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Yesterday, I woke up with ringworm ALL OVER MY BODY. I tried an over-the-counter antifungal--Clotrimazole 1%. It gave me some relief for a couple of hours, but it took the whole tube to cover all of my body and this morning I did not see any visible improvement. If anything, it was worse because it spread to my eyes.

Anyways I came on here and read all the remedies. I decided to try the Monistat (Miconazole Nitrate 2%). But then I noticed LOTRIMIN (jock itch spray!) has the same active ingredient. So I bought that and sprayed my entire body this morning. The areas calmed down considerably within an hour or two and the itching too!

The spray was so much easier to use than having to spread cream every place (possibly spreading it more). I did use some Monistat for my eyelids, however, since they were inflamed with it too.

I'm not healed, but am feeling soooooo much better a mere 12 hours later.

Lotus Khola

My doctor prescribed Ketoconazole and an anti biotic tablets for me. He has given it 15days. I hope it works for you


I have gotten the dreadful ringworm for the first time I thought it was just a bug bite but soon learned it was indeed ringworm ... Going to the dr. Was not an option for me . My remedy : Blue Star ointment , iodine ,peroxide , bandages . The iodine cleaned while the peroxide dried out the fungus and the blue star helped with the itching and helped heal... Using this combination (2xa day ) made the ringworm clear up within 3 days

person who was severely afflicted by ringworm

Garlic juice and Saran wrap. Buy a ton of garlic, juice it (with a juicer), paint yourself with it, and immediately cover with Saran wrap. Garlic juice is VERY potent and can give you chemical burns, so be careful. It will hurt, but it won't fail.


For ringworm treatment, use a yeast infection cream. I've had this ringworm for about 5 days, used Blue Star Ointment for 3 days. While the ointment relieved the pain and itching, the ringworm was raging! I used Monostat external vulvar cream (miconazole nitrate cream 2%); after 2 applications last night it is practically gone this morning!


Thank you! I have had a patch of ringworm on my leg for months and have used all manner of lotions, potions, oils, salves and all combinations of the above - all to no avail. I tried the garlic remedy I read about on your website and it's going! Rubbing the garlic on the site made it sting like hell for a few minutes, but almost immediately the itching stopped (bliss). I've only rubbed the garlic in three times but it seems to have done the trick. Fantastic!!!


OK. So I must say that I love this website. Yesterday I was frantic, way beyond the point of tears. I tend to panic over things that out of my control. I've been suffering from a combination of ringworm and eczema. I Read here that you use Blue Star Ointment for the ringworm. I purchased this last night and I woke up this morning with some of the patches practically gone. I paid 4.99 for this product so needless to say it was cheap. After the application my skin turned red and it was burning so I recommend purchasing an Antihistamine along with this Product (Benadryl) so you dont try and itch the skin while the ointment works its magic! <3
Trust me you wont be Disappointed. Im still going to see my dermatologist today because I need to know the source of my skin issues. but Im definitely a much happier campier. Thanks @Myhomeremedies!!!


I must join the conversation. In December I contracted what appears to be ringworm around my neckline after a visit to the barbershop. As fate would have it, the rash spread along my neckline and was quite irritating. Went to the doctor and was prescribed meds....didn't work. Got some over-the-counter treatments...hasn't worked. On Sunday, I checked this website for alternative treatments and I am so glad I did! The method I chose was: I scrubbed the rashes with a pumice stone to open the skin. Cleaned the area. I then took a cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar and gently rubbed it over the affected area and let it dry. Afterwards, I opened a capsule of garlic oil and rubbed it into the affected area. I did the vinegar and garlic oil three times a day. Today is Wednesday and the rash is almost completely more itching and the size of each ringworm has decreased and smoothed out. Thank you for the help. Oh what a relief it is!!!!


For ringworm, aka tinea, instead of waiting Weeks or months to kill the fungus, I used a dab of the vaginal yeast over the counter cream (Vagisil, Monistat, etc.) It was gone after ONE treatment on my sons back.


I get ringworm occasionally (I don't know from where). The best (and cheapest) treatment I have found is vinegar - cheap plain white vinegar is fine. Soak a paper towel (or rag, make-up removal pad, etc.) in the vinegar and wipe the affected area as necessary (the more you do it the faster the ringworm disappears). I did it 6 times a day over the weekend and it had cleared up by Monday. This was after 3 weeks of various creams both over the counter and prescribed by my ex-doctor. Ringworm likes an alkaline environment. Also avoid using soap on the infected area as it is alkaline and only encourages the ringworm

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