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3 Home Remedies for Runny Nose


Natural Sea Salt works. My son had a runny nose for practically the first 2 years of his life! Go to Holland and Barratt and buy some Nat-Mur.

Tiny Natural sea salt pills which taste like sugar. His runny nose finally left and it cured (for six months at least) my little girls flakey scalp where doctors failed every time. Look up Nat-mur, it can help with hundreds of ailments!


When my son started teething he had the typical runny nose. So my mom told me to use sea salt (natural). Mixed with warm water. Basically making your own saline and putting a few drops in the nose and then using the surenge to get access mucous out of the nose. And it worked perfectly. Use once or twice a day as needed.


Eucalyptus is a main ingredient in many of the vapor rubs on the market. But if you can't use them for some reason or another (allergic to the other ingredients or something) then you can use the following substitutes:
burning eucalyptus scented incense. if you can't burn incense due to breathing issues or just don't want the smoke around you can make a spray. using eucalyptus essential oil in a basic room/linnen spray is quite easy. depending on the size of the spray bottle, you'll need only about 3-6 drops of oil. fill the rest of the bottle with water, and spray around room as needed. it is completely safe to spray on clothing and pillows as well. not only does the scent open up your sinuses, but it also lends a nice clean scent to the air that others can benefit from as well.

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