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One day my shoulder itched all day. I kept scratching and scratching until it started to get red. Then it dawned on me that i had caught ringworm from my niece who i babysat the previous day. ( She had a huge one in the upper middle part of her chest followed by a small one off to the upper left side of the chest area) While she was there she kept scratching it and even though i told her not to, she continued (she's only 3). Eventually she started to touch herself in other places so i had to continuosly wash her hands until i eventually got tired of it. The only way to get her to stop was to make her sit down and keep her hands on her lap. Her mom gave me some type of ointment for her but needless to say it wasnt working at all. I took it upon myself to put bleach on it and it showed improvemnt by the time i took her home the next day. Although i got her to stop touching herself, i forgot about myself. After she left i was itching like crazy. Then i finally knew i had contracted ringworm from her. I asked my mom to look at it because i couldnt and she said it was just a bunch of tiny red bumps. So i googled and found that Monistat 7 works. I used it that night along with bleach. It burned like crazy but in the morning it was soothed when i awoke. The redness had went away also. I used it again that morning and by the end of the day it was gone but i continued use. I guess mine went away so fast because i caught what it was extremely early. I tried contacting my sister so she could try it on my niece but to no avail. She hasnt answered my calls or texts. I dont know why though but oh well.


I tried creams, sprays, epsom salt soaks, sea salt soaks, dead sea salt soaks, coconut oil, overnight vaseline wraps, Vapor-rub... nothing had the slightest effect (except soaking took off the thick crust of dead skin that made walking hurt- mine was on the bottom of my foot), and under the dead skin was bright red and raw, with weeping blisters.

Finally I tried soaking in a strong solution of apple cider vinegar and hot water. That finally made a difference and made it start to look and feel better, but after several days it seemed to stop making progress. It wasn't nearly as angry anymore but the vinegar seemed to just be keeping it at bay and slowing the appearance of new blisters rather than getting it to start healing.

Finally I read an 'old wives' suggestion about rubbing a spent menthol cigarette butt on it; supposedly the nicotine will kill the fungus and the menthol is soothing. I didn't have one (and had switched to e-cig vaping so I wasn't going to get one), but I realized ... if it was the nicotine that was killing it, then the nicotine fluid you put in a e-cig should work, right? I mixed some of my 18mg nicotine fluid with a couple tablespoons of vapor rub, and threw in a couple of teaspoons worth of coconut oil just for 'flavor' ;-)... then put a huge blob of that mixture on the spot and wrapped it in plastic for the night. The next morning I was amazed at how much better it looked. I have continued this routine and it has continued to fade... first a hot water and apple cider vinegar bath, then a vapor-rub mixed with nicotine fluid wrap at night. I rub some nicotine fluid on it during the day straight like you would a cream as well. Be warned though, that the fluid actually makes it itch more for a while (rather than burn like the other remedies). I couldn't believe such a thing would finally get it to start healing after months of trying every other suggestion I could find... but it works! You can now buy the fluid in most shops where you'd buy cigarettes. They sell it in higher concentrations but 18mg seems to be working okay for now. I augment by spraying shoes with Lysol and using regular anti-fungal spray in the mornings as well, just to cover the bases and make sure it doesn't spread.


TOPICAL HOME REMEDIES FOR RINGWORM TO TRY: (also applicable generally to all topical fungal infections).

~ Crushed garlic as a poultice, left on for 20-30 min, 2-3 times a day. Note: Depending on how it is grown and sourced, garlic can be a potent remedy and may blister healthy skin if too potent or left on too long - adjust application according to requirements and the potency of the garlic you have.)
~ Oregano oil (choose a product suitable for skin application - some are very potent and may produce serious burns if applied without dilution eg. Oreganol P73).
~ Hydrogen peroxide 6%.
~ Colloidal silver.
~ Peppermint oil.
~ Tea tree (manuka) oil.
~ Eucalyptus oil (take care with all undiluted essential oils on sensitive skin)
~ Apple cider vinegar-soaked compresses.
~ 70+% alcohol solutions (can add essential oils eg. tea tree or eucalyptus for extra effectiveness).


i live in Forida where getting rid of ringworm is next to impossible. I tried all 3 cremes and did not qualify for the oral because of a medical condition. I had reoccuring attacks for over a year. Starting on my arm, spreading up into my armpit and eventually into my crotch area. Nothing help...i tried everything desperately....I am now clear after doing the following. I wash all my sheets and clothes in Borax 2 times a week. I clean my skin with Palmolive dishwashing liquid and a green scrub pad. After showering i wash my skin with 91 proof alcohol. If u have to wash your crotch with it, be prepared.....the family jewels do not agree. I had a small fan near and ready. My case was severe....i work labor in a hot damp area. I hope all find what works for you. It is the first time in my life i ever had any trouble with my skin.


