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Tea tree oil!!! Coconut oil!!! Bathe using a dandruff shampoo (generic works, I use generic selsum blue), dry well (the blow dry tip is a great one), then apply either oil with a cotton ball to affected areas twice daily.


I recommend seeing your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible before you make it worse or it spreads more. A doctor will provide you with ointment, I would request Ketoconazole. Simple apply the ointment directly to the ringworm twice a day for about 2 weeks. I've had ringworm for about a year because I was adamant about the way I was treating it, but this is the way to go.

sugandha agarwal

Better you get a skin scrapping test done. So that it get cleared that u have ring worm. Doctor prescribed a 6 weeks flucnazole antibiotic pill. Which I took twice a week only. Use pentaderm ointment that is of novelties company. Massage the ointment for two minutes over the ring , so that it gets absorbed by skin.this ointment will work 100%


I got ringworm about 3 months ago, most likely from one of the machines at the gym. It started out as a rash on my back and stayed that way for about a month. I didn't realize it was ringworm so I didn't really mess with it. But then it started spreading to my stomach and legs. After about a month or two from when the first rash appeared, I went to the doctor, who told me it was ringworm.

I tried lotrimin, which didn't work. I tried the nail polish method, which showed a little improvement, but didn't really get rid of the rashes. I tried washing with sulfur soap, which didn't really work. I tried combining all the methods in one, which also didn't work.

What actually worked was Blue Star ointment. I was skeptical because I hadn't really seen it mentioned elsewhere except for this forum. But after 2 or so weeks of using it my ringworm is almost completely gone. My skin is really sensitive to it though and every time I apply it, I ironically get these very red rashes that stay for about an hour and then go away. But I'd rather have some rashes for an hour than ringworm forever.

In addition the blue star ointment, I also have been using a blow dryer after showers to dry myself off, as opposed to a towel. Towels are more likely to spread the rashes around.

Hope this helps.


I've had ringworm for 5 months now. I got it from my cat. It started on my inner thigh, I had it for a few weeks before I realized it was ringworm. I bought OTC cream and fungal soap but it didn't help. Since I babysit as a living I started putting band aids over it and wore jeans because I was terrified of it spreading to the kids.

Putting band aids over it is a bad idea, I didn't realize that until about 2 months into having it. Which it spread to my other thigh, bikini line, my outer labia and my butt. I stopped putting band aids over it.

I finally went to an urgent care and they prescribed me some pills to take, those didn't help so I went back in and got ointment, that didn't help at all.

By the 4th month I started spraying on rubbing alcohol 4-6 times a day on it and i FINALLY saw some changes. It dried out, so well that I could barely see it anymore.

But unfortunately I still have it. I'm back to using my left over prescribed ringworm ointment.

I want to give up, I just want this I go away.

Does anyone have any good home remedies? IM DESPERATE!


Uremol 20% worked! The ugly patches disappeared in 2-3 days! I have tried many, many remedies for years. This is the first thing that is really working! I am not sure about the US, in Canada you can buy Uremol at Shoppers. 10% may also work, I have tried 20% only. Good luck!


Iodine kills ringworm. A few drops or apply with a q tip. Have used it on my dog when he's gotten ringworm too (vet tech offered this advice) and it clears it up in about a week. Be very careful to make sure this is NOT ingested by humans or animals! If applying to a dog my suggestion is to apply with a q tip, cotton swab or a few drops from the applicator (wouldn't touch directly to affected skin though) and then take the dog out for a 20 minute walk so you can keep an eye out and be SURE he doesn't lick at it.

This has worked for me (twice), my dog (twice, once on his muzzle and once on his hind leg) and a friend of mine who was unfortunate enough to get ringworm on her scalp.

As a side note iodine on skin in the sunlight looks toxic yellow. Betadine is a 'watered down' form of iodine which works too.


1. Sunlight kills fungus. Notice how mushrooms and other fungi only grow in wet, shady areas. It is the same with ringworm. Spend at least an hour in the sun each day. Keep the affected skin dry and exposed to as much sun as possible without burning your skin. No sunscreen.

2. 100% tea tree oil 3-4 times a day and overnight.

I tried ACV, honey and cinnamon, rose oil, and a few other things, but it was the sunshine that started to make a huge difference. Tea tree oil dries up the skin eruptions quickly as well.


So I went to the doctor he prescribed me some stuff, didnt work, used tinactin, didnt work....Came up with my own solution....

1. Clean site of ringworm
2. Apply hydrogen peroxide (topical) to area effected and surrounding via q-tip
3. Rub kind of hard with the qtip
4. it will bubble a little bit and may turn white
5. Apply Terbinafine Hydrochloride 1% (got it at target)
6. Repeat 2x a day and it should be gone in less than a week


I have been reading through all of your informative posts and wish to thank you for taking the time to advise what works best.

One thing that no-one has mentioned is that your homes, work surfaces, floors, etc., need to be bleached. Bleach is the only cleaning solution that kills ringworm and ringworm can survive for up to 6 mos on surfaces. I thought you should know.

I rescue homeless animals and was somewhat aware of ringworm esp. when handling stray kittens ~ these little babies can be very susceptible to ringworm particularly in an animal shelter environment but it's very treatable/curable and not their fault - starts out by looking like a cigarette burn but can quickly and easily spread if left untreated and can be easily passed to other animals and humans/handlers so always a good idea to wear disposable latex gloves. It's very similar to the athlete's foot fungi so please don't let this stop you adopting from an animal shelter because the kennel staff are very aware of ringworm and watch closely for it.

The kennel staff dip the affected kittens in a sulphur dip but it just takes time (a few weeks) to clear it up.

Remember it can live up to 6 mos on surfaces (floors, door knobs/handles/taps and other surfaces) and the only thing that destroys ring worm in your home environment is bleach. So get to it and bleach your floors, all surfaces that are touched, even the bottom of your shoes ... pure bleach on a cloth but be careful on surfaces that can damage from pure bleach - stainless steel sinks will discolour to black around sides and drain plug if you use concentrated bleach - very hot soapy water with small amount of bleach will prolly take care of sink).

Your clothes should be removed upon entering your home and placed right into the washer on a hot soapy water cycle. Constantly wash your hands in hot soapy water too to prevent ringworm spreading. Leave your shoes outside the door otherwise you can walk ringworm all over your house.

I discovered a small itchy patch on the back of my shoulder so it's been hard to see exactly what it was that was causing me to itch. It's been there a long time and I've tried lots of anti-fungal creams. I also had an itchy area on the top of my arm but no 'red rings' there. I used to suffer from roseacea and was told there was no cure but there is - finacea cream. So I know I have sensitive skin that reacts.

Anyway I tried applying Lotrimin and other anti-fungal creams and sometimes the ring worm would itch and then go crusty as if it was healing but unfortunately it never completely disappeared.

Now today I see in the mirror 3 rings in a line moving down my shoulder. Time to take serious action and annihilate it once and for all.

Just recently I discovered that hydrogen peroxide has helped significantly with the itch on the top of my arm. The ringworm on my shoulder however has been quite stubborn.

I am going to try some of your suggestions (tea tree oil, garlic, lemon, Blue cream, hydrogen peroxide etc.) see how it goes but really appreciate all the feedback. Thank you. Now don't forget to bleach your house thoroughly.

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