight began to come off. For breakfast I had either a bowl of cereal or 1 egg and 1 slice toast. For lunch all the salad I cared for, 4 ounces lean meat. For dinner salad, 1 ssrving vegetable and 4 ounces lean meat. For snacks I had fresh fruit. I also drank lots of water.

Harini Suresh

Rather than going to the gym everyday and spending hours together working out, Yoga is the best way for weight reduction. All the parts of the body gets stretched and becomes flexible by doing the Aasanas. Moreover in the long run especially for Women these Aasanas helps you to lead a healthy life. This is my personal experience. Wish you all a happy life!!!

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