I found the Hydrogen peroxide works like Guam girl mentioned. I used it with other anti-fungus cream. I trick is to stick with whatever you are using even when is cleared consistently for 4-6 weeks. While I saw progress with the above I found Force of Nature Ringworm Control on, all natural. I just got it yesterday and it is working wonders. They give a year guarantee! That how much they are sure of it and I can testify to the wonder! I've only used it for less than a day and it cleared up already but I'm going to stick with using it for a least a month cause fungi (ringworm is very stubborn. It is only $13.99


Getting rid of ringworm comes down to the severity of the fungus. I tried several over the counter remedies like Blue Star Ointment and tree oil. In addition I also tried extra virgin organic coconut oil and vinegar to no avail over a 6 month period.

Lucky for me I am surrounded by doctors and nurses for friends and family who told me I needed a subscription from a doctor and glady gave me ketoconazole creme and mometasone furoate cream which after 2 weeks has just about cleared the ringworm.

Bottomline if over the counter and home remedies don't clear up the fungus in 30-45 days its time to visit a dermotologist or your general practitioner.

Guam girl

I can honestly say that my friends and family said the cheapest remedy that works for ringworm is clorox or hydrogen peroxide. Family member contracted ringworm and it works takes couple of days, beats out spending on expensive creams.


This has been a long ordeal for me, 5 months and, several failed products with symptoms worsening the whole time. I will try to be concise but really some of the background story is of value to many people who experienced the same saga. Read on if you like, but first lets get to the chase...

GSE = Grapefruit Seed Extract. Just skip all other efforts and go straight to this affordable painless fast acting natural product. Seriously cant say it loud enough GSE is the absolute miracle product for me!

But wait, theres more... I used twice a day, with a multi faceted attack. Following is my remedy in full.
go out and purchase or find the following;
1. Hypoallergenic soap or shampoo, or at least fragrance free and as natural as you can afford. I alternated both 'Mane and Tail' name brand shampoo $6.00 at walmart and, 'Bronners' brand liquid castile soaps $5.59 8oz bottle at Vitamin Shoppes, I used the peppermint one at times and the eucalyptus, the unscented would be a good choice also.
2. Dennorex or Desitin coal tar shampoo, about $11.00. they have several types I used the one with menthol in it for soothing relief.
3. Bottle of Providone Iodine, about $12.00
4. 12 to 18 new washcloths. I bought an 18 pack at walmart for $3.99
5. Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide $1.00
6. Cotton Balls or pads. Lots of them.
7. liquid GSE. I found the 4oz bottle by 'Nutribiotics' on Amazon for $13.49
8. optional; GSE tablets for oral. OR any number of other natural 'cleansers', apple cider vinegar and honey, or honey and cinnamon, yogurt, probiotics, you get the idea.. Theres many natural cleansing products for the digestive tract and health boosters, go find the stuff you like and add it to the regime.

1) Hot shower in the A.M. its a process... I washed my head first as it was unaffected by fungus, used the Mane and Tail shampoo most days, I also had the menthol dennorex coal tar shampoo which I would use if I felt itchy that day. Then a brand new washcloth wetted it and applied a heavy splash of shampoo or castile soap to lather. Used that to lather up and wash all unaffected body parts. Next, squirt a liberal amount of providone iodine on the affected areas, and follow up with a nice scrubbing with the lathered washcloth. Some days I used menthol castile for the tingly soothing action it offered. Like I said I alternated based on how I felt and what type of relief I wanted from the itch. I used as hot of water as I could stand in the rinsing process, combined with the rubbing with the washcloth for exfoliating and hot water to open the pores, I feel was beneficial to allow the next steps to get into the skin.
2) Towel dry or blow dry as others have suggested. I toweled with a fresh washed towel each day, carefully drying my face and head and other non affected areas first then pat dried the rest of my body without rubbing the area, to avoid spreading any active fungus.
3) now dried but but still with freshly exfoliated skin and open pores, time for a good dousing with the cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide. I rubbed this stuff in rather aggressively. There may be some mild burn or tingly feel, I liked it personally. But it is not a real chemical burn, no skin damage occurred as it did when I tried bleach previously.
4) Now the GSE. Apply it liberally again rubbing it in with the cotton balls. This stuff will not dry quickly, it is a vegetable glycerin based oil. I tried to get all this done early enough to have a half hour or more before covering with clothing. If you are dealing with small spots maybe a bandage covering would be a good idea. I did not have that luxury as I was beyond small single spots now. in any event I wore very loose fitting breathable lightweight clothing all throughout this ordeal. for comfort and airiness. tighter non breathing clothing would be very itchy and hot for me making things very uncomfortable.
5) mid day I would apply a anti fungal crème right over the previous treatment. I don't think this really had any benefit, but early on I thought it to help prevent spreading and to eep the skin moist and medicated. Again I think this was just a psychological placebo effect. The GSE is plenty health.
6) evening before bed, I just scrubbed the areas with hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls then reapplied GSE. I wore loose fitting clothing to cover and keep from getting the meds or fungus into my bedding.
70 as added insurance I took liquid GSE drops in a glass of juice daily. Take any extra measure you can to help cleanse and attack this stuff from the inside. I also tried Grapeseed extract (note not grapefruit) I already regularly take honey and ACV so I just made sure that stayed regular in my diet, I ate yogurt here and there for the probiotics.

