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I have had ringworm on and off for a year. Went to my Dr. and was prescribed a cream to put on 2x's a day. It would go away for a bit then pop up again. I am a big compound W freeze off person. I use it for skin tags, broken skin capularies, and little cuts that you just keep picking over and over and never heal. I tried it on a small area and boom gone. Now it hurts a little bit (dont keep the applicator
on skin for more than 5 seconds). But my fungus got killed on contact. Followed up with gold bond in my groin and previously broken out area's as a safe measure and it is just gone. I wish I would have done it sooner and saved myself almost a year of hiding my bum. Hope that helps and this was just my experience.


Suggest a multi-drug topical(i.e. apply to skin) therapy.

After bathing immediately wash the area the Clorox bleach.

Use acetic acid vinegar pack therapy.

Take a piece of cotton or flannel, cloth folded to four thicknesses large enough to cover the infected area. Saturate the cloth in vinegar and place over the infected area for at least 30 minutes.

During the day cover the area with either vasoline and camphor like Vicks vapor rub or mix iodine with vasoline.

You can concentrate the vinegar solution. Water boils at 100 degree C while vinegar boils at 118 deg C. Simmer vinegar and slowly reducing the quantity of water to increase the amount of vinegar in solution.

Treatment is very cost effective but takes time. Pack therapy shows almost immediate results while just rubbing vinegar on the area show much less of an effect


Treatment of my ringworm (on my hand) was also unsuccessful with ointments from the pharmacy. I found that the ringworm was growing and started spreading further.
What finally stopped it spreading and the redness was combination of tee tree and oregano oil. Both dry out the skin like crazy but it killed the ringworm, maybe touch of my skin as well. I was a little frustrated to so applied it undiluted. It was very dry and irritated after but when the irritation gone (overnight) ring worm has improved more than 50% and over the next week it healed and cleared completely. I have been mixing those two oils with coconut oil after to soothe the skin.


I had been using a prescription med from the Dr and getting no better. I was in Walmart and an older lady asked me if I could see any iodine on the aisle we were on. She said her grandson had a ringworm. I asked if that worked and she said, 'oh yes, its what we have always used'. I handed her a bottle and got one for myself. By the next morning, mine was clearing up and totally gone in days. Those old time remedies are still the best sometimes.....


I had a sever case of ringworm all over my buttocks, groin, and small out breaks on my hips. I did try over the counter creams but it felt worse using the creams so I stopped using it. My opinion don't waste your money purchase head and shoulders and clean and clear triple action first the clean and clear then head and shoulders in a day or so you will start to feel relief use regularly and boom gone.


Make sure it is ringworm...three doctors told me mine was but increasingly stronger anti fungals did nothing. Finally, fourth doctor got it right..pityriasis rosea. Not contagious like ringworm! Comes from a virus. Starts with a single herald patch that looks like a burn then looks like a ringworm and days or weeks later starts to spread like chickenpox. Goes away by itself after 6-8 weeks or faster with UV light therapy.

TjB Vet Dog

You hear everyone say it takes days weeks sometimes even months.You can get rid of it in a minute. Now this is not for everyone but for me time is precious. Its like when your in combat and you get hit unless the wound is catastrophic half the time you dont even know you have been hit until someone points it out and and you dont have time to bleed.I have had ring worm before and it seemed like it took forever to get rid of it.I build cars for a living Street Rods Hot Rods 4X4s. I was in the shop my arm was itching when I realized it was ring worm.I walked over to where I keep my A/C supplies Took a can of freon turned the can upside down so it was liquid put it about a inch from the spot and gave it a real good shot.When I was done the spot was frosted over. It was a little painful BUT I NEVER SAW IT AGAIN.Like I said Its not for everyone for me its like poping a pimple and moving on. NEXT!!!!


So I thought I was fighting ringworm for over a year, even had a doctor perception which worked.

So when my perception ran out and as always it came back and my regular check up was only a month away I tried to stop it on my own.

None of the antifungal did anything, tried several of the remedies listed here and thought the hydrogen peroxide was helping but not enough so I made an appointment with the doc.

Found out it was miss diagnosed a year ago, no ringworm but the reason the script worked I'd it was part antifungal and part steroid and it was the steroid clearing it up. New rx with steroid cream and some Eucerine skin calming creame daily and it was gone in a week.

Everything I was doing was only irritating it more, my advice if the antifungal don't work go see the doctor or give an over the counter Cortzone cream combined with Eucerin skin calming lotion a try.


Something really awesome for ringworm is apple cider vinegar and/or a banana peel. The both of them are really good, I prefer the banana peel only because it don't burn when applied to the ringworm. Goodluck!

Karl W

after trying a lot of the home remedies here like clorox or peroxide or salt baths .
what did work was blue star ointment it cleared up after only a few days where the other treatments did nothing

the blue star showed improvement in one day the red ring stopped eating flesh.

later id found that before treatment that between my thighs that some had spread to there.
i found the camphor in the blue star ointment was the active ingredient bu it stung like hell between the legs sooo i found a sub that did not
Comphor Phenol at HEB an immediately saw improvements in the skin color an edges an this does not sting hardly at all.
you just walk around smelling like an old medicated fart.
which is better than the skin being eaten up.

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