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I Hate Ringworm

Yes folks, I've tried New Skin liquid bandage and it really does help. First,clean it with h2o2...put lamisil or the like on...let it dry for 5 mins...apply New Skin on THE ENTIRE SURFACE ...make sure to come out of the ring just a bit...and please please please apply it from outside in...that is apply to the clean area outside the ring then work your way in...reapply 2 to 3 times..the thicker the not peel it off until about a week or so...I have a ring worm the size of a quarter on my right cheek. First,I was skeptical however,I thought,what have I got to lose. You must not peel it off. Must leave it on for a week or so though. Without oxygen it can't multiply. Try this method out first and if it doesn't work then go to a dermatologist. WORD OF CAUTION : not all dermatologist know what the heck they are talking about. He diagnose my condition as 'skin irritation' . He did a culture on it and said that he doesn't think it's a ring worm. And told me to come back in a week for a follow up. He prescribed 1 bottle of soap and 1 tube of cortizone cream. I purchased it from his office. Walk to my car , sat down, think it over,flip at the mirror, looked at my face and I decided that I was going to go seek a second opinion. I went back inside to get a refund on the two items that I purchased ( i had it in my hand for 5 mins). It was unopen the seal was still on. He said he couldn't take it back due to HIPPA and that it was an 'office policy'. HIPPA has to do with patient privacy and if it was an office policy , it was not written anywhere on the receipt nor it was publicly display. I got cheated.


Use GENTIAN VIOLET to get rid of ringworm. I grew up on a farm and we used it to rid our animals of ringworm. It is hard to find and is often an ingredient in antifungal applications with other names, so read labels. It is gentle enough to use on children. If you can't find it in a health food store, look for a feed store that carries supplies for cattle. Gentian violet it liquid and it stains the skin purple so you need to be careful because once it is on the skin it has to fade as the skin exfoliates off.


I went on vacation with my husband to Mexico and picked up a nice case of tropical ringworm (drug resistant mutated version) and tried everything under the doctors gave me without any success. I finally did some research on homeopathic websites and tried Tea Tree Oil - and it worked! I had ringworm from head to toe and after applying TEA TREE OIL for a week - it vanished! I highly recommend it and you can get it at your local Whole Foods. Good Luck!

Shaina in AL

If you can get to a walnut tree, then pick a walnut and peel the green hull off around it. Apply the inside of the hull to the ringworm. My grandmother told me about this remedy, and it works!


I had noticed a spot on my thigh one day, and never having Ringworm before, i didn't think too much of it. The next 2 days or so,i started to notice spots on my lower abdomen. Honestly, at first, i thought it was skin irritation from crappy detergent, but as it started to multiply and i was covered from everywhere except my face and feet, i knew it was something else. I went to the Doc, found out it was ringworm, was prescribed medicine, and waited. Weeks went by and nothing happened, so i did some research myself...Take and wash your body thoroughly, rub a q-tip dipped in vinegar on the spots, and then cover w/ toothpaste. Sounds Gross and weird, but works like a charm.
Good luck!


I wrestle and i had a very bad case of ringworm all over both my legs. i tryed creams, sprays nothing worked. finally i decided to try something diffrent. i applied regular rubbing alchol on it twice a day and it startig clearing up within two days. something that i also found to work even better than the alchol was idoine from any drug store. just rub it on with your finger let it sit for about thirty seconds then wipe away the extra. do this and your ringworm should clear up nice and quick.


I've had a scalp ringworm for about ten years or longer now, it's left a bald spot on my scalp.I went to a home remedy site and saw 1 part apple cider vinegar 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water, mix and wash your hair with this every night.Be sure to rinse, then apply tea tree and lavendar oils. This is the only thing that has given proven results for me, I've tried external and intermal medications. My hair is coming back also. I wanted mine gone so bad, I used 50/50 cut acv and water and slept with it on the spot over night...this burns like heck, but that's how I know it's workin.


the best thing for ringworm is simple. (trust me i live on a ranch and im a livestock vet) go to your feed, tack and supply store and ask for CAP 50. mix with water as indicated on the bottle and it will be gone in 2 days. if you have livestock, spray the animals enclosure and this will help keep ringworm away.


I had two areas infected with ringworm recently, and being moderately vain in character, I needed to clear them up lickety-split.
I had perused several home-remedy pages, and tried using the saltpack/saltwater method, with no success. I had caught my ringworm early, though, and tried still.
I found an effective cure, and it sorted it out within days, but it is somewhat climate dependant. I went to the beach in 90 degree weather, and let the sun pound on the infected area for a good couple hours. When I got back home, I simply out-of-the-blue decided to try using essential oil of Rosemary on the ringworm. I used a high-grade essential oil, put plenty on a cotton wad, and applied it to the affected area (about the size of a quarter) and left it on all day, repeating this at night. There was a miniscule burning sensation, but not unbearable in the least.
By the second day, it had dried up and dried off (the outer ring), and I repeated the application for several days afterward, also getting sun when possible. It has worked like a charm.
Good luck, folks!


I work at a daycare and I found out when I got ringworm from a student that the best cure was to wash the area daily with Sulfer Soap.
Cleared it up quickly and I still wash with this soap to prevent getting it again.
Don't let children play in dirt. Especialy dirt that has been soaked in standing rain water. Wash children's hands and bath them after they play outside.

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