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For ringworm and similar parasites such as microscopic mites that cause acne type skin and scalp pimples that resist all treatment. Run the shower water as hot as you can possibly stand it on the affected area. Repeat daily until it clears up. I discovered this after 48 years of itchy scalp sores and 20 or more Doctor treatment failures.


My daughter and I and our dog got ringworm. Old wives tell use a green walnut shell. Use the oil from it. It Burns like hell but it works. Also the lamisil pill from a doctor


So, one of the kids in our church has ringworm and I end up being infected because his mom didn't treat it (for whatever reason). I looked up home remedies and I came upon this site and read through tons of posts. What worked for me, well, is still working, is very vigorously exfoliating the ring worm (it's located on my left forearm) with my St. Ives apricot scrub (for acne) then dabbing it with vinegar. I used both white and apple cider because I ran out of white vinegar and used the other until I purchased more white. The white stings more, in my opinion. Then I cover the ring worm with an anti-fungal lotion called selenium sulfide, which my husband happened to have from a previous rash. I was using bandaids but the adhesive was irritating my skiing so I switched to gauze pads and an ace bandage and my skin is much happier. :) The vinegar seems to really have done the trick, even more so than the anti-fungal lotion. Oh, also when I rinse the ring worm to clean it before applying everything, I use the hottest water I can stand. The water and the vinegar both sting but it's not long and it's worth it because its working. This is day four of treatment and I've only been using the exfoliating/white vinegar/hot water treatment for one full day and it's worked wonders. I can see the ring worm drying up now. :)


My story is the exact opposite of most here, got two rings in the groin area due to wearing damp pants while trekking, I really had 2 choices wearing no underpants or wearing damp pants lol, I chose the latter... didn't quite take it seriously for a week or so,then it started giving me serious itches and heat at night...I started browsing,looked for symptoms, arrived here, tried everything from mycoderm talc to lemon juice, to neem oil, neem leaves, turmeric, honey, papaya, garlic. I wanted to try apple cider vinegar but couldn't find it here.
I experimented all stuff on myself as I didn't quite wished to get checked in the groin area... shame being the motivator.
So lemon juice gave me stings but I slept over them, tried 4 or 5 of such 'therapies', but the patches turned into blisters, which broke after a while, emitted pus like thing and I had 2 rings in the same spot again. Tried neem oil and leaves almost everyday, but I think they showed very little effect inspite of me wishing it would. Then I consistently used mycoderm talc to keep the area dry, once again blisters, pus and 2 rings. Tried turmeric, papaya, honey, you name it, I have tried it ;)
After 1 and half months of doing it I said fuck this and decided to try the ultimate cure as people call it to be - Garlic. I was avoiding it for a long time as I was dreading the effect of garlic on my testicles along with chemical burns and not to forget the pain. Took around 8-10 cloves, put them in the mixer and applied the paste in the shower. My hands were reaching out for the shower to wash it off in under 30 seconds of applying it, but I gritted my teeth and held on for 30 minutes. The pain is massive for the first 5 minutes but starts receding after that....applying it on the testicles is not such a cool thing, just a forewarning.
It doesn't end here, I ignored it for that day, the next day I woke up to swollen testicles, draining pus, and hardly being able to walk....I was hoping that the pain it caused would atleast be worth it and heal me...but no, it worsened and after 1 and a half months of home remedies I finally decided to visit the doctor.
Needless to say I was miserable that day, hardly being able to walk, dragged myself into the dermatologists', got inspected pants down by 3 women... atleast it was nothing serious which was a relief. Got myself a prescription, followed it religiously for 7 days and now I am 99% healed. It just mildly itches but is receding.

Conclusion: Give yourself a deadline for home remedies of around say 1-2 weeks, if it doesn't heal go to the doctor. For some, home remedies will work instead of prescription medicines, hence give them a try, the above cures I mention have been consistently working for many but I have no idea why they didn't do the job for me. Check this link out : www dot howtocureringwormnow dot com (replace the dot and delete the spaces)... I am in no way adverstising it, a friend forwarded me this book, and inspite of the advertising which I thought was pathetic to sell to desperate guys, it really is a cool book from a genuine guy, has all the cures mentioned here and more. You can read it instead of going through all posts here out of desperation, like I did.
1 more thing I want to mention is, try the dermariche spray, I didn't find it anywhere but I have heard good reviews about it, you can buy it off the net I think, google it.


