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52 Home Remedies for Cellulite


LADIES listen up!! Encouragement Coming:

I am 6ft tall, 140lbs and insanely athletic. I run, I workout and eat healthy, with the occasional margarita. I have been blessed with a very athletic looking physique BUT I have been fighting cellulite as long as I can remember. I don't have a lot, on the back of my thighs right under my buns and it makes me so self conscious!! I read all these cellulite coffee wraps and THEY WORK! Immediate results! BUT WARNING: apply evenly! I simply used coffee grounds, a little sea salt for coarseness, and some olive oil. Results after my first treatment, but I applied unevenly and actually reshaped one of my thighs. 2nd treatment applied evenly took care of it but heads up. Hope this helps you guys. It makes me smile and will skyrocket your self confidence!


I am also one of those 'skinny' people with cellulite. I've tried creams, but it can get very expensive since you have to keep doing it otherwise they cellulite comes back. Has anybody bought any books or 'cellulite systems' that they can recommend? How much do they go for? And how much should I be willing to pay? Don't want to overpay.
Thanks in advance for your help.


It works people.. But what I did was a little different. And it's absolutely amazing!

Coco butter.. The cream in the 15oz jar. Not huge bottle of the lotion.
Raw cane sugar. The brown kind with big crystals
Coffee. A caffeinated dark roast. (better it smells, the better you'll smell. :))

In large bowl. Scrape out coco butter cream.
Add half the box of cane sugar. (it's alot, it will look similar to tapioca pudding,)
I used a 10 oz bag of coffee. (cheapest on the shelf because I am a broke college kid)
Make coffee grounds finer if you want to (I did)
Add all but about 2 oz (bottom inch or two of the bag)
Stir in a little at a time.
Wa-la. It's a miracle. Put this black salt scrub back into the original container. And you WILL have extras. So tuperwear or whatever to store the rest.

Now go to the shower.
Wash hair, put in conditioner. Just pull it into a pony and Leave it in :)
Let hot water beat on your cellulite areas for a few minutes. For me it was my inner thighs and stomach.

Shut off water. Apply Scrub to cellulite areas. Be generous. After your body parts are covered (you'll feel like you're one with the amazon) begin to message and exfoliate the skin. It's a bit rough but it's worth every flinch. :)
Massage. Massage. Massage! Butt. Legs. Tummy. Calves. Arms. Wherever.
Do this for at least 10 minutes. (bring a radio)

When finished rubbing. Turn water on.
Wash from top to bottom. Feel smooth? :)
You may have tiny bits of coffee on you're skin but that's okay!
Do not try to was oily feeling from skin.
Pat dry with towl. Look in mirror.

Your skin will look beautifully shiny, and you WILL see a huge difference in the dimples on your skin!

Contact me at with questions, or any success stories please!
Ladies you are beautiful.


I am pretty slim. I weigh only 127 pounds and I am 5'5' tall. I do have big butt, though, which I like. I exercise and eat healthy but I do have a cellulite that got worde over the years.
I started making these wraps with equal amounts of epsom salt and coffee grinds (used). I mix them together, add a bit of water to get a paste, put it on my thighs and butt and wrap them with a plastic food wrap. I put tight shorts over in and walk around the hous doing chores for abour haf hour. 2-3 times a week and my cellulite is reducing nocieably. However, it's hard to be consistent with it, when you're busy. Plus, it's really messy, so you need to do in the tub. It also drips when you walk around, so you need to wrap a paper towel or something arounf your knees. You don't want coffee to stain your carpets while you walk around with it.


Grab an orange and stick it inside and massage your legs with it daily while watching tv,sitting down, or on the shower drink plenty of water and you'll see how it minimizes in weeks


This home remedy is temporary if your going to wear shorts go swimming a dance etc. So what you do is mix baking soda and water and mix that until it is not watery and not too hard then put some coffee grinds in it put this on your skin it is messy so go in the bathroom rub it on until all the effected spots are covered now do this at night wash it off when you wake up and you'll notice a difference after three days it went away for me but this is fine until I find another waycto keep it gone


cocoa & honey. Mix 1 pkg. hot cocoa mix with 3 tablespoons of honey. Make a paste, smear it on butt, thighs & stomach. Let set for 20 minutes.(I used to wash my hair in the bathroom sink to pass the time) Wash off with warm water in shower.(It will NOT clog your melts)


So one day I relized that the same time I was losing weight i was gaining cellulite!! Which is weird but anyways I was looking at home remedies and I saw a lot of people said coffee grinds well what I did is I took coffee grounds and took this lotion it's um st Ives cellulite cream I mixed in coffee grinds with the lotion and I put it on my skin and I kept it on overnight then cellulite really improved you must wear baggy clothes or wrap it so your skin grabs all the coffee grinds or else it will rub off on your clothes also just rub it a little bit ya know and then wash it off the next morning if this dosnt work for you I'm sorry but I hope it does you can get the lotion at walmart for five bucks


Take regular baths in Epsome Salt (especially nice after a good workout because it soothes your muscles too so you reduce cellulite and you won't be sore!)

and of course proper diet and exercise

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So i am 17 and have stretch marks and cellulite . I weight 110 pounds talk about unfair right? Anyways i came across using coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite because of the caffenine in them they tighten skin while expoliating .. (sorry for the terrible spelling) just mix some used coffee grounds with some olive oil or warm water amd rub on ur skin.. Put a towel down its messy .. Leave on for a few mins u can also wrap plastic wrap around it for like 10 mins and then shower off.. My marks and cellulite have really improved.. Repeat a couple times a week . Good luck ladiess

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