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211 Home Remedies for Ringworm

Mary Taylor

My son had ringworm on his thigh. he had used prescription and otc antifungals, but the ringworm never cleared up. I gave him a tube of prepared Wasabi paste (Japanese horseradish)and told him to rub it on the spots in the morning and before going to bed. It totally cleared the ringworm. Two years later he got ringworm on his waist. The Wasabi cleared it totally again.


Purchase from Walmart, 100% tea tree oil (5% cineole, 35% Terpinen-4ol) and Nu Skin liquid bandage to cover it, (it is easier to remove than nail polish and won't cause an allergic reaction). Do this 2-3 times a day. You will see results in days the ringworm should be dried up. Continue to use for 2-3 weeks even after infection clears up. If you are still itchy use Blue Star ointment, which can also be purchased at Walmart.


Try using bleach! Put a dab of bleach on the q-tip (it may sting but thats just for a few seconds) Continue this for a couple of days and its finally gone!


Use athletes foot cream or yeast infection cream. Anything anti-fungal.


Forget creams and all the other rubbish 'doctors' will prescribe. Tried them all - keeps coming back.

Try SEA SALT BODY SCRUB (From a body shop type of store).

I had a really bad case over my entire body - for years. Completely cured with 2 apps.


after weeks of using otc creams and lotions and sprays i started search for alternative treatments. i read about the nail polish technique. being a male i was not about to go out and purchase nail polish even if it was clear. I had new-skin liquid bandage at home and used this over the otc cream, it cleared the ringworm within 2 days.


put a spoon in the freezer for about a day then put it to the spot/spots this worked for my 4 kids fast


soak cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide (the brown bottle) and rub affected area vigerously. Apply neosporin right after cleaning.


To get rid of ringworm put athlete's foot cream on the area...
It work because it kills fungus and ringworm is a fungus..


Cut a lime and dip the inside part in salt and scrub the infected area (tingles a little) after that rince the infected area with water and apply Blue Cream can be purchased at your local drug store. Ive had ringworm twice and this helped. you can also use hydrocortisone cream. the key thing you want to do is to dry that pesky worm away.

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