As you can see this became sort of involved for me. At the peak, when I began this routine it was well over an hour each morning for me to get ready to eave the house, in addition to other morning routine.
By the time I refined this process I had tried every single brand of store product available for about a week or linger each, only to find more sores and now growing to covering measurable percentages of my body and extremely discomforting. Painful in fact. Due to the lost time messing around with previous bogus crèmes and methods I now had very deep tissue damage and deeply rooted infections. Yes I did see doctors in this period, two infact, both of whom said that its fungal and to use the OTC crèmes.. pfft!! and another who didn't really see me but spoke to me in conversation said to just apply hydrocortisone. Wow not even an antifungal just an antihistamine that by the way does nothing helpful for ringworm. Now growing weary of medicines and hundreds of dollars wasted in crèmes I was at my wits end and turned to the internet, it was this site and others like it that led me to various home remedies, several of which I tried with no luck and some of which are ridiculously dangerous and stupid, like say bleach. ah yes the chemical burn I mentioned earlier, I have multiple sore burned spots on my skin that are ever so slowly healing weeks after the event, which also by the way did not heal the fungus. It may have killed it partially but it also destroyed skin tissue. I couldn't take it anymore after just three treatments in 24 hours, enough of that. Nail polish? Didn't try it. Seems it works for some but I don't believe it will actually HEAL the damaged skin. I'm sure it kills fungus, the acetone in it will do the job. Just get acetone or lacquer thinner and rub it on a couple times a day if you like. but that's not going to go deep in to the problem and not going to rejuvenate skin. ACV? I like ACV I use it for other uses, but on the skin I had NO effect, no tingly no change no nothing. Rubbing alcohol may have been beneficial but was not strong enough in my case, I tried and think it just spread the stuff around. Hydrogen peroxide felt great and I knew it would be part of the solution. I eventually went out and bought both Tea Tree Oil and liquid Grapeseed extract (note again, Grape not grapefruit). So I figured with nothing to lose I would try each oil on a different half of my body, left and right. So tea tree oil? meh, had some visible results in 24 hours, could see the mini blistering effect of the infection being pulled out of the skin. BUT tea tree oil stinks so bad and so strong! the amount I needed to cover on my body made me walk around smelling like a turpentine soaked rag. yuk. other side of my body the grapeseed oil was having a fast good effect, in 24 hours I could see natural skin color trying to show through on terrible deep red sores, and it does not stink. So off to the store I go to buy more, and that was a bummer because a 13$ bottle lasted less than 2 days. So at the local healthfood store I ask for grapeseed oil and the girl asks, am I sure I don't mean grapefruit seed extract? well now.. so now I am questioning what I read on the internet. checked on the handy smartphone and sure enough, its GSE I need! doh! funny enough the grapeseed stuff helped greatly, way better than tea tree oil. But I switched to GSE, so I cant testify to grapeseed in the long run. Other healthy natural oils and herbs may or may not help I cant say, I found my cure all in the GSE.
I really cant tell you how bad my situation was, if you look at pictures of on the internet of some of the worst cases, that was me, it was painful and disgustingly ugly and embarrassing. I was terrified that nothing was working. I even waited a long time to write this just to be sure it is for real.. I can say the stuff that I could not heal in 4 months time was immediately healing in 24 hours, and the worst of it, the largest deepest damage areas are 100% healed and cured in 4 weeks. Try my suggested method first, It is affordable and I would bet it will work for most everyone. Go read up on GSE also it really is amazingly antiseptic, more so than bleach and no chemical burn. Even used in surgical rooms. I don't know why it is not mmore well known.. Anyhow I wish you well! if you read this far sorry for the longest write up ever, I hope it helps some of you.

Anon Jay

I've had ringworm on my ankle for 8 - 9 months. I've used three tubes of different fungal meds and bleach. I wish I could post a cure, but then a cure is what brought me to this site. Today I'm using food grade diatomaceous earth (which I just received yesterday) mixed with olive oil. After I shower I'll use a band aid with iodine, and tomorrow will look for tea tree oil and coconut oil along with a fresh papaya. I'm in Cambodia which I think makes it more difficult to cure - high humidity, poor medical care, etc. If I can cure it I'll post the results here. Good luck everyone.


Wet your hands and rub Medicated Selsun Blue Shampoo on your body as if you were taking a dry bath. Fill tub with warm water and a cup of bleach. After letting the shampoo work on the affected areas for 10 minutes, get in the tub and bathe with your hands, no rag needed. This may tingle as the shampoo is medicated. Soak for a few minutes, then dry off completely and use your antifungal cream of choice. Twice a day until gone.

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