Use pure 100% tea tree oil. Super effective and works better than the over the counter drugs.
P.s)Wash your hands afterwards and DO NOT ingest this product.

Ringworm Victim

Hi There!
I'm a female in my mid 20's and I contracted ringworm from the kids I nanny for. Needless to say, I'd never had it before so unfortunately it went undiagnosed for at least a week if not two. That being said, most people here probably realize how bad this is because once ringworm gets started it just keeps spreading. Now I'm very diligent about going to the doctor, taking vitamins, and staying in good health by eating healthy and exercising. But when I got ringworm I was so frustrated. When I found out what it was I immediately started applying the creams recommended by my doctor. But honestly, the infection just kept spreading. It started on my chest, then went to my arm, neck, and finally my legs and butt. Nothing I did helped. Desperate I turned to the Internet for home remedies. I usually don't take much store in this type of thing but I was seriously desperate. I began to notice a trend of something called tea tree oil and other people recommended vinegar or sea salt baths. I decided to give it a try, as I honestly had nothing to lose. I was three weeks into the ringworm outbreak and I began a regime based on what I read on the Internet. Every morning I washed my sheets, towels, and any clothing I’d worn in hot water. I wiped down surfaces, especially in the bathroom, with disinfectant wipes. I would then take a 30 minutes Epsom salt bath (I added 2 to 3 cups). Following the salt bath I would dab on the tea tree oil with a cotton ball to all infected areas and the areas surrounding them or honestly anything that was itchy. I let the oil sit on my skin for a while and then would place the over the counter cream on top of that. Mid-day I would reapply the tree oil and then the cream. Finally at bedtime I would take a shower with a special mixture I made from the tea tree oil and head and shoulders dandruff shampoo. I would use this to wash my hair and my body to help prevent any further spread. Now believe me, I really was skeptical, but the second day after starting this the itch stopped, the patches began to take on a more natural skin color and dry up. Skin layers were flaking off and healing was already taking place on day 2! I've read online that the cream can take weeks if not months. That seems crazy to me because ringworm is so aggressive and it spreads very quickly. For me the cream just doesn't work fast enough to prevent further infection. I know that all treatments are different for different people, but I highly recommend going this route before trying anything to harmful for you body like bleach, oral medication, etc. This really did work for me. I'm on day 4 and the patches are almost gone and as a treatment for future outbreaks I plan on continuing using the tea tree oil/head and shoulders mixture at least once every two days. The tea tree oil really did save me. I've seen horror stories online about people being re-infected, it taking months to clear up, families dealing with this for a year or more, because of how difficult it is to treat. I really believe a quick and effective attack is the key to beating ringworm and in the future if I ever see any raised red bumps I'm not taking any chances and putting some tea tree oil on there immediately. Best of luck! Hope this helps!


Hi there,
Ive had this dreadful fungus on my legs and the vaginal area, first i did'nt knew what it was then i went online and found out its ringworm in 3 weeks it spreaded like crazy, and i cudnt stop my hand reaching there and scratched my skin like crazy i scratched to the point that it bleeded, then i order the ringuard for india from ebay, applied the crazy, didnt worked, applied the vicks the vaporub formula nothing worked, then i came across this website and i read peoples comment of buying the Blue Star Ointment, i straight went to CVS like 2am in morning, purchased it at first it burned, then i stopped itching like magic, then within 1 day the redness turned black and second evening im feeling awesome, god bless to those people who have suggested this, i love you guys!!!.



I have read a million remedies. But i tried a blackhead clearing scrub. Worked great! Salicylic acid killed it. It was cooling. Stopped the itch. And the scrubbers felt SOOOOO good.

Megan Nicole

I've had a ringworm on my side for about 3 days. I jave tried all the meds that the doctor have gave me but i couldn't take the pills..they wouldn't let me go outside(ihave a 5yr old) & they didnt work last time so im looking things up and i tried this & it works wonders.

Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal
parts on the affected parts cures eczema,
ringworm and all types of skin infections.

Lotus Khola

its always good to make sure you deal with the problem from its source so as to reduce chances of come backs. I suggest prescribed medication to deal with the fungi in the body and a cream to deal with the rash. An anti-biotic will fight bacteria in the body and hygiene soaps and so forth, will eliminate fungi and so forth while its still on the surface. As for the marks, I got Celltone or snailgel from my mother and it has worked miracles. Try it

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