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I suffered with a severe case of ringworm. Got to the point where I was ready to go to the doctor. Take in mind I have no insurance. But after searchng on these sites for a home remedy ( which was helpful in a way) I finally got cured... As I was diging thru my moms bathroom cabinet I found this creme called GELMACIN. Its an antifungal. Has like three ingredients to it. And like a few days it went away. Just apply it like in the morning. And night. Or when ever u feel that horrible itch sumtimes painful. Im So relieved. Im serious... Stuff works. Look it up. Its only like 6 bux. Or you can go to a swapmeet ( yes as gheto as that sounds) and buy it there . Go on a Saturday or Sunday. They have them in one of those stands. Just ask for gelmacin. Trust me. It works and its safe. People use it for all kinds of skin problems. Its antifungal. Just buy it and pass the tip along.


Bleach baby bleach... Take a hot shower... Scrub scrub scrub the place to open it up... And bleach it..
My husband was a wrestler all the way through college.. And this works...

Him and his friends have had it so bad I made them take a bath in bleach water everyday after practice . Needless to say they were all cured!


I'm so grateful to the people that offered remedies on this site for ringworm. I have been plagued with this fungus for over 6 months using creams prescribed by the doctor. It would disappear for a month and then come back in a different place. The 'cure' I used from the information given on this forum is the following: hot water that you can stand in the shower on the area, dry with a hair dryer, hydrogen peroxide applied, and the Blue Star Ointment applied at night. After 5 days my skin cleared up. I continued treatment for 2 weeks just to make far good....thanks again to all for your information and suggestions.


First I'd like to start off by saying I tried a lot of the remedies posted on here because my son had got a case of the ringworms he had contracted from another kid at preschool I tried the anti fungal cream, vinegar(white and apple cider), Epsom salt and baking soda baths I tried all of these things for 2-3 times a day for at least a week each and the only thing I could notice even half way curing the problem was the vinegar, but it didn't fully do the job and the ringworms continued spreading so during the time of me trying to use these remedies one ringworm spreaded and turnt to about 5 or 6 so I continued to look for more remedies to cure this problem,and that's when I ran across a post about Blue Star Ointment being a way to cure ringworms so I headed to the store and bought some applied it 2 times a day for a few days and it did the job finally something that worked it also even states on the box that it is a cure for the ringworm along with other types of skin infections,and it only cost around $6.I would suggest putting it on after taking a bath or a shower because that's when the ringworms get more active after being wet and that's the best way for the Blue Star Ointment to get into the affected area while it's open hopefully this post helps someone or thier child out when they come across this problem.


Clear fingernail polish works great. Our granson had a huge ringworm one his leg , I put the fingernail polish on it and you could tell a difference by the next morning.


My daughter had got ringworm from day care and my mom told me to rub some beer on it 3 times a day for 3 to 4 days and it freakin works yayy . It drys it up and by the time u know it its gone :) ,, thanks mama .


When I was a kid my mother would put liquid Lysol on ringworms & they would be gone in about a week. It burns pretty bad but I didn't care. I don't recommend doing this to anyone to young or not mentally able to understand though.


Desitin diaper rash ointment worked for me!


I have been battling a mild case of ringworms. This bacteria is simply hard as heck to rid. I finally tried coconut oil as well, after trying multiple creams, lotions, clear nail polish, to just name a few.

I purchased virgin coconut oil (about $10) Mixed a very small amount with a few drops of GSE and applied to my skin.
The small bumps and red pinkish patches appeared inflamed and even itched a little. I also ingested a few drops of GSE and about 1 ML of oregano oil. I even out about 1-2 tsp of coconut oil in some hot tea (as I google'd the many uses for this amazing stuff. Within a few hours I looked down and my arms were practically clear. I applied again that night and twice so far this morning.

I am super pleased and confident this is the cure!! GOOD LUCK!

Jeff B.

After spending $260 on the prescription copay and 2 weeks later the Tinea was still spreading.
I began washing the affected area with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo then rinsing and blot drying. Apply a liberal amount of cold pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil to the area. Wash and treat area not less than twice a day.
It has been 4 days now and what the Doctor as a fairly large area is nearly cleared up.

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