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I was able to cure all of the 10 ulcers on the lower halves of both my lower legs by taking a 50/50 combination of 50 mg of niacinamide and 50 mg of nicotinic acid (usually labeled just 'niacin') per day, together. Apparently, in my case, too much of one form of Vitamin B3 can sufficiently displace the other form of B3 so as to interfere with the latter form's different nutritional activity. Nutritional scientists currently believe that nicotinic acid and niacinamide can be completely interchanged as far as nutritional results are concerned. But this belief has turned out to be absolutely untrue in my case because I find that I am in very big trouble if I don't take both of the above indicated forms of Vitamin B3 in equal amounts. History ---- In 1995 the lower halves of both my lower legs started turning reddish brown, and became swollen. The doctors could not find the cause of the problem. In 1996 one ulcer developed on my lower right leg. In 1997 several ulcers developed on the lower halves of both my lower right legs. In 2001, after trying many nutritional options, I was steered toward trying niacinamide and nicotinic acid in equal amounts, together. At 50 mg each, this combination slowly but surely (a year or so) cured all my ulcers, and removed all the swelling in those areas. But the peculiar skin discoloration mostly remained, although it too appears to be very slowly sloughing off, somewhat like sunburn peeling, but in thicker pieces. In 2005, as part of a physical exam, a new doctor said the discolored skin condition was Scleroderma. At the time I assumed he was simply saying, in Latin terminology, just what was visible there, namely 'hard skin'. It wasn't till some time later that I learned that that hard skin was a symptom of a serious systemic disease, which disease I probably have because I have a very persistent, but mild, cough and somewhat drippy nose.

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