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2 years battling ringworm tried the remedies on this site. Nothing worked. Until I seen a video about using a papaya. It worked. I crushed the seeds and put it on the ringworm a little harsh but killed it. The fruit may be milder but wanted it gone. It has been 6 months and still ringworm free.


********UPDATE *******

I think it's been about a month since I've posted and here are the results. I had a bad case of ringworms from messing with my athlete's foot and neglecting to thoroughly wash my hands afterwards. First of all, I want to tell those going through this problem to breathe and to know that there is help and this can be cured. It is aggravating I know, but hang in there and you will be fine and will come out better having had the experience for this.

For my Arms/hands RINGWORMS I used ABSORBING Jr Plus.

And for my legs, I used Lysol spray. I know it sounds crazy, but either it helped me, or they went away by themselves? I don't know for sure about the legs. All I know is that I would constantly spray them and they eventually disappeared. The thing is that my athlete's foot got out of control and I'm still dealing with that one as I type this. It only gets bad when I give in and scratch it, but right now I have two bottles of ABSORBING Jr.Plus - and use them separately. One for a few tiny ringworms I have left on my hands (barely noticeable thank God) and the other for my foot.

The hand ringworms are practically gone, but I encourage those who use Absorbing Jr to continue atleast one application before bed to make sure the fungus is killed for good. Do it for as long as you deem necessary, making sure no tiny specks remain. Practice good hygiene and make sure you're dry after showering not leaving any moisture that the fungus can start feeding off of.

All throughout Feb they were gone, but then they resurfaced if I discontinued use of the Absorbing Jr too soon. I know it's been about a month and now I just have a little bit on my hands and they're so small they're not noticeable and they do leave when I am consistent with the Absorbing Jr. Sorry for the ramble btw.

Also, I should note that part of why this has taken so long for me is because I work two jobs (and go to college) in which I sweat a bit, and I can't be consistent applying it 3 times a day as recommended by others. Personally, I don't recommend anyone using this more than 2 times a day because this stuff is quite strong and can cause an adverse reaction if overused (or so I've read).

The first two days I did use it aggressively, but again, I don't recommend it. First of all, the weather was cold and adding that to my body only made me feel a lot colder and uncomfortable. Damn near gave me a cold.

As far as Vicks Vapor Rub being the same as ABSORBING, I know they contain some of the same ingridients, but I think Vicks does not contain wormwood oil, which is a key ingrident. Then again some people have gotten rid of Athlete's Foot (which is pretty much the same fungus as ringworm)with VICKS, so why not give it a try?

Good Luck all and thank you so much to those who recommended ABSORBING JR. Not only did it get rid of these annoying ringworms, it wasn't half as aggravating as other hard to find remedies or harsh chemicals like nail polish etc...

God Bless You All


I had a ringworm on my knee. My grandmother picked a black walnut from off a black walnut tree while it was still green and cut it open. There was a jelly type sap inside that she had me rub on the ringworm. I did this for a few days and it cleared it up! The only problem was the 'sap' stained my knee brown until it washed off. If the ringworm is on your face or exposed skin it might look weird until it goes away.


Our family brought home a cute kitten that happened to have a bad case of ringworm. The only thing that worked for me was a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar. I left them on the affected areas for about 10 minutes.


Plain white vinegar worked for me. Undiluted on a cotton ball and dapped onto affected area of feet. Almost completely gone within 3 days.


Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

A year or so ago, I kept getting ringworm. (Unknowingly, it was one of several signs that I was in a cancerous state).

I would put the Baking Soda on a spoon and individual drops, one at a time, of Hydrogen Peroxide until it was just wet enough to make a paste. Then put the paste on and around the spot. Don't wash it off. Depending on size of the spot, it will go in a few days. Twice a day is best.

Sometimes at night I would put Tea Tree Oil on it instead. That can burn if the spot is kinda raw. You'll know once you put it on :-|.

Look to change your diet. Raise your pH, avoid caffeine, sugar, flour, processed, GMOs, get rest, exercise, add trace minerals to your diet, a combination of these or all of the above.


Hello everyone, I got a bad case of RINGWORMS on my hands, arms, and legs. This happened to me because I neglected another fungal athlete's foot. Long story short - Running late to work so put on socks with still moist feet and it resulted in the athletes foot. I got careless while examining it, ripping off nails and dead skin and then that resulted in ringworms all over.

Instinctively I tried using garlic because I had thought they were warts and apparently they're used for those as well...but then i deduced the possibilities and found out they were ring worm.

So I tried the Garlic with decent results, but then it spread everywhere. So finally, I tried ABSORBING JR and it they're about gone. This is my 3rd full day using it and they're tiny now, mosquito bite size. Also...I sprayed my shoes with apple cider vinegar and lysoled the whole place including washing everything twice and then some.

Almost Ringworm free and will update later.

Thank God for Absorbing Jr(Like Vicks Vapor Rub), which contains wormwood, which fight fungus.


I previously reported that Hydrogen Peroxide helped to stop itching of ringworm, I forgot to mention that it was food grade, 35%, it does burn skin. Anything to stop the itch at that point was welcome.
Cheap drug store tincture of iodine did the trick even better, after putting a saturated bandaid over ringworm and leaving overnight (repeat for a few days) with some temporary skin staining, but no pain.


I tried many things to get rid of ringworm on my left inner forearm. Bleach, natural things, etc. Hydrogen peroxide was my favorite, because it actually made it stop itching within secons. But it kept creeping around my forearm, growing whereever there wasn,t any medicine.

My friend told me he put iodine on ringworm and it worked for him.

I soacked the absorbent part of a large bandaid with iodine and put it on overnight. After several days of repeating the treatment, It worked.
It started itching a few days later, I repeated treatment.

It is gone and has been gone for weeks now. Hooray!

Finally something that works for me. Try it, way better and safer than bleach. I did not like bleach!


I've been fighting ringworm for almost six months in the Florida humidity. I went to the doctor right away and their cream did not resolve the spot. It only spread, down my legs, up my groin and butt crack. Miserable! I took dangerous yeast pills, prednisone, antibiotics, nothing resolved it. I would heal my spots and more would appear like a wildfire. I went home remedy, coconut and tea tree oil. This subsided the spots but they returned after a few weeks of treatment. Finally is have the upper hand: colostrum 2x day on empty stomach, caprylic acid 2x day, vit c 2x a day, no sugar in diet, avoid alcohol and pasta/white flour. I've continued the topical medication(steroid) from the doctor but found the OTC medication without the betamethasone and am weaning myself onto it one spot at a time. They're drying up and haven't spread in three weeks. Even my old spots that I thought were long gone are crusting up and going away! I am elated to find relief in boosting my immune system.

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